WOSTMAN 2010 EcoFlush Urine Separating Toilet

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WOSTMAN 2010 EcoFlush Urine Separating Toilet
Urine separating
Saves 80% water
Urine separating toilet
EcoFlush is the toilet that consumes
very little water. It serves as a classic
toilet, but has a urine bowl in the front
end, which makes it possible to save up
to 80% water!
water consumption
6 litre
Urine separating
The EcoFlush has a dubbel-flush button. The big flush
consumes about 2.5 litre water, and the small uses about
0.2 litre. According to statistics, a person visits the toilet
6 times each day – and 5 of them are only for urinating.
Since the urine requires very little water to wash away,
EcoFlush uses as little as 0,2 litre when flushing in the
urine bowl. Therefore you save up to 80% water compared
to a traditional toilet!
3 litre
0,8 litre
Ecologic and economic
EcoFlush is perfect for use with septic tanks, slurry
detach tanks, greywater constructions and other solutions
– when you need to save water or to achieve fewer
evacuations of the tank. You can choose to take care of
the urine yourself, or gather it up with the other waste in
the tank or sewer. Urine is excellent to use as a fertilizer
to plants.
Water connection:
Water rinsing::
Flexible: stainless steel hose. 1/2”
Thread R15
Large flush: 2,5 l,
Urine flush: 0,2 l
Height 490 mm, width 395 mm,
depth 580 mm
(please note the higher standard
sitting height - 45 cm)
Urinary Drainage:
Outflow pipe:
Toilet seat:
50 mm transition nipple is supplied
EcoFlush is available both with
hidden or visible sewage. Let us
know when ordering.
Fits to the common 110 mm pipes
Standard seat in white plastic
included. Wostman Ecology AB | Sprängarvägen 18 | 132 38 Saltsjö-Boo | SWEDEN
tel +46 8-715 13 20 | fax +46 8-715 13 21 | [email protected] | www.wostman.se
Wostman Ecology AB is a Swedish company with long experience in ecologic toilet systems and sewage treatment.
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