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"The Exchange" Volume 2 Issue 2
Asia Pacific Rim Development Program
Fall 2015
APRDP welcomed 20 new China
Scholarship Council (CSC) students and
scholars to UNMC’s campus. Seventyfour CSC members have completed their
training and 78 students and scholars are
currently on UNMC’s campus.
APRDP facilitated a number of exchange
programs in 2015. Three clinical medicine,
14 nursing, and 4 pharmacy students
from UNMC conducted rotations in China.
Twelve clinical medicine, and 4 nursing
students visited UNMC from China.
UNMC hosted various delegations from
Inaugural Class of Faculty Medical
Education Trainees Graduates
By Kalani Simpson, UNMC Public Relations
UNMC and its Asia Pacific Rim
Development Program (APRDP)
recently held its inaugural graduation
for its China Scholarship Council
Faculty Medical Education Trainees
(Midwest China Region).
The three-month training program,
held at UNMC’s Omaha campus,
continues UNMC’s effort to spread
its primary care and medical
training practices globally, especially
with close partners in China.
The faculty educated at UNMC
will, in turn, go back to their home
universities and teach their own
students in these new methods.
Many of these faculty will educate
not only homegrown Chinese
students, but also international
students, said Zenghan “Hannah”
Tong, Ph.D., a senior research
associate in pharmacology and
experimental neuroscience
who also works for APRDP.
see MAIN pg 7
• Qian Wang, Ph.D., Director of the
International Office, and Ying Wu,
M.D., Dean of the School of Nursing,
from Capital Medical University came
to discuss developing exchange
• Clinicians visited UNMC for the 4th
U.S.-Sino Family Medicine Leadership
Course (page 7).
• Qiaoling Cai, M.D., Deputy Dean of
Tongji University School of Medicine,
attended events celebrating the
transition to the College of Allied
Health Professions.
• Two officials visited from the Chinese
Embassy (page 6).
• Two delgations from Tongji University
visited. The first participated in a
two-month training course for clinical
faculty; the second participated in a
10-day training for education office
Volume 2, Issue 2 | December 2015
UNMC Delegations to China
UNMC faculty and staff travel to China several times a year to recruit new students,
develop and maintain relationships with Chinese institutions, and participate in symposia.
This past September and October several delegations traveled to China.
China Trip Enhances Connections, Knowledge Base
By Vicki Cerino, UNMC Public Relations
Faculty and staff from UNMC
traveled halfway around the world
recently to exchange experiences
and knowledge on Ebola and
other infectious diseases.
The one-week trip to Shanghai,
Xi’an and Beijing, China, included
experts in medicine, research, clinical
laboratory science, transportation
and decontamination, as well as
representatives from Nebraska’s
Department of Health and Human
Services and Emory University.
December 2015
Volume 2, Issue 2
The Exchange is produced by
the Asia Pacific Rim
Development Program (APRDP)
at the University of Nebraska
Ken Bayles, Ph.D., UNMC associate
vice chancellor for basic science
research, said the idea was to
make connections and share
experiences in the treatment of
highly infectious diseases that require
specialized containment facilities.
The group visited various hospitals
and the Chinese Academy of
Sciences in Beijing, as well as the
Chinese equivalent of the U.S.
Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC). In Xi’an, they
visited 8th Hospital which was
the frontline for the 2003-2004
severe acute respiratory syndrome
(SARS) outbreak in China.
Chris Kratochvil, M.D., UNMC
associate vice chancellor for clinical
research and vice president for
research for Nebraska Medicine,
said the trip was an excellent
opportunity for UNMC faculty and
its U.S. colleagues to exchange
information with Chinese colleagues.
Angela Hewlett, M.D., answers questions during
a session at Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center,
Fudan University.
Angela Hewlett, M.D., associate
professor, UNMC Division of
Infectious Diseases and associate
medical director of the Nebraska
Biocontainment Unit at Nebraska
Medicine, said the trip was
an amazing experience.
Also included on the trip were
UNMC faculty and staff John Lowe,
Ph.D., Ming Qu, Ph.D., (also of
Division of Public Health, Nebraska
HHS), Zenghan “Hannah” Tong,
Ph.D., and Jialin Zheng, M.D.
Medical Center.
For more information, please contact:
UNMC Asia Pacific Rim
Development Program
985930 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-5930
[email protected]
Academic Health Centers International
In late October, Don Leuenberger, Special Assistant to the Chancellor, Zenghan
“Hannah” Tong, Ph.D., and Jialin Zheng, M.D., attended the 2015 Regional Meeting
of the Association of Academic Health Centers International (AAHCI) held at Peking
University. The meeting focused on medical education reform. Photo page 7.
Dele Davies, M.D., Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, David Oupicky, Ph.D.,
Joseph Siu, Ph.D., Keith Swarts, Zenghan “Hannah” Tong, Ph.D., Dong Wang, Ph.D.,
and Jialin Zheng, M.D., attended the International Graduate Scholarship Fair (IGSF)
in Beijing, Nanjing, and Shanghai. These fairs introduce the top Chinese students to
international graduate programs. This year there were 111 graduate and professional
schools participating, each trying to attract the best and brightest students to apply
to their programs. More than sixty students expressed interest in UNMC’s programs
at the fairs this year.
The Exchange | 2
Family Medicine Delegation
Family medicine experts from UNMC traveled to China for the 6th Annual
Family Medicine Symposium in Shanghai and the 1st Sino-US Family
Medicine Summit in Guangzhou, organized by Evergrande Health Industry
Presentations at the Shanghai Symposium focused on the role of family
medical practitioners, personalized medical care, and communication as a key
to patient safety. At the Summit in Guangzhou, presenters discussed the role
of family medicine in the US, procedures to establish primary care centers,
and how to begin training and accredit trainees.
Brad Britigan, M.D., Dean of the College of Medicine, Denise Britigan, Ph.D.,
Dele Davies, M.D., Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Jeff Harrison, M.D.,
Vice Chair of Family Medicine, Kim Jarzynka, M.D., Mike Sitorius, M.D., Chair
of the Department of Family Medicine, Marilyn Sitorius, M.D., Zenghan
“Hannah” Tong, Ph.D., Kent Zhao, M.D., and Jialin Zheng, M.D., participated in
the Symposium and Summit.
Cancer Delegation
Faculty and staff from UNMC’s Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center
visited Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute & Hospital (TMUCIH)
in Tianjin, China. There they toured the hospital and participated in the
First Joint Symposium on Cancer Research between TMUCIH and UNMC.
TMUCIH is the oldest oncology hospital in China, and is one of the largest
centers for cancer prevention, treatment, training, and research in China.
Participants included Vimla Band, Ph.D., Chair of the Department of
Genetics & Cell Biology, Kai Fu, M.D., Ph.D., Bo Han, M.D., Ph.D., Tony
Hollingsworth, Ph.D., Director of Pancreatic Cancer Research, Javeed
Iqbal, Ph.D., Alice Kueh, David W. Mercer, M.D., Chair of the Department of
Surgery, Matt Winfrey.
Members of UNMC traveled with
Governor Pete Ricketts during
his first trade mission to Asia.
“International business
relationships are vitally important
for Nebraska to succeed in
the global economy, and trade
missions, such as the trip to China
earlier this year, help grow the
partnerships our state needs to be
globally competitive. The support
of the faculty and students of
UNMC, who have over a decade of
enduring relationships with China,
is an integral part of our state’s
relationship with the country.
UNMC’s faculty and students
play a vital role as ambassadors
by highlighting our state’s worldrenowned medical community.
This trip to Beijing was a brief but
important step to further develop
ties between China and Nebraska,
and it is a pleasure to work with
UNMC faculty and students as
we continue to work to expand
our relationship with China.”
Governor Pete Ricketts
The Exchange | 3
Fond Memories of Summer
Research Program
“Students at UNMC have
more opportunities to
think deeper and get
suggestions from others
through presentations.
They are creative and
have a serious attitude
towards science.”
Hanwen Zhang
Shandong University
APRDP is already working with
its Chinese partner universities
to bring the next cohort of
research exchange students
to UNMC for the summer
of 2016. Interested UNMC
faculty can become involved by
contacting the APRDP Office.
Since 2010, APRDP has invited students from select Chinese universities to
Omaha to work directly with UNMC researchers for 8- or 12-week of research.
This summer, 15 students from Shandong University, Shanghai Jiao Tong
University School of Medicine (SJTUSM), and Tongji University.
The Summer Research Program affords visiting students many opportunities.
One of the most obvious is the ability to do research at some of the most
cutting-edge research facilities in the world. Zixiao Chen, a participant from
SJTUSM, commented on how the experience of working in a lab at UNMC
“will be really helpful for me in the future when I become a doctor” because
along with “clinical work, laboratory research is also an important work for
doctors” in China.
Participants also made new connections with UNMC faculty and students,
all of whom attach a great importance “to science and medicine that is the
most impressive part when it comes to research training in Omaha,” says
Hanwen Zhang, a student from Shandong University. SRP participants all
commented on the ways that UNMC students and faculty went out of their
way to help them, to offer comments on their research, and encourage them
in their progress. “Dr. Kaustubh Datta and my co-workers in the lab taught me
how to do research,” writes Han Wang from Shandong University. Yi Yang
from Shandong University says that working with Dr. Lowes and his students
“exposed me to research ideas and techniques I didn’t know previously. Now
when I confront a scientific problem, I can be more creative and come up with
more strategies to approach it.”
This year’s participants said they have fond memories of UNMC and Omaha.
Many wish to return sometime. If they do return, they will not be alone: around
15%-20% of the participants return to UNMC as Ph.D. degree-seeking or health
profession students.
[email protected]
Summer Research Program participant Zixiao Chen, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
School of Medicine, discusses a culture with his principal investigator, Vinai Chittezham
Thomas, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Pathology and Microbiology Department.
The Exchange | 4
International Student
Research Forum
Students from UNMC joined others from around the world to present
their research at the International Student Research Forum (ISRF). This
year’s Forum was held at the University of Aberdeen, in Aberdeen,
Jayme Nekuda, Ph.D., Associate Director of Human Resources, and
Keith Swarts, Director of Business Services, have organized and
sponsored UNMC’s participation in the forum for the past nine years.
The goal of the ISRF is to provide the brightest young scientists with an
opportunity to present their research and make connections with others
beyond disciplinary or national boundaries. UNMC’s participants are
selected from a pool of more than 50 applicants. The selection process
takes 6 months. Nekuda states, “the process allows us to select the
best and brightest students who then have the opportunity to showcase their
research on an international stage.”
Brian Coburn, 5th year M.D./Ph.D. Candidate in Rheumatology at UNMC,
found the ISRF stimulating. “The forum was incredibly useful in connecting
with up-in-coming student scientists from around the world. Often, we
connect with other American scientists at big national conferences, but this
doesn’t help break down barriers and establish comfort with talking to foreign
investigators. This forum focuses on building comfort for developing these
types of relationships.”
These relationships continue beyond the forum. Lisa Weissenburger-Moser,
Ph.D. Candidate in Epidemiology and two-time participant in the ISRF, says,
“I’m going to have life-long friends because I networked through this forum. I
was able to stay in touch with students in Denmark and discuss what we had
done throughout the year apart when we met again in Scotland.”
Participating institutions in 2015 included the Graduate University of the
Chinese Academy of Science (Beijing, China), Griffith University (Gold Coast,
Australia), the University of Southern Denmark (Odense, Denmark), the
University of Aberdeen (Aberdeen, Scotland), and UNMC.
Beth Clymer, Michael Price, and
Brian Coburn in Aberdeen, Scotland
“I would recommend this
conference to any student who
wants to see the research that
students around the world are
doing while experiencing another
country’s culture, food, and history.”
Lisa Weissenburger-Moser, Ph.D.
Candidate in Epidemiology
“The people I met and perspectives
I gained by attending this forum
have and will continue to enhance
my thinking about research for the
rest of my career and life.”
Michael Price, Ph.D. Candidate in
Cellular/Integrative Physiology
UNMC Business & Finance and the
APRDP endorse UNMC students’
participation in the International
Student Research Forum.
2015 ISRF Participants. Back from the Left: Brian Coburn, Michael Price, You Li, Elizabeth
Blowers, Cassia Hanton, Lisa Weissenburger-Moser.
To learn more, visit the website:
Front: Beth Clymer, Rachel Utter, Rahat Jahan, Katelyn Jelden. They were joined by organizers
and sponsors Keith Swarts and Jayme Nekuda, Ph.D.
The Exchange | 5
Events and Happenings
Image A: Drs. Fengshou Sun and Baoguo Zheng from the
Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. visited Nebraska
on October 18 and 19. They met with CSC students in
Omaha and Lincoln. At UNMC they met with Dele Davies,
M.D., Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, as well as the
APRDP staff.
Image B: Chinese clinicians participated in the 4th U.S.Sino Family Medicine Leadership Course at UNMC.
Various training techniques, including models and
simulations, play a role in this training. In the picture,
two participants model doctor-patient interaction while
Jeff Harrison, M.D., Vice Chair of the Department of
Family Medicine, looks on.
This year Dr. Shanzhu Zhu, president of the Chinese
Society of Family Medicine, joined the group. Dr. Zhu
said “The U.S. has the gold standard for training, and at
UNMC, family medicine ranks very highly. We’re learning
from the gold standard.”
Image C: Don Leuenberger, Special Assistant to the
Chancellor, second from the left, presents a UNMC
flag at the October 28 groundbreaking of the Hainan
Chaotan Bay International Hospital in Hainan Province,
China. Also attending were Kai Fu, M.D., Ph.D., associate
director of the APRDP, Bo Han, M.D., Ph.D., business
development specialist for UNeMed Health ConsultingShanghai (UHCS), and David W. Mercer, M.D., Chair of the
Department of Surgery.
Collaborations between UNMC and Hainan are
growing. Seven faculty members and educators from
Hainan recently graduated from a 3-month training
program at UNMC.
Image D: Jialin Zheng, M.D., Director of the APRDP, was
one of 42 U.S. scholars who were invited to attend the
White House welcome ceremony for Chinese President
Xi Jinping on Sept. 25. The ceremony was attended by
U.S. President Barack Obama. The scholars are ChineseAmericans from different U.S. higher education institutions
who have helped promote U.S.-China educational
The Exchange | 6
Image E: The APRDP and the Chinese Students and
Scholars Association at UNMC welcomed new students
and scholars during a picnic in Elmwood Park in early
October. Summer Research Program participants,
Clinical Exchange students, and CSC Medical Education
Trainees also joined the picnic.
Image F: Don Leuenberger, Special Assistant to the
Chancellor, and Jialin Zheng, M.D., Director of the
APRDP, attended the 2015 Regional Meeting of the
Association of Academic Health Centers International
(AAHCI) on October 28-29.
Image G: Xiaoming Wang, M.D., Vice President of
Capital Medical University, presents Dele Davies, M.D.,
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, with a scroll with
the Chinese character for “prosperity” on it.
MAIN continued from pg 1
“We see them as our ambassadors,”
Dr. Tong said. “And through their
international students, they will
pass on our UNMC mission and
methodologies all around the world.”
Lina Chen, M.D., Ph.D., associate
professor of pharmacology at Xi’an
Jiaotong University, was happy to
be back at UNMC for a second
time - she’d previously been a
Brad Britigan, M.D., Dean of the College
of Medicine, addressed the graduates.
visiting scholar for research. She was
impressed with UNMC’s simulation
technology and the iEXCEL program.
Dr. Chen looked forward to sharing
her newfound knowledge with
her own students – educational
techniques like small group
discussions, problem-based and peerassisted learning, and an increased
emphasis on competency-based
learning concepts.
The CSC Faculty Medical Education
Trainee program, organized by close
collaborations between faculty
members in the College of Medicine
and College of Public Health, is part
of an ongoing collaboration with the
Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC).
Since 2006, 160 students from China
have come to UNMC for study or
training, as part of the partnership
between the CSC and UNMC.
“Congratulations on completing
this program. UNMC has been
working to create this program
for many years, and it is the result
of our prior efforts and successes.
The response has been positive.
We are trying to improve primary
care in China and it has paid off
in efforts such as these. Because
you have completed this program
you are all alumni of UNMC now.
Carry the message about the
opportunities and experiences
here to your colleagues.”
Brad Britigan, M.D.
Dean of the College of Medicine
The Exchange | 7
Asia Pacific Rim Development Program
985930 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-5930
In this issue:
CSC Faculty Medical
Education Trainees Graduate
Delegations to China
Summer Research Program
International Student
Research Forum
“All of us at the Asia Pacific Rim Development
Program would like to wish you a safe and happy
holiday season.
“Our goal is to support UNMC’s mission ‘to lead the world in
transforming lives to create a healthy future for all individuals and
communities…’ We do so by bringing the best students and scholars
from around the world to UNMC and by spreading the spirit and
knowledge of UNMC to the Asia Pacific Rim. Our central task is to
provide service to our mission, our students, and faculty. Students are
at the heart of everything we do. We are successful in this because of
your spirit and support. Thank you for your support this past year.”
Jialin Zheng, M.D.,
Director, Asia Pacific Rim Development Program
Asia Pacific Rim Development
Program’s (APRDP) mission is to
leverage UNMC’s global position
as a leader in health education,
research and patient care,
especially in the Asia Pacific. It
strives to increase research scope
and efficiency, provide meaningful
exchange programs for faculty and
students, and foster friendships
and cultural understanding,
ultimately improving health
education, care and science in
China, the U.S. and worldwide.
Please join me in supporting
APRDP’s long-standing mission
by making a gift that will impact
the next generation. Make your
gift to the:
Asia Pacific Initiative Fund
by visiting our website or
contacting Melonie Welsh at the
University of Nebraska Foundation:
[email protected]
Volume 2, Issue 2 | December 2015
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