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print a registration form
Healthy Families
Registration Form
P RO G R A M TO S U P P O RT n e W PA R e n T S
Please enter me in the program with
the understanding that I may withdraw
participation at any time.
PARenTS’ nAMeS (please print) ________________________________________________________________________
ADDReSS ______________________________________________________________________________________
registration form
CITy _________________________________________________
PHOne __________________________
STATe ___________
ZIP ________________
eMAIl _____________________________________________________
By providing my email address, I agree to receive emails from Healthy Families
Howard County.
Are you delivering at Howard County General Hospital?
Please confirm that you meet the following requirements:
I am a Howard County resident:
My partner and/or myself are first-time parents:
How did you hear about the program? __________________________________
DUe DATe _______________________________________________________
DelIveRy DATe ____________________________________________________
SIGnATURe ________________________________________________________
For more details about this free program,
call 410-715-3716. To participate, complete and mail
this form to: Healthy Families Howard County,
Family and Children's Services, 10451 Twin Rivers
Road, Columbia, MD 21044.
Healthy Families
Howard County is
part of the Healthy
Families America
initiative in the U.S.
This free, national
program identifies
first-time parents
in the community,
aligns them with
community resources
and offers them support in their new
role as parents.
Optimally, families are
welcomed prenatally
into the program
and are qualified to
enroll up to 90 days
after the birth of
their baby. Healthy
Families Howard
County is a program
of Howard County
General Hospital
and Family and
Children’s Services.
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