8. Facebook Semua Beres BCA makes the most of Facebook as a

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8. Facebook Semua Beres BCA makes the most of Facebook as a
Corporate Governance
Consolidated Financial Statements
Facebook Semua Beres
BCA makes the most of Facebook as a means of
internal communication known as Facebook Semua
Beres. As a social networking site, Facebook helps
share information on BCA performance, specifically
related to BCA solutions or values. Internal parties
within BCA already registered are connected to
each other and can exchange information and
A call center for BCA employees creates a
communication line on information related to human
resource policies. This facility provides employees
with the opportunity to better understand and
comply with BCA policies.
Bakorseni, standing for the Coordinating Body for Sports,
Arts and Hobbies, is an informal forum with the purpose
of encouraging BCA employees to develop their interest
in sports, arts and hobbies.
The national Bakorseni is headquartered in Jakarta
under the coordination of the Training and Learning
Division (DPP), which in its daily operations is assisted by
executives from the Head Office and Regional Bakorseni
(BAKORWIL) to coordinate routine activities related to
sports, arts and hobbies at the respective Regional/
Branch Office/Work Unit.
Bakorseni was established to nurture a sense of
togetherness and camaraderie, and to develop employee
potential in sports, arts and hobbies, in order to create
a work-life balance where employees are not only
preoccupied with work but also have balance with
activities outside of work such as in sports, arts or other
hobbies. This is expected to boost productivity and
employee spirit at work.
Types of Bakorseni activities:
1. Sports: football, volleyball, futsal, table tennis, tennis,
basketball, badminton, cycling, bowling and others.
2. Arts: vocal group, choir singing, band, dance and
shadow puppetry.
3. Hobbies: photography, fishing, chess.
Corporate Data
Bakorseni organizes a national-scale activity known as
national Porseni every 3 (three) years, and a regional
event for the Jabodetabek area on a yearly basis. Outside
of Jabodetabek, the Regional Porseni may be held every
1-2 years.
In its implementation, Bakorseni also coordinates with
various BCA internal work units and relevant bodies
outside of BCA, such as banking institutions and
organizations dedicated to sports, arts and hobbies,
for encouraging employees to compete in various
competitions or championships such as the Inter-Bank
Sports Week organized by Bank Indonesia (PORBAnK)
or other sports events held by the national Private Bank
Association (PeRBAnAS) and the Regional Banking
Consultative Board (BMPD).
Bakorseni Activities in 2015
1. Held the national Coordination Meeting attended by
executives of national Bakorseni in preparation for
national PORSenI to celebrate BCA’s 58th.
2. Organized national Porseni as part of BCA’s 58th
anniversary celebration on 22 February 2015 at the
Soemantri Brodjonegoro Sports Complex in Jakarta
that involved 1,148 athletes and 3,000 employees
from BCA Regional and Branch Offices across
3. Indonesia Wayang Seminar, held on 7 november
2015 at the Raden Saleh Cultural Center in Semarang,
to commemorate 12 years of the Indonesian wayang
puppetery declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage.
Present at the event were experts and executives
of national wayang organizations from Jakarta,
Semarang and Jogjakarta.
4. In the field of sports, the Head Office and Regional
Offices held regular training, joint community
activities and the Regional PORSenI.
5. In regard to arts, several friendly competitions were
held and members performed in events held by
organizations outside of BCA, in addition to regular
6. In regard to hobbies, several seminars were held
apart from training for competitions and regular
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