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Surgical Specs News 2012
The Newsletter
For Alumni and Friends of the UNMC College of Dentistry’s Department of Surgical Specialties
From the department chair
Surgical Specialties
Resident/Alumni Day
Friday, June 22, 2012
Continuing Education,
Golf & Dinner
Reserve your spot by May 15.
For registration and information,
contact Ms. Deb Dalton at
(402) 472-6205 or [email protected]
This year’s newsletter focuses on transitions, some happy, some less so. As Drs.
Tussing and Byarlay both expand upon, we lost truly one of the greats in Nebraska
dentistry, Dr. Dick Bradley. He was certainly one of the
kindest, most positive men ever. He was a mentor and
role model to most of the faculty here in the department,
and he will be deeply missed. We feel it fitting to name
our annual departmental golf outing the Bradley Memorial Tournament; Dick was passionate about this sport.
As illustrated in the picture below, we are also saying
goodbye in a happier way to Dr. Max Martin, who has
been a part-time faculty member in oral surgery for 42
years. Max is also a super star in Nebraska dentistry,
having been past president of the Nebraska Dental
Association as well as president of the American College
of Dentists. Max is also one of the few people I know who
somehow managed to get good by playing a lot of golf,
Dr. Richard (Dick) Bradley,
and is still the man to have on your team in any type of
founder of the
periodontal program
scramble play.
It seems like there have been a lot of
babies born to current and past
residents. The details of this can be
seen in the notes and milestones
portion of the newsletter (page 2).
We have had another solid year in
our clinical and academic pursuits
and I proudly call your attention to
our presentations and publications
page in this newsletter (page 3).
I had the opportunity to travel to
China in May of last year to lay the
groundwork for an implant course
where we would teach some of the
didactics “there” and have some of
L to R: Deb Dalton, Dr. Bavitz, Dr. Ebke, Susan
McCoy, Seated: Dr. Max Martin
their dentists come “here” to
observe how we do this at Nebraska. It was certainly an impressive eye-opening
experience. I felt that their dental care realistically was on par with ours, at least in
the urban, industrialized areas. Their health care system is a little different than
Bavitz: Continued on page 6
Issue No. 6 | Spring 2012
News of the alumni
The Newsletter
Spring 2012 | Issue No. 7
This newsletter
is produced by the
Department of
Surgical Specialties of the
University of Nebraska
Medical Center
College of Dentistry.
Department Chair:
Dr. J. Bruce Bavitz
Editorial Assistant:
Ms. Deborah Dalton
Primary Photographer:
Ms. Peggy Cain
Design, Layout & Editing:
Mr. Kim R. Theesen
For additional printed copies,
submissions, and ideas, contact:
Deb Dalton
[email protected]
(402) 472-6205
UNMC College of Dentistry
2170 COD (0757)
Lincoln NE 68583-0757
Lou Klemme ('72) kept his promise
and came back to Nebraska, perhaps
for the first time since graduating way
back when. At any rate, he was
amazed at the changes in the physical
plant from the Surgical Specialties
Department to the intramural practice
faculty. He is threatening to return this
fall for a football game. Hope that he
chooses the Idaho State weekend
where there should be a plentiful
supply of tickets.
Craig Hovick ('87) has a daughter
that is now a periodontist. She did her
DDS training at the University of Iowa
and her periodontal training at North
Carolina. Guess she didn't want to
“one up” her dad by coming to
Nebraska. Having completed her training, she is now on the faculty of the
University of Texas, Houston. We'll
have to get her in touch with Lewis
Cummings ('03) who is practicing in
Art Harris ('83) continues to stay in
touch with his alma mater. In the early
years he shared with us his professional activities primarily. Nowadays, it
is more about the kids and the
grandkids. Daughter Holly provided
Art and Barb with a second grandson.
Santa is back in the Christmas spirit in
the Harris household.
Amy Killeen ('10) and her husband,
Marty, welcomed their third son on
March 23, 2012. Liam Samuel
weighed 8 pounds, 6 ounces. Congratulations Amy and Marty!
Jennifer D'Costa ('05) and her husband, Johann, welcomed their second
son, Evan on January 16, 2012. Older
brother, Zach just turned 4 in December. Congratulations Jen and Johann!
John Rutledge ('09) and his wife,
Jillian, welcomed their sixth child on
April 3, 2012. Camilla Clare was born
at 11:43 p.m. She weighed 7 pounds,
6 ounces and is 20 and one-half inches
long. Congratulations John and Jillian!
Laura Harris-Vieyra ('08) and her husband Stephen are expecting a baby
girl July 10, 2012. Their oldest son Matthew is three years old now and sister
Elizabeth is 21 months old.
David Stein ('04) sent a great
Christmas letter. The most important
news is that wife, Yelena, gave birth to
their second child, a son, Zachary
Adam. Zachary is off to a great start
at nine pounds at birth. It is hard to
believe that their first son, Brian, is
three years old and going to preschool. With the addition of the family
comes the obligatory addition to the
house and that's keeping everyone
busy. Dave is planning a trip to Lincoln
and will share some of his practical
experience with the residents.
Steve Schrad ('83) hasn't been in the
college for five or six years even
though he lives right here in Lincoln.
The chief gave him a grand tour and
the changes were impressive. So many
significant changes, in fact, that he
actually got turned around and wasn't
sure where to proceed. He claims if
you haven't been back to Lincoln,
make a point to do so. The college
physical plant is really impressive.
Dave Hoffman (Honorary) We close
the alumni report with still more sad
news to share with the alumni. Dave
passed away rather suddenly on
October 20, 2011. Dave drove race
cars with the chief over the last 10
years. Last year he wasn't cleared for
driving due to an enlarged spleen.
He was diagnosed with mylofibrosis
which is new to us. Platelets dropped
dramatically and an immature blood
picture appeared. He was excited
about a new drug which had just been
recently released that became available for him and he was getting
excited about the possibility of returning to racing. Then, suddenly, he had
an acute medical issue and was gone
in three days.
Dave gave to this program as though
it was his own alma mater, both with
his time and his resources. Future residents will never know what they have
missed by not being able to spend
time in Dave's office or in his home
and his generous hospitality extended
to them. Dave will be missed by all
of us.
The Newsletter | 2
Faculty and resident publications/abstracts
Professionals Day 2012, Student Scientific Program
1st place: Dr. Hoang-Oanh Le, “The
Biochemical Effects of SimvastatinAlendronate Combination on LPSinduced Inflammation.” Faculty
Mentor: Dr. Richard Reinhardt.
2nd place: Dr. Shaun Whitney, “NonSurgical Root Canal Therapy Followed
by Crown Amputation of NonRestorable Teeth in Medically
Compromised Patients: A Report of
Three Cases.” Faculty Mentor: Dr.
Hoang-Oanh Le
Tom Gound.
Moore TC, Al-Salleeh FM, Brown DM, Petro TM. IRF3
polymorphisms induce different innate anti-Theiler’s virus
immune responses in RAW264.7 macrophages. Virology
418(1):40-8, Sep 15, 2011.
Rutledge J, Schieber MD, Chamberlain JM, Byarlay M,
Killeen AC, Giannini PJ, Marx DB, Reinhardt RA.
Simvastatin application to augment facial jaw bone in a
dog model: pilot study.
J Periodontol 82(4):597-605, 2011.
Payne JB, Golub LM, Stoner JA, Lee HM, Reinhardt RA,
Sorsa T, Slepian MJ. The effect of subantimicrobial-dosedoxycycline treatment of periodontitis on serum biomarkers
of systemic inflammation: A randomized, double-masked
placebo-controlled clinical trial. JADA (cover story)
142:262-273, 2011.
Payne JB, Stoner JA, Lee HM, Nummikoski PV, Reinhardt
RA, Golub LM. Serum bone biomarkers and oral/systemic
bone loss in humans. J Dent Res 90:747-751, 2011.
Gonzalez SM, Spalding PM, Payne JB, Giannini, PJ. A
dentigerous cyst associated with bilaterally-impacted
mandibular canines: A case report. J Med Case Reports
5:230, 2011.
Lee Y, Liu X, Nawshad A, Marx DB, Wang D, Reinhardt
RA. Role of prostaglandin pathway and alendronate-based
carriers to enhance statin-induced bone. Mol Pharm
8:1035-1042, 2011.
Kador P, O’Meara JD, Blessing K, Marx DB, Reinhardt RA.
Efficacy of structurally-diverse aldose reductase inhibitors
on experimental periodontitis in rats. J Periodontol 82:926933, 2011.
Publication Submitted
Killeen AC, Rakes PA, Schmid M, Zhang Y, Narayana N,
Marx DB, Payne JB, Wang D, Reinhardt RA. Impact of
local systemic alendronate on simvastatin-induced new
bone around periodontal defects. J Periodontal (In Press)
Submitted 2011. Accepted 1/26/2012.
Mikuls TR, Deane KD, Payne JB, Thiele GM, O’Dell JR, Derber
LA, Robinson WH, Holers VM, Norris JM. Porphyromonas
gingivalis (P. gingivalis) is associated with the presence of
disease-specific autoantibodies in individuals at increased risk
for the future development of rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis
Rheum 63 Suppl 10:766, 2011.
Stoner JA, Nummikoski P, Golub L, Thompson DM, Payne JB.
Association between longitudinal changes in alveolar bone
height and density. J Dent Res 90 (Spec. Is.):Abstract 3092,
Reinhardt RA. Histologic effects of simvastatin injections in rat
experimental periodontitis. American Academy of Periodontology Annual Meeting, Miami Beach, FL.
Alsalleeh, Fahd.
February 17, 2012: “Clinical Applications of Endodontic Regeneration” (1.5 CE). What’s New in Dentistry 2012, University of
Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry, Nebraska East
Union, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Bavitz, J. Bruce
May 2011: “Oral Surgery and Dental Implantology at the
University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry”
Beijing and Shanghai, China.
October 2011: “Oral Surgical Reconstruction---Hard and Soft
Tissue Grafting and Recontouring Procedures” Siouxland Dental
and Implant Club, Sioux Falls, SD.
December 2011: “Dental Ethics” American Student Dental
Association, Lincoln, NE.
December 2011: “Preserving and Reconstructing Bone
Following Extractions” Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN.
Byarlay, Matthew R.
September 2011: “Implant and Connective Tissue Graft
Techniques” Fremont Study Club, Fremont, NE.
February 17, 2012: “Guided Bone Regeneration” (1.5 CE),
What’s New in Dentistry 2012, University of Nebraska Medical
Center College of Dentistry, Nebraska East Union, Lincoln, NE.
Payne, Jeffrey B.
October 21, 2011: “Treatment of Periodontitis in
Postmenopausal Osteopenic Women with Subantimicrobial
Dose Doxycycline” Stony Brook University School of Dental
Medicine, Stony Brook, NY.
October 22, 2011: “Exploring the Relationship Between Osteoporosis and Periodontitis” Stony Brook University School of
Dental Medicine, Stony Brook, NY.
Reinhardt, Richard A.
November 13, 2011: “Histologic Effects of Simvastatin Injections
in Rat Experimental Periodontitis” American Academy of
Periodontology Annual Meeting, Miami Beach, FL.
3 | Spring 2012
Straight from the chief
Remembering Dick Bradley
It is with profound regret that we begin this
newsletter with the sad news of the passing
of our founder, mentor and colleague, Dr.
Richard Bradley. He passed on Sunday,
March 11, 2012, while hospitalized at St.
Elizabeth's Hospital. The end came just two
days after his 86th birthday and just two
Gerry Tussing hours before what would have been the
birthday of his beloved wife Doris. They had
been married nearly 65 years before her death last spring.
It is comforting to know they are now reunited in God's
loving care. Dick started the Nebraska graduate periodontology program in 1959 after completing his graduate
training at the University of Iowa in 1958. It was there that
the chief, as an undergraduate dental student, had his first
contact with Dr. Bradley. That ultimately led to the chief
applying to the Nebraska graduate program and the rest is
history. After only eight years as chair of periodontics, he
was selected as dean of the College of Dentistry at
Nebraska. He
served 12 years
as dean before
being successfully recruited as
dean and
president of the
Baylor College of
Dentistry. There,
he served 10
years then
Drs. Bavitz and Bradley
returned to his
roots in Nebraska where he was a continuous part-time
faculty member until his death.
During the last months of his life, Dick had multiple health
issues, most notably a blood dyscrasia that severely
reduced his platelets and ultimately elevated his white cell
count. He had been in chemotherapy for over a year. These
treatments sapped an enormous amount of his energy. The
combination of fatigue and the depression he experienced
with the death of Doris made his final days a real test of his
strength of character. Even with these health issues, his
untimely passing was unexpected.
The legacy he has left all of us is profound. He is unquestionably the most distinguished dentist Nebraska has ever
produced. He was a giant on the national and international
dental scene. A consummate educator and administrator,
he made difficult decisions with élan. Never did anyone
ever hear a disparaging word about another from Dick. He
provided a professional foundation for all of us fortunate
enough to be associated with him. He brought a sense of
our identity, of who begat us. He will be missed but his
legacy is so profound that his impact on our program will be
everlasting. One bright note is that before Dick died, he
knew that his grandson, Aaron, had successfully passed the
Central Regional Dental Boards AND that Aaron would
begin his graduate studies in periodontics at Nebraska. His
legacy lives on!
Husker News
Dr. Tom Osborne was always thought to be
too nice to fire anyone. In his 20 years as head
coach, he never fired a single individual.
Everyone was concerned that when Tom, as
Nebraska’s athletic director, would not be able to do
the “deed,” even when necessary. Wrong! First he
fired Coach Callahan and hired Bo Pelini. No
question – that was a good thing. Then last summer
he fired Coach Anderson, the baseball coach, and
hired former Husker and major leaguer Darin
Erstad. Now he has canned Doc Sadler, basketball
coach, after six very unproductive years, and hired
Tim Miles. WHO?? He coached the Colorado State
basketball program for the last five years and took them to
the NCAA tournament this year. Can he make a change in
the Nebraska basketball culture? One thing is certain, the
Big 10 is tough with six teams in the Big Show this year. Dr.
Tom has loosened the purse strings and infused more money
into the program, a new practice facility that is fantastic,
and the new downtown Pinnacle Bank Arena which will be
ready in 2014. All the pieces appear to be in place. Now all
we need is players that can compete in the Big 10.
Recruiting will be the first evidence of whether coach Miles
can do it or not. We’re all watching!
The Nebraska women’s teams are again the pride of
Nebraska. The women gymnastics team won
the Big 10 championship and are on to
nationals. Women’s basketball was a huge
success again, losing in overtime for the Big
10 championship. They lost their opening
game in the NCAA tournament. Two
freshmen, a sophomore, and a junior
were the heart of the team, so by all accounts, they’ll be the
team to beat in the 2012-2013 Big 10. Women’s track won
the indoor Big 10 championship this winter. And, as usual,
The Chief: Continued on page 5
The Newsletter | 4
The 2011 alumni reception in Miami
The 2011 reception at the annual American Academy
of Periodontology meeting in Miami was a joyful
gathering for those able to attend. Jerold Wilde and
Angela Wilson, the class of 2001, was the host class.
Wow! Has it been 10 years? It is unfortunate that in
this continuing down economy not as many of our
alums were able to attend. However, those who were
able to be there enjoyed outstanding fellowship and
hors d’oeuvres. The opportunity to reunite with class
mates and meet our current residents is a real treat.
We are sharing some photos, thanks to the ever
faithful Betty Shestak. We look forward to LA in the
early fall (September 29 – October 2, which is five
weeks earlier than Miami). See you all there! Again,
thanks to our host class of 2001, Angela Wilson and
Jerold Wilde. Your loyalty and generosity is greatly
Remembering Verona
Our surgical specialties
department lost one of its
faithful employees last June
25, 2011, to cancer. Verona
Pearson was an employee of
the College of Dentistry for
over 40 years.
She had a smile for everyone, an upbeat compliment
or an interesting tidbit for
the staff and faculty. She
had a love for animals, antiques, and cooking.
Verona was known to bring a cat to work to
try to get it adopted or had advice on how to
heal dry hands with bag balm!
All through her chemo and treatments, she
kept working and never complained. She was
a wonderful person, friend, mother figure,
who was loved by everyone. Verona is truly
missed by all!
The Chief: Continued from page 5
Wayne Kaldahl, Hosts Angela Wilson
& Jerold Wilde, Betty Shestak
Back: Jina Byarlay, Matt Byarlay, Mark Terry,
Robert Cline. Front: Audrey Malena and
Daryl Malena
volleyball is a national power every year. And it will have
to be because the Big 10 appears to be the strongest
conference in that sport.
What about football? As most of you know,
the first year in the Big 10 could have gone
much better. Losing to lowly Northwestern
in Lincoln gives you an idea of the frustration of staff and fans alike. Will we be
better? The consensus says yes. We’re
better on both sides of the ball. Traditional leaders like Wisconsin, Michigan
State and Ohio State all have large
holes to fill. We do get Michigan in Lincoln this year
along with Wisconsin, Penn State and Minnesota. The
real tough game will be on the road at Ohio State. The
bowl game with South Carolina was dreadful by any
measure. Most agree we lost to an inferior team. When
one continues to shoot oneself in the foot, eventually
that will do you in. The good news coming out of the
Osborne complex at the start of spring practice is that
they are pis- - -. Will that translate into W’s on Saturday?
Only time will tell. But we are very encouraged.
5 | Spring 2012
The periodontal development fund
Giving back to the program
As always, the department is very pleased and gratified for
your continued generosity – especially with the general state
of a depressed economy. The post-doctoral program has
become very dependent upon your support. And, as always,
our disclaimer to you is that your gifts to the Periodontal
Developmental Fund (3096) are directed solely toward
necessary expenditures for the residency program. The
educational impact of the development fund contributions
are important in bringing guest lecturers to
If you have any questions about charitable gifts,
donation, options, pledges or bequests benefitting the
surgical specialties program, please contact:
Susan Norby, Director of Development
1010 Lincoln Mall, Suite 300
Lincoln, NE 68508
402-458-1183, 800-432-3216
[email protected]
Surgical Specialties Alum
University of Nebraska Foundation $
Periodontic Development Fund 3096
Nebraska, instruments and materials not available from
state funds and partial funding for research efforts and
travel to present those results in regional and national
Please see the list of the 2011 contributors to the
Periodontal Development Fund. If we inadvertently omit
your name from that list, please let the Chief know and we
will see to it that you are appropriately recognized in the
next newsletter.
Bavitz: Continued from page 1
imagined. Basic no-frills dental/medical
care is available to all at no cost, with
more sophisticated procedures like
orthodontics and implants on strictly a
fee for service basis. The training of
foreign dentists is some-thing that
Nebraska has not done very much of in
years past, but as the world is getting
smaller, I can see us doing more and
more to the mutual benefit of all.
J. Bruce Bavitz I have also assumed the role as coordinator/editor of Practical Reviews of Oral
and Maxillofacial Surgery. In that capacity, I have gotten to
work with three graduates of our oral surgery internship,
now all card carrying oral and maxillofacial surgeons. They
are Dr. Melanie Lang, Dr. Rod Griffeth, and Dr. David
Cleverly, and I feel fortunate to have their talents and
acumen with this latest academic endeavor.
John Adcock • Todd & Cathy Alley
Richard Bradley • Bryan Cochran
Bryan Collins • Chris Couri • Brad Crump
Don Echols • Terry Eckles • Mark Edwards
Gretchen Bartlett-Edwards • Barry Feldner
Raynor Harmeson • Art Harris • David Hoffman
Wayne Kaldahl • Kenneth Kalkwarf
Marty & Amy Killeen • Lou Klemme
Daryl Malena • Charlie McCann
Stacy Moffenbier • David Okano • Jeffrey Payne
Richard Reinhardt • George Robeson
Van Sanderfer • Ed Schoenenberger
David Stein • Gerald Tussing • Jerold Wilde
Angela Wilson
Our department celebration day, this year on June 22, 2012,
continues to be well-attended and well-reviewed. Having it
on a Friday makes it somewhat difficult for many alumni to
come, but we always love to see you and catch up on your
personal and professional lives. Details of the event can be
found on Page 7 of this newsletter. Don't hesitate to let us
know how things are going, even if you can't make this
I hope you enjoy this year’s edition of the happenings from
the Department of Surgical Specialties here at the University
of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry.
J. Bruce Bavitz
J. Bruce Bavitz, Chair, Department of Surgical Specialties,
[email protected], (402) 472-1314
The Newsletter | 6
Resident /alumni day
Joe & Melissa Lang
Matt & Jina Byarlay
June 17, 2011
L to R: Jina Byarlay, Rick & Pam Reinhardt,
and Karole Kaldahl
Please share this newsletter and other UNMC publications
with friends and colleagues.
This publication is available online and in glorious RGB color.
Visit unmc.edu/dentistry to see it. Help us save on printing
and postage by sending us your email address. We’ll send you
the next issue on your computer.
Deb Dalton: [email protected]
Shaun Whitney, Andrew Glenn,
& Bruce Bavitz
Seventh Annual Resident/Alumni Day: June 22, 2012
Don’t delay! Register today!
Join us in June for the seventh edition of our annual get
together. Three hours of approved dental continuing
education will be presented at
the college in the morning, The
Bradley Memorial Golf
Tournament will be held in
the afternoon, and a
departmental celebration
will be enjoyed at night!
When & Where: Friday,
June 22, Lincoln, Nebraska;
8:00-11:30 am: College of
Dentistry; 1:00-5:00 pm: Holmes Golf Course, 3701
South 70th Street; 6:00-10:00 pm: Wick Alumni Center,
1520 R St.
Specifics: The continuing education will involve the
residents presenting some of their research and unique
clinical cases in room 1201. There is no cost for this, but preregistration is requested.
The exact format of the golf will be determined by the
number of players registering. If you wish (or wish not) to
play with anyone in particular, please specify that on the
registration form. The cost for this event is approximately
$40 per person (cart included), with payment due at the
The semi-formal dinner at the Wick Center will honor our
graduating residents. We need a head count for this, so an
RSVP is requested. The cost per person is $40.
How: Please use the registration form on page 12 and mail
by May 15. See you then!
7 | Spring 2012
endodontics: treating disorders of the pulp...
Endo talk with grad endo director Fahd Alsalleeh
I would like to start my report to you by
sending many thanks. First, thank you to
all. You are a member of a rarified
group of people who received a certificate from our wonderful school. Our
community of people, now numbering
116, continues to make contributions to
our specialty.
Second, thank you to all donors, listed
Fahd Alsalleeh
below, who made contributions to our
program. Of course, financial contributions represent a
vital resource for the program. Your donations help us to
conduct a C.E course in the fall, purchase books for
residents, send them to a board review course and attend
the AAE annual session. I hope as our graduates grow, our
donor list grows as well.
Third, thank you to the attendees at our
2011 alumni day that featured Dr.
Stephen Cohen as the guest speaker. I
am committed to maintain the quality of
this event and will strive to exceed
expectations. For your information, not
all programs are doing such an event,
and with your support and presence, we
will always have one day to get
Stephen Cohen together, gain some knowledge, and reunite. Our guest speakers for September
14, 2012 will be Drs Alan Law and Nixford; experts on
persistent endodontic pain and regeneration. Don't miss it.
Fourth, thank you to
Drs. Whitney and
Wieseman, who
presented at the
AAE annual
meeting. With
limited time and
resources, they
were able to finish
and present their
research projects. I
committed to
Shaun Whitney in Boston
continuing this
work, with the goal of making your program well represented at a national level.
Fifth, for the second year our program hosted a reception
for its alums during the AAE meeting held in Boston in
2012. Thank you to all participants who came. This year,
we saw more than last and I hope to see more faces next
Last but not least, I would like to thank our new residents for
joining our community in July 2012. We have Mazen Alkahtany,
Nicole Chung, and Nicholas Lyons. I also thank Drs. Keippel,
Whitney, and Wieseman, graduating residents for being good
leaders for Drs. Adams and Wilbur, first-year and amiable
residents. They are the first group under my leadership and
helped to continue to take our program to new heights.
As the sixth thanks indicate, things are well with endodontics
here at Nebraska. Hope to see and or hear from everyone very
Meet the residents
Jeff Adams (first year) received his B.S.
degree from the University of Utah in 1998.
He attended the Indiana University School of
Dentistry and received his D.D.S. in 2002. Jeff
is married to Amy and they have three
children: Alyssa, Sydney, and Emily.
Eric Wilbur (first year) Eric received his B.S.
degree from the Utah Valley University in
2007. He attended the University of Nevada
Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine and
received his D.M.D in 2011. Eric is married to
Raquel and they have two children: Ava and
Jeff Keippel (second year) received his BS
and MS degrees from the University of
Arizona and his DMD degree from the
Arizona School of Dentistry. He is married to
Bonnie and they have three children: Levi,
Madeleine, and a nine-month-old baby boy
named Lincoln.
Shaun Whitney (second year) was born and
raised in Spokane, Washington. He attended
Gonzaga University in Spokane on a tennis
scholarship and graduated in 2003 with a
biology degree. Shaun received his dental
degree from Creighton School of Dentistry in
Omaha, and he completed the postgraduate
program in periodontics at the UNMC
College of Dentistry in 2010. Future plans
include entering private practice in the Pacific
Northwest and working part-time at a dental
school. Hobbies include tennis, golf, flyfishing, fly-tying, and watching Gonzaga
Continued on page 9
The Newsletter | 8
Continued from page 8
Chris Wieseman (second year) was born and
grew up in Stromsburg, Nebraska. He attended
the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and received
his BS in 1999. After graduating from UNL, he
worked in the athletic department at the
University of Montana in Missoula for four
years. He returned to Lincoln in 2004, attended
UNMC College of Dentistry, and received his DDS in 2008.
Following graduation, he completed an AEGD residency at the
South Texas Veterans Health Care System at Audie L. Murphy
VA Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. He then worked one year in
private practice in Omaha prior to beginning UNMC's
endodontic program. Chris and his wife, Tara, live in Lincoln
with their three-year old daughter, Elliot, and their six-month
old son, Greyson. Chris plans to go into private practice in
Norfolk, Nebraska, after completion of the endodontic
Oral Surgery Fellows
Eric Mack travels back and forth to
Denver every weekend to spend as
much time as possible with his family.
When he’s not traveling, he is studying
to prepare himself for the fall residency
in oral surgery. Eric has been here for
nine months now and he
says that the “time has
passed quickly.” Soon he’ll be rejoining
his family permanently in Denver.
The new oral surgery fellow, starting
July 1, 2012, is Patrick Anderson from
our College of Dentistry Class of 2012.
Surgical Specialties Alum
University of Nebraska Foundation $
Endodondtic Development Fund 3097
Salwan Adjaj • Fahd Alsalleeh
Thomas Beeson • Stephen Biggs •
Bryce Bonness • Adam Colombo • Toby Comer
William Corcoran • John Goodrich • Art Harris
Michael Hermsen • Jose Ibarrola
Barbara Kabes • Corey Karimjee • Brad Laird
Cliff Leffingwell • Dennis Leseberg
Karla V. Macias • David Maixner
Michael McNally • Stephen Pryor
Jeri Rush • Frank Sargent • James Strand
Dean Troyer • Ryan Walker
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“True Fact...”
Sharks have three rows of sharp
teeth in both of their jaws; actually,
a shark can change almost forty
sets of teeth in its entire life.
The endodontics clinic, ready for practice.
9 | Spring 2012
periodontics: concerned with diseases...
Perio talk with grad perio director Matthew Byarlay
Howdy! And welcome to another edition of
the surgical specialties newsletter. I say
“howdy” because that's how we greet
people where I'm from back in Texas and I
feel like I'm back there since the weather
here has been so warm. I would even go so
far as to call the winter “pleasant,” and I
don't know that anyone has ever said that
Matt Byarlay
about a Nebraska winter. Along with
warmer weather comes early cases of “spring fever” among
the residents. I know everyone's anxious to finish up the
semester and spend some more time outside and with their
families. Although we've had some recent somber news, I
believe we've had another wonderful and productive year,
with much to be thankful for and I hope you'll all stop by
sometime for a visit (Surgical Specialties CE and Golf
Tournament is ideal).
Visiting Professors
As we have done in the past, I would again like to single out
a group of local periodontists who voluntarily teach in both
seminars and in clinic. They are a tremendous asset to the
program and we can’t thank them enough. These individuals are Drs. Cathy Alley, Dennis Anderson, Barry
Feldner, Daryl Malena, Melissa Lang, John Rutledge,
Scott Morrison, Stacy Moffenbier, Larry Parrish, Van
Sanderfer, Takanari Miyamoto and Pat Kelsey. The
residents certainly appreciate these individuals.
In Memoriam
Dr. Richard Bradley: March 9, 1926-March 11, 2012
Dr. David Hoffman: October 25, 1938-October 20, 2011
Our surgical specialties family lost two members this last
year: Dr. Richard “Dick” Bradley and Dr. David Hoffman. Dr.
Hoffman was a dedicated visiting faculty member and
longtime supporter of the program. Obviously, Dr. Bradley
was a great educator, mentor, and friend to all who have
been associated with this program and school over the
A light is from our household gone,
a voice we loved is stilled.
A place is vacant in our home
which can never be filled.
Some may think you are forgotten,
though on earth you are no more.
But in memory you are with us
as you always were before.
Guest Lectures
The following are some of the special guest lectures we have
had this past year.
May 20, 2011: Dr. Paul Paulman, UNMC, Assistant Dean for
Clinical Skills and Quality, Inter-professional Education,
Medical-Dental Collaboration.
October 16-17, 2011: Midlands Perio Conference. Dr. Terry
Rees. Baylor College of Dentistry. Oral Medicine in
Periodontal Practice.
October 20, 2011: Dr. Sam Low. University of Florida. “The
Future of Periodontics.”
Changing of the Guard
It is time yet again for two of our residents to leave the nest
and blaze their own trails. Both Oanh and Ursula have been
hard at work on their master's projects and can finally see
light at the end of the tunnel. Not only have they developed
excellent periodontal skills but their culinary skills were
unmatched and will surely be missed. Dr. Le was born and
raised in Nebraska and will join a practice here in Lincoln so
she can continue her love of all things Cornhusker. Dr. Price
plans to head south to the second greatest of these United
States. She will soon add a new little Husker to her lovely
family before joining a practice in the Dallas/Fort worth
area. They have been wonderful residents and great to work
with, I will miss them both.
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Drs. Wayne Kaldahl and Dick Bradley
The Newsletter | 10
...of the bone and tissue supporting the teeth
Byarlay: Continued from page 10
We will now be looking forward to the addition of two
new residents beginning this July: Aaron Bradley and
Chad Riggs.
Aaron is a graduate of our very own University of
Nebraska College of Dentistry. He was recently married
in California to Mikala and is now busy finishing up so
he can walk right back through the doors and give us
another three wonderful years.
Chad is a graduate of the University of Texas Health
Science Center at San Antonio, College of Dentistry.
He is married to wife Lyndsay and has a little girl, Kate.
These two are both outstanding individuals and we
can't wait for them to join us here.
Most Recent Board Certified Alumni
Probing the residents
Hoang-Oanh Le (third year) was born and
raised in Nebraska. She attended UNL and
graduated in 2005 with a bachelor’s
degree in biology. She received her dental
degree from the UNMC College of
Dentistry. Upon graduation, Oanh plans on
entering private practice and teaching
part-time at a dental school. In her spare time, she enjoys
cooking, shopping and spending time with her family.
Ursula Price (third year) was born and
raised in Nebraska. She attended the
University of Nebraska at Kearney for three
years before moving to Texas in 2001. She
received her bachelor's in dental hygiene
from Baylor College of Dentistry in 2004
and her dental degree in 2009. Ursula and
her husband have a son, Nolan, who is two years old,
and she is expecting her second child. In her spare time
she likes to read, bake, and spend time with her family.
Robert Cline (second year) was born and
raised in Arkansas. He attended the
University of Dallas and received a BA in
History. He worked as a chemist/manager
for six years at the Valspar Corporation in
Dallas, Texas. Rob graduated from Baylor
College of Dentistry with a DDS in 2010.
He and his wife, Kelly, have three boys – Dalton 14
Jarrett 11, and Carter 8. They currently live in Wahoo.
Mark Terry (second year) was born in
Minnesota and raised in Utah and Arizona. He
received his B.S. degree in accounting from
Brigham Young University in 2005. He received
his dental degree from the UCLA School of
Dentistry in 2010. In his free time he enjoys
reading, sports, and spending time with his
wife Jennifer and their three children Davis, Kate, and Colin.
After graduation he plans on entering private practice and
exploring teaching opportunities.
Joshua Nehring (first year) is a native of
Utah. He graduated from Brigham Young
University with a B.S. in Marriage and Family.
He attended Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry and received a D.D.S.
in 2011. He and his wife and children enjoy all
of the running and biking pathways in Lincoln.
The Nehring family would like to find an area that needs a
periodontist and put some roots down.
Jared Roberts (first year) received his B.S.
degree from Brigham Young University Provo,
Utah, in 2005. He attended the University of
Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
and received his D.D.S. in 2011. Jared is
married to Mikail and they have two children:
William and Wesley.
11 | Spring 2012
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