Ecotourism Attractions, Level of Satisfaction and Management of Air

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Ecotourism Attractions, Level of Satisfaction and Management of Air
Journal of Indonesian Tourism and
Development Studies
E-ISSN : 2338-1647
Ecotourism Attractions, Level of Satisfaction and Management of Air Terjun Kembar in
Kampung Anyar Village, Banyuwangi
Alfian, Febi Wahyu Sulistyadi*, Pratama Diffi Samuel, Emanuel Naitio
Master Program of Environmental Resources Management and Development, Graduate Program, University of
Brawijaya, Malang, Indonesia
Air Terjun Kembar (Twin Waterfall) in Kampung Anyar, Banyuwangi is an alternative tourist travel destinations around
the Ijen crater. This study aims to determine the history, attractions, eco-tourism potential, the level of customer
satisfaction and further management for the area. The method is carried out by semi-structured interviews,
questionnaires based on the satisfaction level of Sapta Pesona (standard value) and SWOT Analysis to the management.
These results indicate that previously Kembar Waterfall Kampung Anyar was used for water resources. Then, in 2014
began to be managed by the group of people in Kampung Anyar. SWOT analysis shows that the management is good. In
some aspect however it needs to be improved.
Keywords: Ecotourism, Kampung Anyar, Sapta Pesona, SWOT.
Banyuwangi is the most eastern region that
was in the area of East Java which is now better
known as Sunrise of Java. Banyuwangi Regency
now been established as tourist areas by the
local government. The most famous attractions
in Banyuwangi are tour to Ijen crater, the Red
Island, and G-Land. However, there are several
tourist attractions located around these tourist
attractions. Travel to Ijen Crater which is located
around Glagah districts, there are several natural
attractions which is quite interesting. One of
them is located in the village of Kampung Anyar,
namely the Air Terjun Kembar (Twin Waterfall).
Air Terjun Kembar tourism has recently been
managed by local people using village funds and
assistance from the local government. Air Terjun
Kembar Tourism in Kampung Anyar saves one
potential that is quite interesting. Moreover, if it
dealt seriously, then it would make this area into
a tourist destination alternative to the Ijen crater.
Tourism management will be better again, if
ecotourism being developed. Ecotourism is
nature tourism with mild impact which causes
the maintenance of species and their habitat
direct role in the preservation and indirectly by
providing local public view, to make the local
community to put value, and protect nature and
other lifes as revenue sources [1]. Meanwhile,
according to the Regulation of the Domestic
Minister No. 33 of 2009 on Guidelines for
Correspondence address:
Febi Wahyu Sulistyadi
Email : [email protected]
Address : Jl. Mayjen Haryono No. 169, 65145 Malang.
J.Ind. Tour. Dev. Std., Vol.4, No.1, January, 2016
Ecotourism Development in the Region,
Ecotourism is nature tourism activities in the area
of responsibility with regard elements of
education, understanding, and support for the
efforts of conservation of natural resources, as
well as increased income of local communities. In
concept of ecotourism, it can be defined as a
concept of sustainable tourism development
which aims to support the efforts of
environmental conservation (nature and culture)
and increase public participation in the
management, so that economic beneficially for
the local community [2].
Air Terjun Kembar in Kampung Anyar is administratively located in District of Glagah, Banyuwangi. It is one of the new tourist areas that are
on the road to Ijen Creater Tourism. This tour is
managed by the local community by establishing
a community. Previously, the Waterfall is a place
for people to obtain water. Around 2014, group
of residents tried to repair the access road and
also build infrastructure. Thus, it serves additional tours for traveler from Ijen Creater Tourism.
Air Terjun Kembar in Kampung Anyar is not
charge for admission, so that in the holiday it
becomes one of the excellent low budget tours in
the area. Meanwhile, the community obtains
benefit from vehicle parking tickets, water
cleanliness of the toilets and also from trade in
Air Terjun Kembar tour of Kampung Anyar. In
addition to the Kembar Waterfall, there is
another waterfall which is called the Air Terjun
Tunggal (Single Waterfall).
Air Terjun Kembar Tourism in Kampung Anyar
needs to be well and sustainably managed. This
Ecotourism of Waterfall in Kampung Anyar, Banyuwangi
(Alfian et al.)
study aims to determine the history, attractions,
eco-tourism potential, the level of customer
satisfaction and further management.
This research was conducted on October
2015 at Air Terjun Kembar in Kampung Anyar
Village, District of Glagah, Banyuwangi (Fig. 1).
resources [5]. The purpose of the SWOT analysis
in this study is to determine the strategy that
should be adopted for the development of Air
Terjun Kembar attraction. The assessment of
each case can be determined on quadrant of
SWOT analysis (Table 1). Furthermore, it can be
seen in terms of the development on the tourist
Table 1. Quadrant SWOT Analysis
Figure 1. Location of Kampung Anyar
Field Observation
Field observation was carried out through
tourism potential object in area of Air Terjun
Kembar. Potential object for tourism was listed
and descriptive characteritisc of object was
drawn. In order to generate comprehensive
information regarding tourist object, an indepth
interviews with key person in water fall area was
implemented. Focus of the intervews was the
histrory of the discovery of Air Terjun Kembar as
tourist object and effort to convert and promotes
waterfall as tourist attraction.
Questionnaire on Tourist Satisfaction
The quisionare was distribute to the 30
tourist who visit Air Terjun Kembar. Respondents
selection is done randomly. The quisioner
components in question is constructed based on
the Sapta Pesona. Sapta Pesona is a concept that
is issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative
Economy. Sapta Pesona is seven elements of the
charm that must be realized for the creation of a
conducive environment and ideal for the
development of tourism activities in a place that
encourage tourists to visit [3]. Sapta Pesona has
seven aspects: security, order, cleanliness,
coolness, beauty, friendliness, and impression.
The results will be analyzed in Microsoft Excel
and seen the percentage level of satisfaction.
SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis is the analysis conducted on
four things: Strengh, Weakness, Oportunity and
Threath. SWOT analysis is used Management to
ecotourism resource relationships with other
History of Air Terjun Kembar
There are many waterfall in Banyuwangi,
some of them located in the location that is quite
hidden and challenging. One of the Waterfall that
is still fairly new known and has relatively easy
access is a waterfall located in the Kampung
Anyar villages, District of Glagah, Banyuwangi.
Three waterfalls are located in one location and
the position are very closely together, so that
some called it as the Air Terjun Kembar or Air
Terjun Jagir or Air Terjun Kampung Anyar. Initially
this waterfall enabled residents to the water
source, and then in 2014, a community built
access roads, toilets and food stalls to be used as
tourist attractions [6].
This Kampung Anyar Village Waterfall comes
from three springs that appear on top of a cliff,
i.e. springs of Jagir, Pawon and Buyut Ijah. The
most interesting Waterfall here is the springs of
Pawon, because the water flowing is not too
heavy and fairly wide. The atmosphere is cool
scent of mountains give coolness to the end that
came to the place. While enjoy the view of the
waterfall, tourist can play/shower under the
waterfall and takes pictures of stream. Near to
the two waterfalls, located about 200 m west
there is Kategan Waterfall. To get to the Kategan
Waterfall, tourists can follow the river as far as
100 m upstream. Kategan Waterfall derived from
waterfall sources that falls to Kalibendo. This
waterfall is higher than the two previous waterfalls and had a fairly heavy flow of water [7].
Access to this area is easy, takes only 20
minutes from downtown Banyuwangi westward
to the Kampung Anyar Village about 15 km. The
tourist area around the waterfall reserved
parking areas are mostly located in front of
houses and stalls set up by locals. From the
parking area, tourist need to walk down the cliff
J.Ind. Tour. Dev. Std., Vol.4, No.1, January, 2016
Ecotourism of Waterfall in Kampung Anyar, Banyuwangi
(Alfian et al.)
for 100 m, on the middle of the trip we will meet
a very beautiful view of the cliff, with pieces of
rock that sticks like a shiny diamond carved
chunks if exposed by water runoff [8].
Ecotourism Attractions
Air Terjun Kembar is the potential ecotourism
attractions. Air Terjun Kembar itself is derived
from the flow of the river in the village of
Kampung Anyar. A pool was built at the bottom
of Kembar Waterfall, constructed by a group of
local people. The pool can be used for bathing
and swimming by tourist. Around the waterfall,
there is also toilets and food stalls which is
managed by goverment (PDAM-Local Water
Beside the Air Terjun Kembar, there is one
more ecotourism attraction in the area, namely
Air Terjun Tunggal (Fig. 2), which is at the north
side of Air Terjun Kembar. For passing this Air
Terjun Tunggal, tourists can tracking passed the
river. Around the river tourists are also treated
by the view of plantation residents. To go to Air
Terjun Tunggal, travelers from the entrance
immediately turn to the left, while the right side
is Air Terjun Kembar. Pathway to Air Terjun
Tunggal traversed by walking on the riverbank.
After walked about 10-15 minutes, the visitors
would have reached the Air Terjun Tunggal. In Air
Terjun Tunggal tourists can see the waterfall with
a height of about 50 m. However, there is no
facilities in Air Terjun Tunggal, conversely to
facilities (toilets and food stalls) in Air Terjun
Kembar (Fig.3).
Figure 2. Air Terjun Tunggal
J.Ind. Tour. Dev. Std., Vol.4, No.1, January, 2016
Ecotourism Potential of Air Terjun Kembar
The waterfalls in Kampung Anyar Village are
specially located because visitors will be able to
enjoy three Waterfall at once in one place, Air
Terjun Kembar. About 20 m from the Air Terjun
Kembar, there is another Air Terjun Tunggal,
although it is not as beautiful as the Air Terjun
Kembar because there are buildings on the top of
it and there was washing spills from the residents
or the local community. However, as a whole, it
still does not detract the beauty of the waterfall
(Fig.4). In addition, there is also a waterfall as
local people called, the Kategan Waterfall which
is located about 300 me to the west. It is also as
exotic as Air Terjun Kembar because it falls comes
from Kalibendo streams instead of the spring so
that the water discharge more rapidly than Air
Terjun Kembar. To go to the location of the
waterfall, there is relatively difficult road that
must be passed because through down shrubs,
trees and river flow. However, visitors should not
be worry because it does not need to take a long
time to reach the location.
Besides the beauty of the waterfall, the
potential objects which can still be enjoyed in the
village is a slope of 90° cliff that has a unique
shape. Prism protrusions are resembling stone
diamond flakes. This cliff is quite interesting for
extreme sports enthusiasts because of its very
challenging height given by the slope of the cliff
to reach 90°.
Air Terjun Kembar is located not far from the
plantation of Kalibendo. Perhaps many people
have passed but was not aware of its existence.
Location of the waterfall is approximately 1 km
east of Kalibendo. In addition to the road
conditions are good, the location is also located
on the edge of the road makes it easy to reach.
Once entering the village we will be faced with a
view of trees and farm/ricefield right way.
Bounded by cliffs which beneath is clear water
river. Among the cliff, there are three Waterfall
that were located very close together.
Tourist Satisfaction Level
Waterfall tourist visitors of Air Terjun Kembar
in Kampung Anyar are 55% female and 45% male,
with majority of >50% visitors are high school
students (Fig.5). The results of questionnaires
shown that the level of satisfaction of each factor
is fairly high. This can be seen in the table that
the satisfaction level of each factor is over 50%
(Table 2). Thus it can be said that Air Terjun
Kembar tour visitors satisfied on the existed
Ecotourism of Waterfall in Kampung Anyar, Banyuwangi
(Alfian et al.)
Figure 3. Facilities at Air Terjun Kembar (stalls and toilets)
Table 2. Tourist Satisfaction Level Based on Sapta Pesona
Sapta Pesona
Satisfaction Level (%)
While the coolness factor has the highest
satisfaction level of 78.45%. The environment is
still beautiful and yet so much potential for the
development of the area. In addition, the
location of the waterfall at the foothills of Mount
Ijen adds the atmosphere of coolness. While the
order is a lowest factor level of satisfaction for
60.48%. This could be due to the lack of personnel in the sights. In addition, there is no admission charges that makes this attraction has no
significant revenues yet, thus the order becomes
less. Because, if there is admission and significant
revenues from the attraction , the funds could be
used to pay officers so that order can be well
SWOT Analysis
Assessment of SWOT analysis was performed
on each of these factors (Table 3). Thus obtained
quadrant SWOT analysis ( Fig.6) than can be used
to plan appropriate strategies for the Ecotourism
development in Air Terjun Kembar in Kampung
Anyar [9]. The suitable strategies for this ecotourism development determine in quadrants
based on the analysis.
The location of the strategy quadrant is in
first quadrant (Fig.6), which means that the
strategy in the management of Air Terjun Kembar
travel is appropriate. However, it should be
improved further to attract more visitors.
Especially in the field of cleanliness, such as less
trash on the road to the Air Terjun Tunggal.
Figure 4. Air Terjun Kembar, Kampung Anyar Village
J.Ind. Tour. Dev. Std., Vol.4, No.1, January, 2016
Ecotourism of Waterfall in Kampung Anyar, Banyuwangi
(Alfian et al.)
Figure 5. Chart of Data Visitor in Air Terjun Kembar
Table 3. SWOT Analysis
Strengths (S)
Weaknesses (W)
Environment unspoiled
Facilities and infrastructure are inadequate
Attractive waterfall
Garbage is strewn
There is a natural swimming pool
Lack of personnel in the tourist area
Local people are friendly to visitors
The lack of promotion of tourist areas
Opportunities (O)
Threat (T)
Adjacent to the tourist area of the Ijen Crater
Many visitors on certain days
As one of the alternative tourist destination
Some people have not been involved in the management
Support from local government
The opportunity for accumulation of garbage on holidays
The management is independent by the local community
Quadrant II
Quadrant I
0.15; 0.38
Quadrant III
Quadrant IV
Figure 6. Quadrant of SWOT Analysis
Air Terjun Kembar was first functionalized as a
resource of water, then in 2014 managed by
community and used as tourist attractions. Most
of the visitors are students. The highest
satisfaction levels of visitors is the coolness
factor, while order is being the lowest factor.
Attractions offered is parallel Waterfall so-called
Air Terjun Kembar, plus Air Terjun Tunggal that
J.Ind. Tour. Dev. Std., Vol.4, No.1, January, 2016
can be accessed by tracking. The potential of the
access to the Air Terjun Tunggal needs to be
improved, especially in the presence of trash and
roads need to be built. Based on the SWOT
analysis, management of Air Terjun Kembar are
fairly good however needs to be improved,
especially on the access to the Air Terjun
Ecotourism of Waterfall in Kampung Anyar, Banyuwangi
(Alfian et al.)
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J.Ind. Tour. Dev. Std., Vol.4, No.1, January, 2016
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