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High School Alliance | Spring 2016
UNMC High School Alliance
A Health Sciences Enrichment Program for High School Students
Spring 2016
Volume 1 Issue 1
In this Issue:
Spring Semester
Class Updates
Alumni Spotlight
This newsletter is produced
by the UNMC High School
Alliance at the University of
Nebraska Medical Center.
Editor: Heidi Kaschke
Photographers for this issue:
Heidi Kaschke, Jaynie Bird,
Michele Merrill, and Ashlie
Spring Semester 2016
The UNMC High School Alliance has had an amazing spring semester. Our
students started a new set of classes and learned about anatomy, pharmacy,
genetics, patient care, and how art and science work together. You will learn
more details about what the students did in their classes later in this newsletter.
The UNMC High School Alliance Class of 2016 will be recognized on
Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. in the Truhlsen Events Center. You are
invited to attend the ceremony and join us afterwards for a reception. The cake
is really delicious.
Also this semester the UNMC High School Alliance was one of the hosts for
the HOSA State Leadership Conference. HOSA is a student organization
similar to FBLA or FFA and is designed for students who are interested in
health care careers. The two day event was a success for the 300 students
from all across the state of Nebraska who took part in the skills competitions
and workshops.
In the meantime, we received nearly 200 applications for the 2016-2017 school
year. We interviewed the prospective students and welcomed the next class on
campus during our annual Registration Night on May 2, 2016. We will have 65
students next year with the addition of the Elkhorn Public Schools and the
Platteview Public Schools. Welcome Elkhorn and Platteview Public Schools!
Thank you to everyone for their continued support of the UNMC High School
Alliance program.
UNMC High School Alliance
985330 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-5330
(402) 559-3027
[email protected]
Contributors: Josh Atwell,
Jaynie Bird, Heidi Kaschke,
Michele Merrill, and Ashlie
Picutred below: Shelby
Cooper (Millard South) and
Autumn Breazile
(Bennington) competed in
the EMT competition at the
HOSA State Leadership
Conference held at UNMC in
March 2016. Shelby and
Autum finished in first place
and will represent the UNMC
HOSA chapter this summer at
the International HOSA
conference in Nashville, TN
from June 22-25, 2016.
High School Alliance l Spring
| Spring2016
Alexis Shade (Omaha Central) and Alexis Bennett
(Bellevue East) work together in the Anatomy class
to identify arteries in the arm.
Barrett McDonald (Millard South) listens to Kirk
Robinson’s instructions on his sculpture in the Art and
Science of Decision Making class.
This year marks the sixth year of the HSA Anatomy course and the fourth year that UNMC College of Medicine
students have volunteered in class. The exposure to UNMC professional students has been a great way for the
HSA students to gain content knowledge and personalized academic guidance. Drs. Keim and Willett, faculty in
the Genetics, Cell Biology, and Anatomy Department, were in the spotlight as lead faculty again this year.
Twenty-eight HSA students were enrolled in the Anatomy course this spring. The strong presence of Drs. Keim
and Willett strengthened the discovery of the upper and lower limbs through hands-on activities instead of didactic
lectures. The students had opportunities to take what they had learned during small group sessions and apply it
with resistance training in the UNMC Student Life Center Gym. The course especially fostered the fascinations
of students with interest in future careers in physical therapy, orthopedics, and surgery. Student confidence levels
were also raised as a result. As a whole, the students successfully completed the anatomy units threaded with
gross anatomy, radiology, physiology, and living anatomy elements. HSA students genuinely strengthened their
study skills, team working skills, and passion for health science this semester in Anatomy.
Art & Science of Decision Making
Dr. William Lydiatt thoroughly enjoyed teaching this course for the sixth and final year. The HSA wishes him well
on his future endeavors as he transitions to Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center on a full-time basis. Dr. Lydiatt
leaves behind a legacy of intellectual stimulation and endorsed appreciation for decision making in all facets of
life. We plan to celebrate him at this year’s HSA Recognition Day on May 19, 2016.
This year, the Art & Science of Decision Making course has been full of scholarly and personal discussions
surrounding education, health care training, ethics, art appreciation, head and neck cancer, cancer diagnoses,
cancer treatments, death, living, and decision making. The course wouldn’t have been possible without the help
of the UNMC Gross Anatomy Laboratory, Elizabeth Van Winkle, Kirk Robinson, Ted Kooser, Mark Gilbert, and the
HSA students. The students responded to each discussion and activity with inquiry, respect, and professionalism.
They thoroughly demonstrated these qualities in their journals, quizzes, and essays. To culminate the course, the
students created hypothetical head and neck cancer patients, by pulling from every aspect of the course, and then
gave outstanding presentations that included calculated treatment options. The ending class days spent hearing
from the students were thoroughly enjoyed by all, especially, Dr. Lydiatt.
By: Ashlie Nelson, MS, Certified High School Teacher
High School Alliance l |Spring
Annie Gentes (Bellevue East), Elias Witte
(Westside) and Emily Petrick (Omaha
Central) sit inside the medical helicopter
for the Study of Patient Care class.
Study of Patient Care
Under the direction of Dr. Sara Brown, students have explored the many roles of nurses in today’s
healthcare environment. Students met many professionals in the nursing fields of neonatal intensive
care, trauma/flight nursing, research, teaching, and orthpaedics to name a few.
Throughout the semester, students discussed the impact of seizures, diabetes and asthma on the individual,
the family and the community. Students learned so much from presentations by a nurse case manager of an
epilepsy clinic, a nurse living with epilepsy who had successful brain surgery, a registered dietician who
works in a diabetes clinic, and a respiratory therapist.
Students participated in several hands-on labs including testing their own blood glucose levels, applying a
fiberglass cast to a classmate's arm, and listening to breath sounds on a Manikin.
We were fortunate to have graduate and undergraduate students from the College of Nursing join us during
class. These students taught the HSA students how to perform vital signs and tested them out on their skills.
They also joined us in class and met with small groups as they work on their culminating projects.
The students were trained by lead nurses from the Omaha Public Schools on vision, height and weight
screenings. As a class, we went to Fontenelle Elementary school and assisted the school nurse with
screening the pre-K and 5th grade students. This hands-on activity was quite an eye-opening experience for
the students.
The semester ended with student presentations. Each small group was responsible for creating an
awareness campaign for a specific target audience (teens, young children, etc) on a current health concern
for the target population. Students have been encouraged to use social media as part of their awareness
campaign as to make it more real world.
Dr. Brown and I are especially grateful to the guest speakers who joined us this year and wish our students
the best in the future.
By: Michele Merrill, MA, Certified High School Teacher
High School Alliance l Spring 2016
Peter Hinchy (Omaha Central), Sandy Montoya
(Bellevue East) and MaggieFritch (PPLV South)
demonstrate DNA chains they made in Genetics
Sarah Kate Naber (PPLV South) and Fern
Thaisetthawatkul (Omaha Burke) work on a
project in the Genetics class.
Students worked again with Dr. Maurice Godfrey to learn the medical and societal implications of
genetics. Foundational genetic topics were paired with ethical issues. Students were taught the different
types of cell reproduction, and what happens if there is a mutation or mistake in the process. Ethical
decisions were then discussed as to what could happen based on that mutation. Students were given the
opportunity to work with the Family Tree DNA company to learn more about their personal DNA ancestry.
With the results, students were able to see what percent of their DNA was from different populations
around the world. This was paired with the reading of Bryan Sykes’s DNA USA, connecting the
similarities in different populations DNA. GATTACCA was presented in class as a futuristic society that
bases decisions on what is in a person’s DNA and students had to address the likelihood of that society,
and ethical responsibility that would present. The students were able to discuss how the technology in
GATTACCA is becoming a reality and what that will mean in their lifetimes. Students learned about
different hereditary patterns, and studied different disorders that follow those patterns.
Students were able to work on laboratory situations multiple times during the semester. Identifying the
cloned orchid, determining if a suspect had a part in a kidnapping, and creating bacterium that glows
under black light were all accomplished in the lab. The concepts from class, such as the different
proteins that are needed to splice the DNA, were seen through lab activities. Students were also able to
see different concepts in the novels they read for their individual book report. Book choices ranged from
Adam’s Curse by Bryan Sykes to The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. Each book
took a concept of modern genetics and presented it in a way that directly connected to what is currently
happening in the world today.
By: Jaynie Bird, MS, Certified High School Teacher
High School Alliance l Spring 2016
New this year, Dr. Christopher Shaffer led the Introduction to Pharmacy course. Within this course,
students were exposed to the different aspects that make up the role of a pharmacist. Dr. Shaffer invited
11 Pharmacy students, ranging from 2nd to 4th year, to present specific concepts to the students. Dr.
Shaffer’s tag-line “Better living through Chemistry” guided instruction. Students were introduced to the
following concepts: Pharmacognosy (the history of medicines), Drug Discovery, Drug Formulation,
Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular disease, Anti-cholesterol pharmacology and therapeutics, and
Personalized medicine. Through both lecture, and hands on activities, students gained an understanding
that the role of a pharmacist goes well beyond mortar and pestle.
Students were given the opportunity to learn about drug development from Dr. Martin Conda Sheridan,
and spend a day in his lab seeing first-hand the process of developing new drug therapies. A field trip to
Children’s Inpatient Pharmacy showed students the backstage pass to preparing medications for many
different situations occurring within Children’s Hospital. The students were also given the opportunity to
shadow a pharmacist from different specialties. Spending the class time with the pharmacist, and seeing
the different professionals that the pharmacist interacted with, really connected the students to the concept
that the role of a pharmacist is changing. The students completed the year by giving a presentation on the
education path taken to become a pharmacist in a specific field, and the professional organizations a
pharmacist could belong to, to continue to learn while practicing.
By: Jaynie Bird, MS, Certified High School Teacher
Morgan Penry (Millard West) on the left fills a syringe in the Pharmacy class. Alicia Luis
(Omaha South), Johnny Miller (Omaha South) and Alissa Flynn (DC West) tour Dr. Conda
Sheridan’s lab in the Durham Research Center.
High School Alliance l Spring 2016
UNMC High School Alliance Alumni – The Classes of 2011 ∙ 2012 ∙ 2013 ∙ 2014 ∙ 2015 and 2016
Arlington: Kimberlie Gaffney 2011; Brandon Keffer 2016.
Bellevue East: Stephanie Dinogan 2011; Alyssa Meyer 2011; Christine Blair 2012; Jake Herbert 2012; Zachary Stovall 2012;
Ellen Brightweiser 2013; Ziomara Jurado 2013; Colin Milos 2013; Madellyn Wilson 2013; Alexis Reza 2014; Gabe Rollings
2014; Cierra Snaples 2014; Elizabeth Alexander 2015; Morgan Dillon 2015; Ashley Eastman 2015; Alexis Bennett 2016;
Annie Gentes 2016; Raheem Jones 2016; Sandy Montoya 2016.
Bellevue West: Alexander Clarke; 2011; Lauren Garcia 2011; Leah Whitney 2011; Kevin Hanna 2012; Max Lydiatt 2013;
Rebecca Sis 2013; Austin Stacey 2013; Justin Thorstad 2013; Alexa Aikens 2014; Conner Beyersdorf 2014; Courtney Smith
2014^ ; Taylor Webb 2014; Alexis Araujo 2015; Daniela Cortes 2015; Kelsi Smith 2015; Luke Galvan 2016; Jayden Jensen
2016; Terese Navarra 2016.
Bennington: Katie Schrum 2011; Ben Wichelt 2011; KyLee Mumma 2012; Sydney Salmon 2012; Mike Wilhelm 2013; Tyler
Housh 2015; Kassee Jones 2015; Autumn Breazile 2016; Grace Corrigan 2016; Savannah Meads 2016.
Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln: Henry Black 2011; Kelcie Huebner 2012; Natasha Konfrst 2012; Sarah Trant 2012; Riley
Barton 2013; Jeremy Vogel 2013; Scott Brown 2014^; Hope Philbrick 2014; Jessica Valdez 2014; Daniel Cano-Pargas 2015;
Patricia Harte-Maxwell 2015; Ahidee Zavala 2015.
Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson: Miranda Ethen 2011; Brianne Moore 2011; Kelsie (Skow) Snow 2011; Sarah Ingwersen
2013; Jaimie Granger 2014; Kateland Bryan 2015; Jorge Cisneros 2016; Candice Mayfield 2016.
Douglas County West: Leigha Peterson 2011; Katelyn Goeden 2012; Taylor Vencil 2013; Emily Kahlandt 2014; Madisen
Clevenger 2015; Julissa Bakken 2016; Allissa Flynn 2016.
Ft. Calhoun: Killian Roehr 2016.
Gretna: Caleb Guern 2011; Emma Connelley 2012; Adrian Dammermann 2012; Elise Gahan 2013; Kristen Kuhn 2013;
Sabrina Montemarano 2013; Rachel Smith 2014; Robert Anderson 2015; Allison Bartenhagen 2015; Macenzie Christensen
2015; Ellen Karloff 2015; Morgan Daffer 2016.
Louisville: Madalyn McFarland 2012.
Millard North: Andrea Bierman 2012; Kim Duong 2012; Bailey Finn 2012; Jessica Powers 2012; Lynn Chi 2013; Athira Jayan
2013; Marisa Varghese 2013; Jennifer Falcon 2014; Miranda Schilling 2014; Anna Spethman 2014; Kaitlin Bierman 2015;
Tanmayee Chengalasetty 2015; Aysha Hussain 2015; Bailey Payne 2015; Natalie Torrez 2015; Alair Vega 2015.
Millard South: Aasia Fortier 2012; Morgan Baier 2014; Collin Burton 2014; Cassidy Kepler 2014; Amy Moore 2015; Mallory
Burton 2016; Shelby Cooper 2016; Barrett McDonald 2016.
Millard West: Karina Marin 2012; Cameron Riecke 2012; Brianna Weber 2012; Mary Danielson 2013; Conner Hile 2013;
Austin Post 2013; Sujana Maddipati 2014; Courtney Shannon 2014. Emma Frerichs 2015; Sean Powell 2015; Henry
Anderson 2016; Bailey Newsome 2016; Thomas Owens 2016; McKenzie Paulison 2016; Morgan Penry 2016; Omid Sidiqi
Omaha Benson: Daisy Gonzales 2011; Luz Tapia 2011; Shannon Weeks 2011; KaShonda Williams 2011; Michaela Menard
2012; Charlene Shambare 2012; Kylee Askew 2013; Emily Dennis 2013; Jasmine Ayers 2014; Mileah McKelvy 2014; Monica
Houston 2015; Tyler Miller 2015; Katelyn Oathout 2015; Purni Biswakarma 2016; Grace Harkins 2016; Mason Kroeger
Omaha Bryan: Matt Estabrook 2011; Mariah Bliss 2012; Daisy Gomez 2013; Monica Barajas 2014.
Omaha Burke: Keely Emmack 2011; Rachel Hilt 2011; Gregory Wilcockson 2011; Damian Catlin 2012; Marcel Hallaert, Jr.
2012; Gary Liu 2012; LaRae Mottl 2012; Travis Craig 2013; Emma Nice 2013; Alex Goodman 2014; Emma Robbins 2014;
Brianna Shaw 2014.; Amber Wood 2014; Brianna Martinie 2015; Sierra Brakhage 2016; Brianne Hood 2016; Jonathan Kent
2016; Sydney Kirkpatrick 2016; Fern Thaisetthawatkul 2016.
Omaha Central: Fujehat Ara 2011; Marquise Lindsey 2011; Noam Margalit 2011; Melissa Sutton 2012; Lauren Bandel 2013;
Rema Idriss 2013; Brevan Jorgenson 2013; Lucas Meyer 2013; Serena Moore 2013; Sam Parr 2013; Megan Wolford 2013;
Heidi Klem 2014; Naima Oz 2014; Abby Wolfe 2014; Madison Wolfe 2014; Noah Yoshida 2014; Mikaela Cooper 2015*;
Yesika Juarez-Oxlaj 2015; Emily Mayberger 2015; McKenna Paintin 2015; Elijahiana Parker 2015; Diana Castillo 2016;
Melanie Dryak 2016; Peter Hinchey 2016; Emily Petrick 2016; Alexis Shade 2016.
Omaha North: MacKenzie Wyatt 2011; Ibukunoluwa Awodele 2012; Kenia Sanchez 2012; Naki Brizendine 2013; Lindzey
Busch 2014; Alyssa Duval 2015; Sophia Holmes 2015; Madison Lee 2016.
Omaha Northwest: Eduardo Gonzalez 2012; Chris McElwain 2012; Gabriela Arellano 2013; Tania Lopez 2013; Adriana
Romero 2013; Emilee McElwain 2014.
Omaha South: Lucia Rodriguez 2011; Mauricio Davila 2012; Rosio Granados 2012; Arelica Guerrero 2012; Kimberli
Hernandez 2012; Salomon Ramirez 2012; Leslie Ramirez 2012; Dulce Rangel 2012; Isis Uribe 2012; Kathya Carvajal 2013;
Paris Cross 2013; Bernice Gutierrez 2013; Kevin Harkins 2013; Valeria Hernandez 2013; Laura Herrera 2013; Kyle Miles
2013; Yesenia Rodriguez 2013; Jennifer Benitez-Albiter 2014; Dania Cervantes 2014; Moises Delgado 2014; Nanci Moran
2014; Jesus Perez 2014^; Sagar Poudel 2014; Hayat Rahmeto 2014; Jasmin Samano 2014; Carlos Vera 2014^; Luis Banda
2015; Brenda Esqueda 2015; Ines Gomez 2015; Jacqueline Lopez-Ortiz 2015; Alica Luis 2015*; Jaqueline Neri 2015; Abril
Rangel-Pacheco 2015; Guadalupe Rodriguez 2015; Yvemide Anacius 2016; Jordi Castelan 2016; Noah Fant 2016;
Eduardo Mendoza-Lopez 2016; Jonithon Miller 2016; Mario Mujica 2016; Idania Ramirez-Henriquez 2016; Juliana
Rodriguez 2016; Fernando Wisniewski-Pena 2016.
High School Alliance l Spring 2016
Papillion LaVista: Courtney King 2011; Stephanie Schiffert 2013; Nathaniel Vaughan 2013; Dylan Ashby 2015; Sydney
Rheault 2015.
Papillion LaVista South: Natalie Strohmyer 2011; Elisabeth Baker 2012; Andrew Donovan 2012; Becca Mann 2012; Marcus
McKenzie 2012; Flora Mondi 2013; Megan McClanahan 2014; Cassandra Kleinschmidt 2015; Margaret Fritch 2016; Chloie
Howland 2016; Quentin Mays 2016; Sarah Naber 2016.
Ralston: Shekinah Kiagiri 2015, Martha Sanchez-Hernandez 2016; Taylor Wagner 2016.
Westside: Bikash Adhikari 2011; Josh Atwell 2011; Melissa Laughlin 2011; Laurene Yuskevich 2012; Kate Durst 2013;
Angela Reynolds 2013; Joe Schanbacher 2013; Bradley Collett 2014; Sonja Denholm 2014; Daniel Dooling 2014; Ruby
Hickman 2014; Quinn Nelson 2014; Naomi Samuel 2014; Madonna Attia 2015; Daniel Coyle 2015; Kelsey Coziahr 2015;
Sidnee Dudley 2015; Miranda Thacker 2015; Michelle Xiao 2015; Madison Hoy 2016; Savana Nawojski 2016; Jakob Phillips
2016; Elias Witte 2016.
^ Denotes Second Year Senior 2015
*Denotes Second Year Senior 2016
Alumni Spotlight
We spotlight Joshua Atwell in this newsletter, and we will also tell you about some of our alumni who returned
to campus to be Standardized Patients. Look for the SAVE THE DATE for this year’s reunion.
Joshua Atwell, UNMC High School Alliance Class of 2011, Westside
High School Class of 2011, Creighton University Class of 2015, and UNMC
College of Medicine Class of 2019
Josh Atwell always knew that he was interested in medicine so when he
heard about the UNMC High School Alliance (which began in 2010-2011),
he knew that it would help him figure out the direction he wanted to take for
his future career.
“I loved the day I shadowed Dr. Lydiatt in his clinic. It was a lot of fun and I
learned so much about what a physician’s job is all about. Plus, we got to
see some pretty cool things.”
As Josh worked on his undergraduate career at Creighton University he quickly realized that having the
experiences from being in the High School Alliance put him ahead in the pre-med track. The course work in
the Alliance prepared him specifically with the material that he had learned and the overall experience
equipped him to handle the new challenges of college. The High School Alliance also confirmed his passion
for medicine, which Josh says really helped during those late-night study sessions for Organic Chemistry!
We asked Josh what it was like being back on the UNMC campus. “It is very cool to be back! It feels a bit
homey and comfortable because I spent so much time here my senior year of high school. It is obviously a
totally new experience, but it was nice to have some familiarity with campus and a few faculty members while I
delved into the unknown of medical school.”
Josh’s advice for future High School Alliance students is to enjoy the awesome opportunity because most high
school aged students will never be able to do the same things that you get to do in this program. Josh advises
to also let the program show you whether or not you are truly passionate about medicine or the area of the
health field you want to pursue. The experiences that you have the and the people you meet will be a fond
memory you can always look back on and appreciate.
High School Alliance l Spring 2016
Standardized Patients
Each fall the UNMC College of Medicine asks the UNMC High School Alliance students to be standardized
patients for an afternoon. Standarized patients are local teen agers and adults who are trained by UNMC to
adopt personas that allow medical students to practice patient interview techniques in a safe environment.
This year, alumni from the Classes of 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 were standardized patients.
Left to right: Back Row: Daniela Cortes, Kateland Bryan, Jake Herbert, Sujanna Mattipatti, and Alexis Reza.
Front row: Brianna Martinie, Rema Idriss, and Yesinia Rodriguez.
Alumni Reunion – Save the Date! – Saturday, July 9, 2016
All UNMC High School Alliance alumni are invited to Stinson Park at Aksarben Village for an outdoor
concert featuring THE 70’s BAND.
We will meet at 5:30 p.m. at Dudley’s Pizza 2110 S 67th Street, Omaha NE 68106 followed by the concert
from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Invitations go out in a few weeks; however, if you would like to attend, please call the High School Alliance
at 402-559-3027 or email [email protected] See you in July!
Fly UP