Non-invasive Prenatal Testing

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Non-invasive Prenatal Testing
Patient Information Regarding Billing for Noninvasive Prenatal
Testing (NIPT)/Cell Free Fetal DNA Testing
The four labs listed below perform this test. Please check with your insurance company to see which lab
you should use, and if the test will be covered. Diagnosis codes that may be used: 659.53 or 659.63
(advanced maternal age); 655.13 (suspected/known chromosome abnormality); 655.83
(suspected/known fetal abnormality); 656.83/796.5 (abnormal antenatal screen).
1. Verinata: verifi test
Verinata phone number for billing/coverage questions: 855-266-6563
CPT codes: 84999, 81599, 81507 or 81479
Tax ID#: 112659192 (Verinata is now part of Perkins Elmer Labs)
2. Sequenom: MatT21Plus test
Customer service: 877-821-7266
CPT code: 81479
Tax ID#: 263863718
3. LabCorp: Harmony Prenatal Test
CPT Code: 81599
LabCorp test code: 807505 – trisomy 21, 18, 13 (812223 – Harmony with Y analysis; 812238Harmony with X,Y analysis)
**Patient should call Labcorp PSC prior to blood draw to confirm they have Harmony collection
4. Quest: Panorama Prenatal Test
CPT Code: 81599
Quest test code: 91593X
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