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impressions fall2013 1up
Cornhusker Impressions
for alumni and friends of the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry
Dental student Paul Johnson with his Genesis headlight system.
From ‘sticker-shocked student to proud inventor’
Paul Johnson’s ‘little light project’
finds way into COD clinics
see page 4
Fall 2013
Hammers and Cranes
This has been another summer of hammers and cranes. Those of you returning
to Lincoln this fall will find that the east side of Memorial Stadium has been
transformed, with the addition of the third-tier seating and a new entrance. The
increased crowd noise (now 92,000 fans) and “wow” factor will change the gameday experience.
The Pinnacle Bank Arena, West Haymarket district, and Canopy Street
developments are also impressive new construction projects. The arena,
Memorial Stadium, and Haymarket Park baseball and softball complex create
a unique sports and entertainment core that is reshaping downtown Lincoln.
Tickets for the entire Husker men’s basketball season (to be played in the new
arena) sold out more than six months before the season. Even the previous
basketball venue, the Bob Devaney Sports Center, is undergoing a dramatic
renovation to become the new home of Husker volleyball.
Less dramatic, but very important to our college, is the “final” major renovation
during my tenure as dean. While our project involved hammers, not construction
cranes, it will have a positive impact on our faculty and students. The renovation
of our full-time faculty offices in the Department of Adult Restorative Dentistry is
described elsewhere in this issue.
Cornhusker Impressions
Fall 2013 | Volume 25, Issue 3
Impressions is published three times
a year for alumni and friends of
the UNMC College of Dentistry.
Comments and suggestions are
Dr. John Reinhardt
Editorial Assistants:
Cathy Rutt
Deb Rodaway
Director of Alumni Affairs:
Dr. Jim Jenkins
Jana Miller
For additional printed copies, contact
Dr. Jim Jenkins
[email protected]
UNMC College of Dentistry
40th and Holdrege Streets
Lincoln, NE 68583-0740
From the time I interviewed as an applicant for the dean’s position in 1999, I
have been concerned about the full-time faculty who had to share office space.
That situation compromised both privacy and work productivity. Dividing the
space into private offices not only corrects those problems, it should also help
recruitment and retention of faculty. We received partial support from Chancellor
Harold Maurer and UNMC to make this project possible, but we could not
have completed this renovation without private financial support from alumni
and friends. Thank you for helping us complete what will be (I hope!) my final
renovation project as dean.
Speaking of final projects, I want you to know that Chancellor Maurer has named
a Faculty Advisory Search Committee and selected an executive recruitment firm
(Korn/Ferry International) to assist that committee in seeking candidates for the
position of dean of our COD after I step aside from that position on June 30,
2014. I’m confident the college will attract a very strong leader to take us to
ever-higher levels of excellence.
This issue of Cornhusker Impressions once again highlights not only proud
accomplishments of the college, but also the donors who have made many
of those accomplishments possible. The annual honor roll of contributors is
published to recognize and thank all those whose generosity is making our
college ever better. Our loyal contributors are true partners in our present and
future successes. On behalf of all our faculty, students, and staff, I thank you for
your generosity!
For address changes, contact:
Deb Rodaway, 402-472-5135,
[email protected]
John W. Reinhardt, DDS, MS, MPH
Professor and Dean
Cornhusker Impressions | 2
2013-2014 Calendar
October 3
November 7
UNMC College of Dentistry
6 p.m.
OKU Annual Meeting
UNMC College of Dentistry
12 noon
October 4
November 15
January 24
Dean’s Club Dinner
Nebraska Champions Club
707 Stadium Drive
2013 Dental Reunion
Continuing Education
“The Synergy of Esthetics and Function”
Dr. Michael Sesemann, Nebraska
Institute of Comprehensive Dentistry
8:30-11:45 a.m.
Embassy Suites
October 4-5
2013 Dental Reunion
Embassy Suites
October 18
Richard A. Reinhardt Lecture
Dixon Lecture Hall
12 noon
October 23-27
American Academy of Gold Foil
Operators Annual Meeting
Embassy Suites
UNMC College of Dentistry
November 1
Practice Opportunities Fair
8 a.m.-2 p.m.
College of Dentistry
January 21
Continuing Education
“Medical Emergencies in the Dental
Office: Hands on with Sim Man”
UNMC College of Dentistry
1:15-4:30 p.m.
Rocky Mountain Dental Convention
Denver, Colo.
Alumni Reception
5:30-7 p.m.
December 5
Dental Day XXV
Interprofessional Education Day
UNMC College of Dentistry
Clinic Transition Ceremony
UNMC College of Dentistry
Dixon Lecture Hall
4 p.m.
December TBA
“Radiology for Dental Auxiliary”
UNMC College of Dentistry, Lincoln
West Nebraska Dental Hygiene
Program, Gering
8 a.m.-5 p.m.
January 10
Weeth Lecture 2013
“Bleaching Techniques”
Dr. Van Haywood
Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center
8:15 a.m.-4 p.m.
February 7
February 14
What’s New in Dentistry 2014
“Topics in Pain Management”
East Campus Union
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
March 27-29
Nebraska Dental Association Annual
Hilton Hotel, Omaha
April 4
Professionals’ Day
Wentz Student Scientific Program
Richard E. Bradley Memorial Lecture
East Campus Union
9 a.m.-5 p.m.
November 1
American Dental Association
Annual Session
UNMC College of Dentistry
Alumni Reception
Hilton New Orleans Riverside
New Orleans, La.
5:30–7 p.m.
College of Dentistry Continuing Education
Constance Whitson, Program Coordinator
402-472-2611, [email protected]
Dr. Mary Lynn Froeschle, Director, 402-472-7993
Call 402-472-2175 or toll free 866-700-4747 or register online
at: http://www.unmc.edu/dentistry/continuing_education.htm
Fall 2013
From ‘sticker-shocked student to proud inventor’
Paul Johnson’s ‘little light project’ finds way into COD clinics
When Paul Johnson walks through the clinic where his fellow
dental students are working, he can’t help but notice the shine
from his Genesis dental headlights.
“It’s pretty humbling to see my headlights scattered about the
clinic,” said Johnson, a fourth-year dental student. “It’s very
flattering to see that students trust me, that they know that I
will give them a good light, and that I will fix it if it breaks.”
Johnson designed and built the Genesis LED headlight system
two years ago after discovering the high price of dental
headlights on the commercial market. He sells his headlights
at a discounted price for students through his website, www.
Johnson estimates that 20 percent to 25 percent of his UNMC
dental student classmates have purchased his headlights. He
says his satisfaction comes not from the number of headlights
sold, but rather from the sense that he is creating something
his colleagues consider useful, now and in their future dental
“Within one year, I have gone from sticker-shocked student
to proud inventor of a product designed for quality and
affordability,” Johnson wrote in the draft of an article
published about his project in the April 2012 issue of
American Student Dental Association News.
In a recent interview, Johnson said, “At first, I just wanted to
see if I could put the light together and see if it worked, but
my classmates encouraged me to keep on going with it to put
together a commercial product that they could use.”
Feedback and moral support from fellow dental students, as
well as faculty and family, including his wife, Molly, kept him
going as he developed and refined the LED headlight, custom
mounting bracket, and special filter that are part of the
Genesis system, he said.
His father, Dr. Geoffrey Johnson of Brookings, S.D., Class of
1978, assisted with the final design; helped incorporate the
company, Johnson Dental Laboratory, Inc.; and provided
business advice.
In his first year of dental school, Johnson said he was
shocked when he set out to purchase a dental headlight and
discovered the price ranged from $500 to $1,200 with student
prices starting at $400.
Convinced he could build his own headlight for far less,
he visited a Radio Shack store to search for the necessary
electronics and a hardware store to purchase brass tubing. He
figured out the battery system and the lighting system in one
Dental student Paul Johnson’s
Genesis headlight system.
night, but it took him hours of research on optics, electronics,
engineering, CAD (computer-aided design), and 3D printing to
create a reliable and economical product.
“I had the confidence that I could build something myself
that would work just as well” as the high-priced commercial
dental headlights, but “my research took in a lot of different
disciplines to bring everything together,” he said.
Some of the challenges, he said, were dealing with delays
in parts arriving from China, discovering how to make the
headlight compatible with the wide variety of loupes, and
creating his own custom bracket using CAD technology. He
currently is working with a professor in optical engineering
in Arizona and an electrical engineer in New York to develop
more advanced products.
Coming from a long line of dentists, Johnson said his
headlight project has shown him that he is a good fit for
the life-long learning, methodical approach, and patience
dentistry demands. He would like to study periodontics after
graduation, and he sees himself continuing with this “knack
for exploring new technology and figuring out ways to make it
happen” throughout his dental career.
Other dentists in the family, in addition to his father, are his
sister, Dr. Anne Johnson Harris, ’06, and her husband, Dr.
Christopher Harris, ’03. Both practice in Brookings with the
senior Johnson. Paul and Anne’s grandfather, the late Dr. Max
Johnson, also was a dentist in South Dakota.
“I plan to practice dentistry and just seeing where this little
light project takes me,” said Johnson.
Cornhusker Impressions | 4
Coming home to UNMC
College of Dentistry
The UNMC College of Dentistry 2013 Alumni Homecoming Reunion
will be Oct. 4-5 with events at the Embassy Suites and at the College of
Dentistry. The Dental Museum will be open the week of Homecoming.
Presenting this year’s continuing education program on Oct. 4 is Dr.
Michael Sesemann, a 1981 College of Dentistry graduate. He will
explore functional esthetic techniques to define proven systems for
predictable success when designing and competing comprehensive
restorative dental cases. He believes the dentist, laboratory technician,
and patient must work in a “concerted, tri-partisan effort” in these
Sesemann is a general, cosmetic, comprehensive and restorative dentist
who is in private practice. He was president of the American Academy
of Cosmetic Dentistry in 2009-10 and was inducted into the American
Academy of Restorative Dentistry. He is on the editorial boards of
various industry publications and lectures nationally and internationally.
The schedule for the weekend includes the following:
Friday, Oct. 4
Continuing Education – 8:30 -11:45 a.m.
Dr. Michael Sesemann, “The Synergy of Aesthetics and Function”
Embassy Suites
Dr. Michael Sesemann
Luncheon -- 12 noon
Speaker, Shawn Eichorst, University of Nebraska Athletic Director
Embassy Suites
2 - 4 p.m. – Student-guided tours
UNMC College of Dentistry
5 p.m. – Cocktail Hour, Banquet, Awards and Recognition
Embassy Suites
Saturday, Oct. 5
8 -10 a.m. – Pregame festivities and tours of the college
UNMC College of Dentistry
11 a.m. – Football game: Nebraska vs. Illinois
Dental Museum Hours
Sept. 30, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Oct. 1, 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Oct. 2, 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Oct. 3, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Oct. 4, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Oct. 5, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Fall 2013
Celebrating friendships, honoring dental leaders
The 2013 Homecoming Reunion sponsored by the UNMC College of Dentistry Alumni Association is an opportunity to
celebrate long-standing friendships as well as to honor alumni, faculty, and friends who have provided distinguished service
to the college and the dental profession. The 2013 honorees being recognized at the awards dinner Oct. 4 at the Embassy
Suites are as follows:
Distinguished Service Award
Dr. Paul Swanson, DDS, 1958
Alumni Achievement Award
Dr. David Neumeister, DDS, 1969
Dr. Paul Swanson was born and reared on a farm near Wausa,
Neb., where he attended a one-room country school. He received
a BA from Wayne State Teacher’s College. Following graduation
from dental school, he was assigned to the Norton Air Force
Base in San Bernardino, Calif. He began his own private dental
practice in 1961 in Redlands, Calif., where he practiced for 33
years until retirement.
Dr. David Neumeister was born in Lincoln and graduated
from the University of Vermont. After graduating from
the UNMC College of Dentistry in 1969, he established
a practice in Brattleboro, Vt. Despite the distance, he
has taught sessions in the College of Dentistry’s practice
management courses for 20 years, donating his time and
expenses. He has written a chapter in the textbook, Dental
Practice Transition: A Practical Guide to Management, and
has written articles for the Journal of the American College
of Dentists. He has lectured across the United States.
He was chair of the Peer Review Committee for Redlands-Yucaipa
area and was a volunteer dentist for the Assistance League of
Redlands. A past president of Californians for Nebraska, he was
a member of the UNL Alumni Board and regional director of the
Far Western States. He received the Distinguished Service Award
from the UNL Alumni Association in 2001.
Dr. Swanson and his wife, Marcia, are members of the
President’s Club, the Chancellor’s Club, and the Dean’s Club.
They have established an endowed scholarship for pre-dental
students at Wayne State College and an endowed scholarship
for dental students at UNMC. Their two children have University
of Nebraska degrees, and their grandson, Seth, is a third-year
dental student at the College of Dentistry. Their son, Dr. Randel
Swanson, is a 1990 College of Dentistry graduate.
In Brattleboro, Dr. Neumeister founded and developed
the business plan for a for-profit, Medicaid driven, access
dental office, the Estey Dental Center. He is a former
vice president of the American Dental Association and
was chair of the ADA Strategic Planning Committee and
Council on Dental Practice.
Outside of dentistry, Neumeister has guided the strategic
planning for the United Way of Windham County, schools,
a hospital, and a nursing home. He also coached the
Brattleboro Union High School to four state high school
skiing championships.
Cornhusker Impressions | 6
Honorary Life Membership Award
Dr. John W. Reinhardt, DDS
Dean of the College of Dentistry
Dr. John Reinhardt was born and reared in
Nashville, Ill. He received his BS from Illinois
Wesleyan University and his DDS from Loyola
University School of Dentistry in Chicago. He also
received a MS in Operative Dentistry from the
University of Iowa, where he served on the faculty
for 23 years, and an MPH degree from Harvard
University while there on a Robert Wood Johnson
He received a Certificate of Proficiency from
the American Board of Operative Dentistry and
the Award of Excellence from the Academy of
Operative Dentistry. He has served as president of
the Supreme Chapter of Omicron Kappa Upsilon
and also as president of the Academy of Operative
Dentistry. Since 2000, he has been dean of the
UNMC College of Dentistry
Outstanding Teaching Award
Dr. Eric Fung, PhD
Dr. Eric Fung, a professor in the UNMC College of Dentistry’s
Oral Biology Department, received his BS degree in
chemistry from the University of Wisconsin and his PhD in
pharmacology from The Ohio State University. He has worked
at the college since 1984 where he teaches pharmacology to
graduate students, dental students and hygiene students.
He has received six teaching recognitions, including the
UNMC Outstanding Teaching Award in 1992, and he is a
speaker in the ADA’s Center for Continuing Education and
Lifelong Learning seminar series.
Dr. Fung’s research activities include the role of mercury in
neurodegenerative disorders, the effects of nicotine on central
neuronal systems, the effects of nicotine on bone remodeling,
and the pharmacokinetics of bisphenol A release from dental
sealants. His research has been highlighted in the American
Dental Association News and The New York Times. He has
published 73 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and has
participated in research funding projects exceeding $2 million.
Fall 2013
Henry St. Germain, a servant leader, steps
down as chair to teach, write, conduct research
After 16 years, Dr. Henry St. Germain Jr. has stepped
aside as chair of the Department of Adult Restorative
Dentistry at the UNMC College of Dentistry to devote
more time to teaching, scholarly writing, and research.
The New Hampshire native and retired U.S. Navy
captain says his tenure as chair may be a record for
the department. For sure, he says, it is far longer than
the 10 years he anticipated. “Before I knew it, 10 years
had gone by, and lots of things were going on, and I
was enjoying being the servant leader,” St. Germain
He said he developed his leadership style around the
idea of the servant leader who is called upon often to
make quick decisions, based on the input and talents
of others. He sees himself as a leader who facilitates
decision making and who provides time and resources
for faculty and staff to be successful.
“I didn’t want to dictate. I am not that kind of person,”
he said. “I wanted to let them do what they do best, to
create an environment where faculty members and staff
could apply their skills and flourish.”
At the same time, St. Germain kept busy with scheduling
faculty and lecture halls, overseeing student clinics and
preclinics, his own teaching and mentoring of student
researchers, and caring for patients in his faculty
practice. As department chair, he responded to patient
care matters daily and often found himself calming a
frustrated student or mediating differences of opinions
about treatment options.
Dr. Henry St. Germain
At the top of his mind always “was doing the best we
can for students,” he said, adding that, as chair, he
appreciated the counsel and mentorship of Dean John
ways, rarely saying no to any opportunity through which
he felt he could make a difference in service to the
college and profession. As a result, he had a great run
as a department chair and faculty member, but also
at the same time as a leader in local, regional, and
national dental organizations.”
Reinhardt described St. Germain as a “tireless” leader
who not only led the department, but also contributed
significantly to the college’s teaching, research, and
service missions. “Henry has been a leader in many
As for disappointments, St. Germain said those
mainly involved times he felt he wasn’t successful as a
communicator or wasn’t able to make the department
as “student friendly” as he believed it should be.
Cornhusker Impressions | 8
As for highlights, the list is far longer. He cited the following
•Hired new faculty and established a department
structure. Half of the 17 full-time faculty members
and 15 part-time faculty members now teaching in
the department were hired by St. Germain. ARD is
one of the larger departments in the college.
•Encouraged faculty members to keep up with
modern dentistry and dental materials in class,
labs, and clinics and to be innovative in their
approach and technique.
•Introduced the CEREC CAD-CAM technology
allowing students to design and mill restorations at
chair side.
•Maintained a high level of care for patients and
a strong educational program for students in the
midst of major construction at the college during
2008-2011. Some adjustments that were made
included scheduling additional clinic hours to make
up for a limited number of chairs available during
regular clinic hours.
•Was named UNMC Outstanding Teacher in 2003
and received the Ferguson Faculty Fellowship in
2005. He completed a term as president of the
Nebraska Dental Association in 2013.
One of the greatest highlights, he said, was watching his
son Tom, the second oldest of his four children, go through
four years of dental school and graduate with a DDS
degree in 2010. Being the parent of a dental student gave
him greater compassion and understanding for all students,
he said. Being a parent also helped him realize that dental
students, while smart and motivated, are still students who
need guidance.
Dr. Julie Marshall
named interim
ARD chair
Dr. Julie Marshall, associate professor, was
named interim chair of the Department of
Adult Restorative Dentistry effective July 1.
She succeeds Dr. Henry St. Germain who has
retired as chair, but will continue to teach and
conduct research.
“I am very pleased Dr. Marshall has taken on
this responsibility,” St. Germain said. “She is
reasonable, knowledgeable, experienced, a
people person, energetic, positive, everything I
would look for in a successor.”
“Dr. St. Germain has given many years of
service to this department. I am so glad he will
still be here,” Marshall said.
Marshall received her bachelor’s degree
in dental hygiene from the UNMC College
of Dentistry and her DDS degree from the
University of Texas Health Science Center in
Houston. She also received a master’s degree
and certificate of specialty in prosthodontics
from UNMC. She has been on the
prosthodontics clinical and preclinical faculty
and has been course director for Preclinical
Fixed Prosthodontics I, Fixed Prosthodontics II,
and Advanced Topic in Prosthodontics.
St. Germain said support from his family, particularly “the
consistent support and love of my wife, Ellen,” saw him
through the challenges and enabled him to enjoy the
successes of his tenure as chair.
Now that he will be devoting more time to teaching and
writing, he also plans to focus on his own research. He is
interested in multiple research topics, including porcelain
veneer restorations, the best instruments for finishing
and polishing tooth-colored materials used in restorations,
and the best practices to use in repairing porcelain
veneer restorations. He also is interested in investigating
new computer software that analyzes student work in
preclinical labs.
Fall 2013
Faculty, staff assist in design
Endodontic instruments ready
at the touch of a foot pedal
Five new ASI endodontic carts arrived
in the post-graduate endodontic clinic
at the UNMC College of Dentistry
in June, much to the pleasure of
students and faculty alike.
“We are happy and feel fortunate
that we can offer our residents
the use of these carts,” said Fahd
Alsalleeh, PhD, assistant professor
and director of the post-graduate
endodontics program.
Fahd Alsalleeh, PhD, with resident
Dr. Nicole Chung and one of the
new ASI endodontic carts.
His colleague, Dr. G. Lane
Stephenson, assistant professor, said
the new carts work so well that he
might consider taking his residency
The ASI carts are specialized mobile,
integrated endodontic carts that
allow instruments to be integrated
into one system to be controlled with
a single foot pedal. The new carts
replaced older models that were
bulky and hard to repair. Those carts
will be kept for parts.
Alsalleeh said endodontic faculty
members and maintenance staff
at the college worked with the
manufacturer in Englewood, Colo.,
to design the new units. The carts,
which cost about $10,000 each,
were paid for by private donations
as well as Endodontic Development
funds and a contribution by the
manufacturer, ASI.
Troy Stevens, dental maintenance
technicians. They said repairs had
been a struggle with the older carts.
Without the carts, residents have
to operate several instruments and
tools, each of which is connected
and mounted separately, Alsalleeh
said. With limited space available
in the dental office, the use of many
instruments during endodontic
therapy can be difficult. The new
carts also provide better visibility
of instrument control panels and
increased worktop and storage
Alsalleeh mentioned other features of
the new carts:
•Integration of wide variety of
instruments that operate from a
single foot pedal
•An internal air compressor and
•Three pneumatic handpiece
connections, an air/water
syringe, saliva ejector, straight
titanium high volume evacuator,
and Endodontic Air Syringe for
Stropko™ adapter
•Electric handpiece for rotary
•Ultrasonic handpiece
•Aseptic clean, closed water
•Paint and solid-surface material
that complement clinic decor
When the manufacturer built the
carts, College of Dentistry staff
asked the manufacturer to assemble
them in a way that parts could be
eaily removed for maintnenance
purposes, said Mike Rosenboom and
Cornhusker Impressions | 10
Courtesy photo by Dr. Jim Jenkins
Surrounding Emily Tschetter in the George Sullivan Training Room at Memorial Stadium are, from left,
Seth Swanson, D3; Prince Amukamara; Eric Van Boening, D3, in front; Roy Helu; and Jake Stines, D4.
Meeting NFL stars Helu and Amukamara
It should be easy from now on for Dr. Jim Jenkins to get
volunteer dental students to help prepare mouth guards
for Husker athletes.
That’s what fourth-year dental student Emily Tschetter
concluded after a chance meeting this summer with
former Husker stars Roy Helu, now a running back for
the Washington Redskins, and Prince Amukamara, a
cornerback for the New York Giants, in the George Sullivan
Training Room in Memorial Stadium.
Tschetter and three fellow dental students showed up
in the training room July 9 to help Jenkins, assistant
professor, take impressions to make dental casts for
incoming freshmen football players. By chance, the two
NFL players were there and struck up a conversation with
the dental students.
“They said they remembered having this done too,”
Tschetter said. “They were both down-to-earth and very
friendly. You could tell they had a great relationship
between the two of them and great respect for their
experience at Nebraska. They are good strong role models
for little-boy Huskers in Nebraska.”
Asked about his 2012 Super Bowl ring, Amukamara told
the dental students he didn’t have it with him, Tschetter
recalled. “You can’t wear it everywhere,” he told them.
Tschetter said the partnership between the NU Athletic
Department and the College of Dentistry is unique. “We
take the impressions and provide the casts. The Athletic
Department has tools and equipment to make the mouth
guards.” Jenkins and his student volunteers provide the
service for UNL’s football and basketball players and
For Tschetter, the encounter with two NFL players wasn’t
her first. Her second-cousin Adam Timmerman played
for the Green Bay Packers and the St. Louis Rams in the
1990s and is now retired from professional football. He
played college football at South Dakota State University in
Fall 2013
The Dental Hygiene Class of
2013 achieved a 100 percent pass
rate on the National Board Dental
Hygiene Examinations and on the
clinical regional licensure exam.
The passing licensure exam score
was 75 percent, and the Class of
2013 averaged 98.3 percent. Dean
John Reinhardt congratulated the
recent graduates and their faculty
for the outstanding results.
Thank you to the students, faculty,
staff, and alumni who volunteered
May 31-June 1 at Dental Day
XXIV in the Nebraska Panhandle.
About 250 children received dental
care in Gordon, Chadron, Alliance,
and Sidney. David Brown, PhD,
executive associate dean, and Stan
Harn, PhD, provided organizational
oversight; Tony Brown helped
transport, install, and maintain
portable dental units; and pediatric
residents under the guidance of
Dr. Nick Levering assisted. Also
involved were Rhonda Simpson
and the Instrument Management
staff who packed equipment,
instruments, and supplies. The Box
Butte General Hospital in Alliance
provided surgical space for cases
needing hospital support.
Dr. David Brown, executive
associate dean, received the
2013 Community Public Health
Award from the Lincoln-Lancaster
County Health Department.
The award honors outstanding
community service contributions to
promote public health. Brown was
recognized for his collaboration
and work with the Community
Dental Health Committee.
Dr. Gerald Tussing, M.S. ‘67, was
inducted into the Nebraska Dental
Association Hall of Fame during
the NDA’s 2013 Annual Session in
Lincoln. Tussing has been a faculty
member at the COD since 1967
and served as a department chair
for 37 years.
Dr. Peter Spalding retired in June
after nearly 30 years of service to
the UNMC College of Dentistry. A
reception was held in his honor at
the college.
Dr. Sreenivas Koka, Ph.D. ‘99
and former faculty member,
has accepted the inaugural
position of executive director
of the Foundation for Oral
Rehabilitation (FOR) in Zurich,
Switzerland. FOR (www.for.org) is
a new, independent, international
initiative that unites professionals
from various disciplines to
improve oral health care and
support humanitarian leadership.
FOR connects its participants,
allowing them to globally share
their expertise and extend their
professional profiles. Young
participants can benefit from
the personal mentorship and
support in advancing their careers
as emerging leaders in science,
education and humanity. Koka
has been a faculty member at the
Mayo Clinic Department of Dental
Specialties in Rochester, Minn., for
the past nine years and served as
chair of the department for five
Congratulations to Dr. Sheela
Premaraj for receiving a grant
award of $25,000 from Align
Technology. She has received
a total of $50,000 from Align
Technology for her research,
“Shift in Species Composition of
Supra and Subgingival Gingival
Microbiome as a Risk Factor in
Dental Caries/Periodontal Disease
– a Comparative Study with
Braces/Invisalign Treatment.”
Lisa Moravec, RDH, was installed
as the 2013 -14 president of the
Nebraska Dental Hygienists’
Association. She is an assistant
professor in the Department of
Dental Hygiene and coordinator of
the West Division Dental Hygiene
Jenna Hatfield, a fourth-year
dental student, has been chosen
as an alternate delegate to the
American Dental Association’s
2013 House of Delegates
representing the American
Student Dental Association. She
will represent and advocate for
her fellow dental students at the
American Dental Association
House of Delegates meeting in
November in New Orleans.
Liz Hungerford, a second-year
dental student, is the author of
a paper that has been accepted
for publication in the Journal of
Dentistry. She did a research
project with Dr. Mark Beatty
for her biomedical engineering
degree on pigment changes and
stabilization of prosthetic noses
and ears.
Cornhusker Impressions | 12
Faculty leading by example
In Memory
Featured here are examples of leadership and service by members of the
UNMC College of Dentistry Department of Surgical Specialties, led by
Dr. J. Bruce Bavitz.
Dr. Fred W. Hecox, 88, DDS ‘48, of
Cozad, Neb., died July 1, 2013. He
began practicing with his father, Dr.
Rexford Hecox, and formed the Cozad
Dental Clinic in 1964. He practiced for
47 years before retiring, some of that
time with his son, Dr. Michael Hecox. He
was inducted into the Cozad Community
Hospital Health Care Hall of Fame
and the Nebraska Dental Association
Hall of Fame. He received the Alumni
Achievement Award from the College of
Dentistry Alumni Association in 1995.
This feature highlighting significant faculty accomplishments in individual
departments was introduced in the Winter 2013 issue of Cornhusker
Impressions and will continue until all departments have been presented.
Faculty members at the College of Dentistry provide excellent examples
of service and outreach for their students by being involved in dental and
community organizations while maintaining full schedules of teaching,
consulting, studying, research, and patient care.
The Department of Surgical Specialties is comprised of three sections:
Endodontics, Periodontics, and Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery. In addition to
training and educating dental students and residents in those disciplines,
the faculty is actively engaged in consulting, research and continuing
education. Here are examples of leadership shown by the Surgical
Specialties faculty including recent regional and national presentations,
appointments, and awards.
Dr. Fahd Alsalleeh, member of the American Association of
Endodontists Foundation, Research and Scientific Affairs Committee.
Dr. J. Bruce Bavitz, coordinating editor of Practical Reviews in Oral
& Maxillofacial Surgery; member of Case Construction Committee,
National Board of Dental Examiners; and recently presented “Anxiety
and Pain Control” to the Wyoming Dental Meeting in Sheridan and
“Contemporary Oral Surgery for the General Dentist” to the Alaska
Dental Society in Sitka.
Dr. Matthew Byarlay, consultant for the Commission on Dental
Accreditation and reviewer for the Journal of Periodontology.
Dr. Jeffrey B. Payne, reviewer for the Journal of Periodontal
Research, the American Journal of Veterinary Research, the Journal
of Periodontology and the Journal of Dental Research; presented
“Association between Longitudinal Changes in Clinical and Radiographic
Periodontitis Measures” at the AADR annual meeting in Tampa, Fla.;
co-investigator on an American College of Rheumatology grant and
principal investigator on a National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial
Research grant subcontract.
Dr. Richard Reinhardt, examiner for the Central Regional Dental
Testing Service.
Dr. Lane Stephenson, new course director for Endo 605, a junior
undergraduate course, and course director for Advanced Pre-Clinical
Endodontics/Orientation Course for post-graduate endodontics.
Dr. Paul J. Henningson, 56, DDS ’96,
of Baxter, Minn., died April 5, 2013. He
graduated with a bachelor’s degree
in biology and a master’s degree in
plant pathology from North Dakota
State University where he worked as a
microbiologist before attending dental
school. After graduating, he relocated
to the Brainerd Lakes area of Minnesota
where he practiced dentistry.
Dr. Gordon G. Pejsar, 85, DDS ‘55, of
Lincoln, died July 8, 2013. He practiced
dentistry in Lincoln for 50 years, the last
20 years with his son, Dr. Steven Pejsar.
He retired in 2005. He was president of
the Lincoln District Dental Association
and the Nebraska Dental Association
and first vice president of the American
Dental Association. He was elected to
the Nebraska Dental Association Hall
of Fame and was a founding member of
the Capital Study Club. He was dental
consultant and vice president of Ameritas
and was a member of the CRDTS.
Dr. Kelly Ann Soder-Blackman, 44,
DDS ‘06, died June 4, 2013, in Colorado.
She was born at Sewart Air Force Base
in Smyrna, Tenn. She practiced general
dentistry in Longmont, Colo., where she
was a partner in the Longmont Comfort
Dental Office until she retired in 2011.
She was active at Niwot Elementary
School and with the Girl Scouts of
Fall 2013
Brace yourself for great news:
Grateful orthodontic alumnus gives
back to honor Dr. Sam Weinstein
By Susan Norby
Excerpted from Tightly Wired, the newsletter of the UNMC
College of Dentistry Orthodontic Department
A number of years ago, I met Dr. Clark L. Jones
while visiting alumni in Arizona with Dean John
Reinhardt. He invited us to see his Phoenix
orthodontic practice, and I vividly remember
his enthusiasm for the profession and dedication to optimizing ways to serve his patients.
He spoke candidly about his appreciation for
the education he received at the University of
Nebraska, especially about the positive impact
faculty had on his education. Although he received outstanding clinical instruction, he said
his faculty instructors and mentors also taught
him to think analytically and creatively in a
constant effort to improve oral health care. He
earned his D.D.S. at the College of Dentistry
in 1970 and a M.S. in orthodontics in 1972.
Dr. Jones has a long and generous history
of giving back to support the college that
helped launch his career; his first gift to the
Dr. Sam Weinstein, Boys Town Clinic,
Omaha, Neb., c. mid-1950s
Dr. Clark L. Jones, Post-graduate
Orthodontic Residency Program,
UNMC College of Dentistry,
Lincoln, Neb., c. 1972.
University of Nebraska Foundation was
received in 1975. Steady gifts from him
and his wife, Pat, have supported both the
D.D.S. program and the post-graduate
orthodontic program. Then, this spring
they made a gift of more than $50,000 to
the Dr. Sam & Helen Weinstein Memorial
Fund as a tribute to the orthodontic faculty
member who Dr. Jones said profoundly affected the trajectory of his entire career.
Upon making this significant gift, Dr. Jones
asked me to relay a message to Sam
and Helen’s two children, Drs. David and
Laurie Weinstein: “Please tell Sam and
Helen’s children that I owe almost everything I have in life to Dr. Sam Weinstein.
... I just wish I could give more.”
Cornhusker Impressions | 14
“Dr. Weinstein and the University
of Nebraska was the opening of the
door to my whole career. Without Dr.
Weinstein I would never have had the
career that I have had. He was the
one that believed in me enough to
give me the opportunity to become
an orthodontist,” Dr. Jones said.
Dr. Jones added these thoughts about
great teaching: “I have come to admire
many people, including Dr. Weinstein,
who are great orthodontists and also
great teachers. During an entire career
an orthodontist can treat possibly 10,000
patients and improve their lives a great
deal, but in a career of teaching, being
a great teacher and teaching other
orthodontists how to do better treatment
and make better decisions and get better
results for their patients has a multiplier
effect that can be absolutely huge. The
number of lives that can be influenced by
a great teacher is orders of a magnitude
greater than the number of lives that
can be influenced by a single practitioner alone. We should always honor and
appreciate the value of great teachers.”
Dr. Sam Weinstein
The Dr. Sam & Helen Weinstein
Memorial Fund is a permanent endowment at the University of Nebraska
Foundation, established to grow over
time through additional contributions
and investment, with the net annual
income used exclusively for the postgraduate orthodontics program at
the UNMC College of Dentistry.
Dr. and Mrs. Sam
and Helen Weinstein
at UNMC College of
Dentistry function, 2004.
For information about contributing
to the Weinstein Memorial Fund,
or about supporting any other fund
that benefits the UNMC College of
Dentistry, please contact Susan Norby,
senior director of development, at the
University of Nebraska Foundation at
402-458-1183 or 800-432-3216 or by
email at [email protected]
Dr. and Mrs. Sam and Helen Weinstein,
breaking ground on their retirement
home in Goodyear, Ariz., c. 1999-2000.
Fall 2013
Private offices created for ARD faculty
Dr. Larry Haisch moved into his new office off the west
hallway of the south wing in August, his fifth move in his
34 years at the UNMC College of Dentistry. It will be his
first move into an office intended just for him; for most of
those years, he has shared an office with a colleague.
Haisch and his full-time colleagues in the college’s
Department of Adult Restorative Dentistry settled into
new quarters late this summer after a renovation project,
which began in April, created 11 private offices out of
seven previously shared offices. The $236,600 project was
supported by private funds and UNMC.
Dr. Julie Marshall, interim ARD chair, said the new
arrangement gives faculty members more “quiet time for
professional development and writing.” Scholarly writing
and study require concentration without distractions, she
Haisch, associate professor and the college’s construction
coordinator, said the single offices also give faculty
members greater privacy when meeting with students or
colleagues or talking on the phone.
The ARD office remodeling was the eighth construction
project Haisch has overseen at the college, including the
major $8.9 million construction and renovation project
authorized by the Legislature in LB605 and completed in
2010. His role, he said, has given him a broad picture of
all the varied aspects of construction and the impact on
faculty, staff, students, and patients.
“He’s done a great job,” said Marshall. “I want to take
him to my home and redecorate.”
Haisch credited Brooke Hay, UNL Facilities project
manager, for her role in the ARD office remodeling project
and other construction projects at the college. “The
college is fortunate to have her as project manager. She
is very familiar with the physical layout and knows many
of the faculty and staff and their needs and concerns,” he
Dr. Larry Haisch in his private office with
newly installed modular furniture.
new walls, as well as installing new carpeting and lighting
in the rooms. The offices were freshly painted, and new
modular furniture was installed in most rooms.
Dr. David Covey, however, kept his original steel desk,
shelving, and filing cabinets, which date to the 1960s
when the East Campus College of Dentistry building was
constructed. Covey chose the old furnishings, not for style,
he said, but for practicality. He knew exactly where to find
his files, and he said he “didn’t see any need to change”
his system. A few other faculty members also kept the
familiar furnishings they had used in their shared offices.
Changes in office arrangements were necessary, Haisch
said, because of growth in the Adult Restorative Dentistry
Department. Faculty members in most other departments
already have private offices. One shared office remains
and will be used for part-time ARD faculty.
Some approached the move with mixed feelings. “I have
always gotten along well with the people I have shared
offices with, and I will miss the camaraderie,” said Dr. Paul
Hansen before the move. “I was incredibly fortunate to
have shared an office with Dr. (Richard) Bradley for six to
nine months, just listening to him and talking to him.”
Faculty members were very accommodating during
the construction, working out of temporary quarters in
offices and classrooms on the lower level, Haisch said.
The project involved removing existing walls and building
In the small office Bradley and Hansen shared at the
college, the former dean told stories of the school and
former faculty members. “That time with him was
priceless,” Hansen said.
Cornhusker Impressions | 16
College of Dentistry Honor Roll
Thank you to all our alumni and friends who
generously support the UNMC College of
Dentistry. Private gifts allow our dental college
to build upon its tradition of excellence and
provide the very best in oral health clinical
education, research, and patient care.
The College of Dentistry is pleased to offer this
Honor Roll in grateful recognition of its loyal
alumni, faculty, and friends who have generously
supported the college through gifts, pledges,
and bequests to the University of Nebraska
The lists below were provided by the University
of Nebraska Foundation. Every effort has been
made to insure that the names and categories
are correct. Please direct your questions and/
or changes to the University Foundation Office,
800-432-3216. Thank you.
Dental College Dean’s Club
Membership in the Dental Dean’s Club is conferred to donors whose cumulative giving to any
dental college fund(s) exceeds $10,000 (if pledged, the qualifying amount of $10,000 can be
paid over a period of up to 10 years). New members are indicated with an asterisk:
Mrs. Elaine Aarstad
Dr. & Mrs. John E. Adcock
Dr. & Mrs. John P. Ahlschwede
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Aitken
Dr. Joan E. Albrecht
Dr. Steven R. & JoAnn Alexander
Dr. Richard & Tammra Allen
Dr. Catherine S. Alley & Todd Alley
Dr. Gary W. & Mary Alice Amerman
Dr. John D. & Kathy L. Andersen
Dr. Kathleen I. & Dr. Charles T. Anderson
Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Anderson
Steven F. Anderson, D.D.S.
Dr. Travis J. & Mrs. Amber J. Antholz
Dr. & Mrs. Donald C. Asbjörnson
Dr. Jon C. Asbjörnson
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Attanasio
Dr. & Mrs. Walter & Mona Babcock
Dr. & Mrs. William F.V. Baeder, III
Dr. & Mrs. Dana L. Bailey
Mrs. Susan R. Bailey
Dr. Douglas J. Baker
Dr. & Mrs. Kevin L. Baker
Dr. & Mrs. Roger D. Baker
R. Kent Banta, D.D.S.
Dr. Wayne & Carolyn Barkmeier
Dr. William Barnard & Kelley Monahan
Dr. Ed Barrett
Dr. Tom L. & Sandra J. Barth
Mrs. Ken Batenhorst
Harley W. Batie, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Charles D. Bauer
Dr. & Mrs. Jon Baumann
Dr. J. Bruce Bavitz
Dr. Marcia K. Beck
Ronald D. Beck, D.D.S.
Jackie & Leonard Beebe
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Beeson
Dr. & Mrs. George F. Beilby
Dr. Doug & Cindy Bennion
Dr. & Mrs. John W. Bennion
Dr. & Mrs. Albert Bird
Dr. David & Jill Blaha
Dr. & Mrs. Charles J. Boettcher
Dr. Patricia Boice & Mr. Lawrence Goldberg
Dr. & Mrs. Richard K. Bokemper
Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Bonahoom
Dr. Bryce W. & Carol A. Bonness
Joseph M. Bordeaux, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy D. Borg
Dr. & Mrs. Nektarios A. Bouzis
Dr. & Mrs. David W. Boyd
Dr. & Mrs. Charles D. Broadbent
Jerry R. Brockman, D.D.S.
& Therese A. Sullivan, R.D.H., M.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan D. Brott
Dr. David G. Brown & Ms. Susan Whitmire
Helen H. Bruce
Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Bryson
Dr. & Mrs. Donald M. Bucy
Dr. Steven A. Buechler
Jeffrey A. Bunkers, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur A.L. Burbridge
* Drs. Mark E. & Kimberly A. Bush
Dr. & Mrs. Richard E. Bush
Dr. Jim & Debby Butz
Dino A. Cacchiotti, D.D.S.
* Christine S. Campbell, D.D.S.
Anne Cech
Kin H. Ching, D.D.S.
Charles J. Choi, D.D.S.
Dr. Gary D. Christensen
Drs. Susan M. & Michael J. Christensen
Craig A. Christiansen, D.D.S.
Mrs. Ted Chuman
Dr. Terry & Barbara Cisler
Dennis & Rhoda Claridge
Joni & Ed Clark, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence S. Clarke
Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Coke
Clara E. Tao, D.D.S. & Douglas J. Colvin, D.D.S.
Dr. and Mrs. Steven L. Combs
Drs. Toby L. & Katie R. Comer
Cones State Bank
Gail B. & Dan W. Cook, III
Sandra L. Cook, D.D.S.
Drs. Bret & Veronica Cooper
William C. Corcoran, D.D.S.
Coulter Family Trust
Dr. & Mrs. Jerry R. Cox
Lynn A. Cramer, D.D.S.
Dr. Ross & Lisa Crist
Dr. Robert J. & Beverly D. Crownover
Dr. & Mrs. Roger K. Curry
Dr. & Mrs. Lee A. Dahl
Dr. Michael E. Dalton
Dr. Bradly R. Dana
Dr. Michael R. & Jo Conda D. Dana
Dr. & Mrs. Neal P. Davis
Dr. & Mrs. Russell L. Davis
Dr. William K. & Marjorie A. Davis
Dr. & Mrs. Todd E. DeBates
Delta Dental of Nebraska
Mrs. Harold L. Demaree
Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Derr
Warren L. Diefendorf, D.D.S.
Mrs. Rosemary Dixon
Dr. David E. & Anne Dodrill
Dr. Otto W. Dohm
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Donlan
Dr. Sarah C. Donner & Mr. Timothy J. Donner
Dr. & Mrs. Kevin B. Dorsey, D.D.S.
Dr. J. Richard Dosek
Dr. Michael Doty & Family
Drs. Patti & Alan Dowling
*Dr. & Mrs. Michael Dragoo
Linda M. DuBois, D.D.S., Ph.D.
Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Duda
Dr. & Mrs. Bernard P. Dudzinski
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Durham
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Dymerski
Dr. Thomas & Dr. Patricia Eastman
Dr. & Mrs. Donald G. Echols
Terry A. Eckles, D.D.S., M.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Burdett R. Edgren
Dr. Mark Edwards &
Gretchen Bartlett-Edwards RDH
Dr. & Mrs. Orin & Linda Ellwein
Dr. & Mrs. John D. Engel
Dr. & Mrs. Bryan K. Ericson
Dr. & Mrs. Phil R. Etzelmiller
Dr. & Mrs. Frank J. Evans
Dr. & Mrs. M. Thomas Evans
Dr. & Mrs. Philip J. Eyen
Dr. Tom & Cathy Fagot
Dr. Shelley Ridenour & Mr. Chester Ridenour
Dr. Lonnie Flagtwet & Lana Lobsiger Flagtwet
Dr. Donald & Judith Fricke
Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Furmanski
Dr. & Mrs. Steven J. Gallagher
Dr. Wayne & Celia Ganow
Dr. & Mrs. M. James Ganser
Gretchen J. Garcia
Dr. Reg L. & Linda L. Gartner
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Gemar
Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Genrich
Dr. & Mrs. Mark D. George
Dr. & Mrs. John P. Gibbs
Dr. & Mrs. William W. Gist, IV
Dr. Robert W. & Mary Glenn
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Goebel
Lori, Mallory & Madeline Eversoll
Mr. & Mrs. Dan & Linda Greer
Dr. & Mrs. William T. & Kathryn G. Greer
Dr. & Mrs. James E. Haack
Dr. & Mrs. Gary E. Hagen
Kenneth J. Hagen, Jr., D.D.S.
Dr. Larry & Cathi Haisch
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Hajek
Dr. & Mrs. Wayne L. Hansen
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce L. Hanson
Dr. Phillip J. Haram
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Harman
Dr. & Mrs. Raynor L. Harmeson
Dr. & Mrs. Stanton & Jennifer Harn
Dr. Paula L. Harre & Daniel J. Duncan
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Harris
Dr. Kristine Harris & Mr. Timothy Harris
Dr. & Mrs. Robin Hattervig
Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Hawley
Dr. Mike & Dawn Hecox
Dr. & Mrs. William H. Heggen, III
Helen Heins
Dr. & Mrs. Steven T. Heldridge
Delton J. Herget, D.D.S.
Dr. Kenneth P. & Linda Hermsen
Dr. & Mrs. Matthew L. Herzberg
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond W. Heuke
Dr. Jill Hild & Mr. David Hild
Mrs. Robert L. Hinrichs
Dr. & Mrs. R. Mark Hinrichs
Gwen Hlava, B.S.D.H.
Dr. Donald H. & Mrs. B. J. Hoch
Fall 2013
Dr. & Mrs. Jerome Holbrook
Dr. & Mrs. Paul E. Holm
Dr. and Mrs. Brenton L. Holman
Dr. & Mrs. Bradley J. Hoppens
Dr. & Mrs. James L. Horner
Dr. John E. & Sandra Hoss
Dr. Michael Houk
Dr. Donna Howe & Mr. Daniel Howe
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Hoxie
Miriam Hueftle
Mrs. L. James Huff
William W. Hull, D.D.S.
Dr. Mark & Susan Hungerford
Dr. & Mrs. William A. Hunter
Richard A. Hutchins, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen S. Hwang
Dr. Timothy & Shawn Jacobs
Dr. & Mrs. Michael L. Jacobsen
Dr. & Mrs. Sam F. Jacoby
Dr. & Mrs. David E. James
Dr. Dick J. Jeffers
Dr. & Mrs. James F. Jenkins
Dr. & Mrs. Blair T. Johnson
Carl K. Johnson, D.D.S.
Bonnie J. Jones
* Dr. & Mrs. Clark L. Jones
Gayle Jones
Dr. & Mrs. Michael D. Jones
Dr. Warren L. Jones
Roger E. Jurgens, D.D.S.
Dr. John L. Justice
Dr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Kalal
Dr. Wayne & Karole Kaldahl
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Kalkwarf
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Karmazin
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Kassube
Eugene E. Keller, D.D.S., M.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Patrick D. Kelly
Lonnie W. Kennel, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. John N. Kent
Dr. Byron W. Killpack
Dr. Michael & Carol Kleppinger
Dr. & Mrs. William R. Knoderer
Mrs. Mildred M. Knodle
Richard L. Koch, D.D.S.
John S. Konegni, D.D.S.
Robert F. Krejci, D.D.S.
Dr. Jerry A. Kroeger & Ms. June Simpson
Stanley L. Kull, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Edward Kusek
Dr. & Mrs. Curtis G. Kuster
Mary Ferguson LaFave & James LaFave
Michael R. LaFerla, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Gregg L. Lage
Dr. & Mrs. George L. Landgren
Dr. John C. & Ursula M. Langfeldt
Dr. Jack B. & Marena Larson
Dr. Sandra S. Larson & Steven J. Larson
Drs. Marshall & Angeline Lavin
Dr. Stephen H. & Janice Chatfield Leeper
Dr. Tim Lemke
Dr. & Mrs. Marcos A. Lenza
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Leseberg
Dr. & Mrs. James R. Lessig
Martha L. Liggett
Jerry L. Linder, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Lodes
Dr. & Mrs. David V. Lofgreen
Allen L. Lorenz, D.D.S., M.S.
Dr. John & Jane Lott
Dr. & Mrs. Kent E. Lovelace
Harriet T. Ludwick
Hope W. Ludwick
Dr. Larry Lytle
Dr. Robert V. & Phyllis Lytle (dec.)
Dr. & Mrs. Christopher J. MacKnight
Dr. Stuart S. MacPherson
Robert D. Madden, D.D.S., M.B.A.
Dr. & Mrs. Edward M. Mansfield
Dr. & Mrs. Max M. Martin, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. John D. Mathes
Dr. Harold E. & Marilyn Pedersen Maude
Paul J. Maxwell, Jr., D.D.S.
Mrs. Patricia J. Mayer
Dr. Kent E. McArdle
Dr. & Mrs. Charles M. McCann
Daniel D. McClenahan, D.D.S.
Kimberly K. McFarland, D.D.S. &
James D. McFarland
* Dr. & Mrs. Shay P. McGowan
Dr. & Mrs. James McKnight
Robert E. McPherson, D.D.S. &
Kathleen A. McPherson, Ph.D.
Rollin C. Mead, D.D.S.
Shannon R. Stemm, M.D. & Jeffrey Meade, M.D.
Drs. Todd A. Pankratz & Jessica A. Meeske
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Melcher
Eugene S. Merchant, D.D.S.
* Dr. & Mrs. David G. Merritt
Dr. & Mrs. David M. Meyer
Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Meyer
Dr. & Mrs. Roger N. Meyer
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Milius
Dr. & Mrs. Gaylen R. Miller & Family
Dr. Jacqueline M. Miller
Dr. & Mrs. Steven M. Moore
Mrs. Darrel G. Moreland
Lightle Y. Morris, Jr., D.D.S.
Mr. Kenneth Morrison
Dr. & Mrs. Scott L. Morrison
Nebraska Society of Orthodontists
Dr. Kenneth D. Neidhart
Gayle & Angie Nelson
Dr. Guy & Cathy Nelson
Ricky D. Nelson, D.D.S.
Dr. Kenton & Mary Neuhaus
Dr. David & Betsy Neumeister
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey R. Nielsen
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn A. Noble
Dr. Paul & Mrs. Carol Noe
Susan Sack Norby
Dr. & Mrs. William R. Nordstrom
David C. Obenchain, D.D.S.
Dr. Jane E. Odgers
David K. Okano, D.D.S., M.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Erik D. Olsen
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis P. Olson
Dr. & Mrs. Hamid Omana
Dr. Darold & Pamela Opp
Robert R. & Carolyn S. Otte
Dr. & Mrs. Scott V. Palmer
Wesley N. Parks
Richard C. Paulson, D.D.S., M.S.
Drs. Jeffrey Payne & Jodie Stein
Dr. & Mrs. James L. Peck
Pejsar & Pejsar DDS PC
Dr. Steven & Connie Pejsar
Dr. Gordon G. (dec.) & Mrs. Helen Pejsar
Dr. John & Cathy Pershing
Dr. & Mrs. Jason M. Peterson
Ronald J. Peterson, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Pieper
Mary Upshaw Pike
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Pillar
Dr. James R. Plihal
Dr. Roger D. & Julia A. Plooster
John M. Pobanz, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Powell
Jerry C. Prahl, D.D.S. & Lorraine E. Prahl
Dr. Richard & Lynn Provinzino
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Pryor
Dr. Myron & Susan Pudwill
Dr. & Mrs. Edward E. Quincy
Dr. & Mrs. Richard W. Raab
Dr. & Mrs. David J. Rallis
Margaret & Bobby Raynor
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Readhead
Dr. William J. Reardon
Dr. & Mrs. Rand Larson Redfern
Betty L. Reinhardt
Dr. John W. & Claudia Reinhardt
Mrs. Mary J. Reinhardt
Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Reinhardt
Dr. Barbara J. Ries
Dr. Beth Hoegemeyer Ripp & Michael Ripp
Dr. & Mrs. Richard T. Risinger
Dr. & Mrs. Alan L. Robertson
Dr. & Mrs. Steven J. Rodenburg
Robert & Susan Roesch
Dr. & Mrs. Harold E. Rosenau
Dr. & Mrs. Edward F. Rosenfeld
Dr. Claude “Cork” Rowley &
Nancy Montgomery Rowley
Dr. Jeri Rush & Mr. Ronald Scheidt
Dr. & Mrs. A. Phillip Samuels, IV
Dr. & Mrs. Frank H. Sargent
Dr. & Mrs. Brian R. Sather
Dr. & Mrs. Jay T. Sawyer
Dr. Richard J. & Marlene A. Schilling
Dr. Lana Schlecht & Warren Schlecht
Dr. George H. & Barbara Schlothauer
Dr. & Mrs. Larry J. Schmitt
Dr. & Mrs. Edwin R. Schoenenberger
Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Schoettger
Dr. & Mrs. Gordon D. Schulte
Nathan W. Schwandt, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Stuart W. Scott
Rebecca M. Fricke Scott, D.D.S.
Jeri L. Scranton, D.D.S.
John R. Seberg, D.D.S.
Richard L. Seberg, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. John W. Segrist
Dr. Michael R. Sesemann
Dr. & Mrs. Lee S. Shackelford
Dr. & Mrs. James M. Shaddock
Dr. Richard B. Shipp
Dr. & Mrs. Ernest W. Sigler
Dr. Joyce D. Simmons, D.D.S., M.S.
Dr. Joan Sivers & Mr. Jerome Soulliere
Dr. & Mrs. Charles S. Skoglund
Larry V. & Lois Smith
Dr. Robert L. & Jeanne Smith
South Dakota Dental Foundation
Sowers Club of Nebraska Foundation
Dr. David S. & Susan R. Spann
Dr. & Mrs. Henry St. Germain, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. James K. States
Dr. & Mrs. Steven A. Stec
Jean W. Steinacher
Mrs. Robert M. Stemm
Lane Stephenson, D.D.S.
Dr. James Stokos
Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Stormberg
Dr. & Mrs. James C. Stover
Dr. & Mrs. Terry Strawhecker
Dr. Philip E. & Dr. Sara A. Strevey
Drs. Robert E. & Mary Ann Sullivan
Dr. & Mrs. Corbett W. Summers, II
Dr. Melissa & Mr. Jay Sveen
Dr. Paul D. & Marcia J. Swanson
Dr. D.N. Taylor, Jr. & Mrs. Patricia Taylor
Dr. Mark & Kathy Taylor
Dr. Ronald & Mary Teel
Dr. & Mrs. Melvin Thaler
Dr. & Mrs. Don L. Theophilus
Dr. & Mrs. Gregory D. Thomas
Michael R. Thomas, D.D.S.
Dr. Paul & Miriam Thomas
Dr. Jane M. Thomason
Dr. Allen & Paulette Thomsen
Dr. Brett S. Thomsen
Dr. & Mrs. Grant S. Titze
Chad W. Tolly, D.D.S.
Dr. Harry & Ann Tolly
Drs. Dan E. & Suzanne Nelson Tolman
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Trandal
Dr. Vicki Treat Huber & Mr. Charles Huber
Dean A. Troyer, D.D.S.
Dr. Thanh Truong
Dr. & Mrs. Rodney C. Tuenge
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Tusha
Gerald & Connie Tussing
Dr. Ellen J. Tye, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Robert P. Tyrrell
Clyde Yoshio Uchida, D.D.S., M.S.
Dr. J.P. Van Regenmorter
Jody B. Vance, D.D.S., M.S.
Dr. Mark & Nancy Vanicek
Dr. & Mrs. Robert VanLaecken
Dr. & Mrs. Ryan VanLaecken
Elda Vejraska
David J. Velasco, Jr., D.D.S.
Dr. Merlyn W. & Bette Vogt
Dr. & Mrs. Richard M. Wade
Dr. & Mrs. Bradley K. Walgren
James A. Walker, D.D.S. & Linda S. Porter
Dr. & Mrs. Steven J. Walker
Drs. David D. & Linda K. Walline
Dr. & Mrs. Lannie Weak
Dr. & Mrs. H. Eugene Weary
Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Webb
Drs. Sami Jo & Jason Webb
Dr. & Mrs. Scott M. Weber
Mrs. Norma Jean Weisel
Dr. W. E. Wessel
* Dr. & Mrs. Mark Westphal
West District Dental Society
Dr. & Mrs. Jon S. Wheat
Jim & Mimi Wickless
Cathy Wilbrand
Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Wilcox
Dr. Mark & Josi Wilgus
Dr. Angela Wilson & Mr. Paul Wilson
Drs. Robert & Sharlene Wilson
Dr. Ken W. Winey
Dr. & Mrs. Brian T. Wiswall
Dr. & Mrs. Walter C. Wittgow
Mrs. Bernice Wolfley
Dr. & Mrs. Terry L. Wostrel
Leslee Yost-Groh, B.S.D.H.
Randol C. Zachry, D.D.S.
William E. Ziegenbein, D.D.S.
Dr. Brian W. Zuerlein
Cornhusker Impressions | 18
Dental College Dean’s Club Tribute Gifts
In Memory of Dr. Charles Clement (D.D.S. 1969)
In Memory of Dr. Charles Decker (D.D.S. 1969)
In Memory of Dr. Allan Kestner (D.D.S. 1969)
In Memory of Dr. Louis Vejraska (D.D.S. 1945)
Mrs. Elda Vejraska
Planned Gifts to benefit the College of Dentistry
The following donors have confirmed a deferred or planned gift to the NU Foundation or have
named the NU Foundation as a beneficiary of their estate, with instructions for proceeds to
benefit the UNMC College of Dentistry:
Robert R. Aarvig, D.D.S.
Drs. E. Stephen & Lisa M. Alder
Dr. Wayne & Carolyn Barkmeier
Harley W. Batie, D.D.S.
Drs. Ronald D. & Janell Beck
Dr. & Mrs. George F. Beilby
Dr. Bryce W. & Carol A. Bonness
Dr. David G. Brown & Ms. Susan Whitmire
Dr. Steven A. Buechler
Anne Cech
Dr. Ross & Lisa Crist
Dr. Robert J. & Beverly D. Crownover
Mrs. Rosemary Dixon
Meredith Brown DuBois
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Dymerski
Dr. & Mrs. M. Thomas Evans
Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Furmanski
Dr. Wayne & Celia Ganow
Dr. Reg L. & Linda L. Gartner
Roxanne Gould, D.D.S.
W. Peter Guthmann, D.D.S.
Dr. Paula L. Harre & Daniel J. Duncan
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond W. Heuke
Dr. John E. & Sandra Hoss
Dr. Mark & Susan Hungerford
Dr. & Mrs. Joel E. Janssen
Dr. & Mrs. James F. Jenkins
Dr. Jack B. & Marena Larson
Robert D. Madden, D.D.S., M.B.A.
Dr. & Mrs. Max Martin
Dr. & Mrs. Gaylen R. Miller & Family
Gayle & Angie Nelson
Dorothy Nelson
Dr. & Mrs. Joey S. Olsen
Dr. John W. & Claudia Reinhardt
Dr. Claude “Cork” Rowley & Nancy Montgomery Rowley
Dr. Richard J. & Marlene A. Schilling
John R. Seberg, D.D.S.
Dr. Robert L. & Jeanne Smith
Jean W. Steinacher
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Trandal
Dr. & Mrs. H. Eugene Weary
Laurie Weinstein, Ph.D.
Jean Weisel
Drs. Robert & Sharlene Wilson
Dr. & Mrs. Walter C. Wittgow
Dr. & Mrs. Karl B. Zeiler
HOME address update information
BUSINESS address update information
City, State, Zip:
City, State, Zip:
Spouse Name:
MAIL THIS FORM TO: UNMC College of Dentistry | Attention: Deb Rodaway | 40th & Holdrege, POB 830740 | Lincoln, NE 68583-0750
Fall 2013
2012 Donors
Alumni and friends whose donations for the College of Dentistry were received between January 1, 2012,
and December 31, 2012:
DIAMOND Century Club
($10,000 and above)
Barth, Tom L. & Sandra J.
Batie, Harley W.
Beebe, Jackie A. & Leonard G.
Bradley, Richard E. & Doris I. (dec.)
Christensen, Susan M. & Michael J.
Dixon, Rosemary
Dohm, Otto W. & Kathleen
Evans, M. Thomas & Beverly A.
Greer, William T. & Kathryn L.
Harre, Paula L. & Daniel J. Duncan
Hay, Richard S. (dec.)
Larson, Jack B. & Marena
LW Huncke Foundation
Moran, Bernard J. (dec.)
Opp, Darold D. & Pamela G.
Reinhardt, John W. & Claudia
Weeth, Byron H. & Mary V. (dec.)
Wilcox, Charles W. & Donna K.
PLATINUM Century Club
($5,000 to $9,999)
Asbjörnson, Donald C. & Clarice
Blaha, David A. & Jill K.
Cooper, Bret E. & Veronica L.
Cox, Jerry R. & Jennie L.
Dana, Bradly R. & Susan R.
Dana, Jesse M. & Traci L.
Dana, Michael R. & Jo Conda D.
Dana, Monique M. & Thane Tetrault
Dana, Nicole D. & Bart A. Samuelson
Delta Dental
Delta Dental of Nebraska
Echols, Donald G. & Sue A.
Haack, James E. & Janna L.
Harris, Kristine L. & Timothy R.
Kelly, Patrick D. & Carla A.
Liggett, Martha L. & James D. Bader
Pobanz, John M. & Cori A.
Stormberg, Kurt D. & Susan E.
GOLD Century Club
($1,000 to $4,999)
Adjaj, Salwan W.
Allen, Richard & Tammra
Alley, Catherine D. & Todd
Andersen, John D. & Kathy L.
Anderson, Steven F.
Arfmann, Dennis L. & Julie A. Brown
Asbjörnson, Jon C.
Babcock, Mona K. & Walter R.
Baeder, William F. & Janet G.
Bain, Brian A. & Mahala
Barkmeier, Wayne W. & Carolyn A.
Batenhorst, Judith B.
Baumann, Jon C. & Michelle
Beeson, Thomas J. & Lena M.
Boettcher, Charles J. & Julia N.
Boice, Patricia A. & Lawrence Goldberg
Boyd, David W. & Karen
Broadbent, Charles D. & Patricia L.
Burbridge, Arthur A. & Susan G.
Bush, Kimberly A. & Mark E.
Bush, Steve R. & Laura J.
Butz, Jim T. & Debby D.
Campbell, Christine S.
Christiansen, Craig A. & Karine
Coats, Frederick N. & Judy B.
Colvin, Douglas J. & Clara E. Tao
Corcoran, William C. & Kathleen
Couri, Christopher J. & Mary L.
Cramer, Lynn A.
Crist, Ross L. & Lisa M.
Curry, Roger K. & Charlotte A.
Davis, William K. & Marjorie A.
DeBuhr, Tammy S. & Jeffrey S.
Donner, Timothy J. & Sarah C.
Dowling, Embree A. & Patti C.
Dymerski, Daniel L. & Sharon J.
Edwards, Mark C. & Gretchen R.
Ellwein, Orin W. & Linda
Ericson, Bryan K. & Judith R.
Eyen, Philip J. & Molly
Fagot, Thomas G. & Cathy C.
Flagtwet, Lonnie R. & Lana L.
Fricke, Donald C. & Judith
Fuchs, Rick W.
Furmanski, Michael A. & Karen
Gant, Faith A.
Gartner, Reg L. & Linda L.
Gilmore, Shauna L.
Haas, Scott G.
Hajek, Thomas J. & Jean
Hanson, Bruce L. & Carol
Haram, Phillip J. & Barbara
Harn, Jennifer A. & Stanton D.
Hattervig, Robin L. & Mirinda M.
Heldridge, Steven T. & Sheila F.
Hergenrader, Alan L.
Hild, David J. & Jill E.
Hlavacek, James M. & Monica L.
Holbrook, Jerome S. & Mary
Holman, Brenton L. & Maureen
Horner, James L. & Shelley A.
Hoss, John E. & Sandra
Houk, Michael B.
Hoxie, Michael H. & Karmen E.
Hungerford, Carol L. & Scott
Jacobs, Timothy L. & Shawn
Jacobsen, Michael L. & Janet D.
Jirovec, James E. & Kelly A.
Johnson, Blair T. & Susan
Kalkwarf, Kenneth L. & Sharon R.
Kassube, Thomas L. & Kay L.
Klemme, Louis W.
LaFerla, Michael R. & Bre
Lage, Gregg L. & Sharon
Laird, Bradley S.
Larson, Steven J. & Sandra S.
Lessig, James R. & Kathy A.
Lichty, Jonas A.
Lorenz, Allen L. & Joan
Loseke, Elizabeth A. & Galen L.
Lott, John B. & Jane I.
MacPherson, Stuart S.
Madden, Robert D.
Mathes, John D. & Jana
McClain, Timothy A. & Kelleen Y.
McKnight, James A. & Sandra
Mead, Rollin C. & Jennifer B.
Meyer, Chad R. & Dawn
Miller, Charla
Miller, William A. & Lori J.
National Australia Bank Limited
Nebraska Society of Orthodontists
Nebraska Society of Periodontology
Nelson, Ricky D.
Neumeister, David R. & Betsy
Nielsen, Jeffrey R. & Lori
Noe, Paul E. & Carol J.
Norby, Susan S. & Scott J.
Odgers, Jane E.
Olsen, Erik D. & Jacqueline A.
Olsen, Joey S. & Nancy L.
Parks, Ronald K. & Judy
Parks, Wesley N.
Piskorski, Noah L.
Platz, John W. & Adelaide M.
Portwood, David A.
Prahl, Jerry C. & Lorraine E.
Pudwill, Myron L. & Susan M.
Rallis, David J. & Kathleen R.
Readhead, Paul H. & Marsha
Reardon, William J.
Reinhardt, Richard A. & Pamela S.
Rockwell, Michael S. & Connie
Rosenfeld, Edward F. & Debora G.
Rush, Jeri R. & Ronald L. Scheidt
Rymer, Ronald J. & Betty
Samuels, A. Phillip & Patricia M.
Sanderfer, Van J. & Tammy R.
Sargent, Frank H. & Rita L.
Sawyer, Jay T. & Damaris R.
Schoenenberger, Edwin R. & Carla
Schoettger, Robert A. & Mary K.
Schwandt, Nathan W. & Julie B.
Scott, Stuart W. & Christy A.
Sesemann, Michael R.
Sigler, Ernest W. & Nancy A.
Smith, Robert L. & Mary J.
Spann, David S. & Susan R.
St. Germain, Henry A. & Ellen St. Germain
States, James K. & Mary E.
Stec, Steven A. & Rebecca J.
Strawhecker, Terrence M. & Judith M.
Summers, Corbett W. & Cynthia L.
Sveen, Jay A. & Melissa J.
Swanson, Paul D. & Marcia J.
Taylor, Mark H. & Kathy
Teel, Ronald M. & Mary K.
Thomas, Michael R. & Jennifer
Thomsen, Allen L. & Paulette C.
Thomsen, Brett S.
Tolman, Dan E. & Suzanne Nelson Tolman
Trandal, Thomas R. & Barbara
Treat, Vicki L. & Charles Huber
Trout, Donald W. & Ann
Truong, Thanh
Vanicek, Mark L. & Nancy A.
VanLaecken, Robert S. & Kristin A.
VanLaecken, Ryan K. & Jennifer L.
Vogt, Merlyn W. & Bette J.
Walker, James A. & Linda S. Porter
Walker, Steven J. & Anna
Weak, Lannie L. & Carol
Weary, Marcia J. & H. Eugene
Webb, Jason A. & Sami J.
West, Debra S. & James
Wilgus, Mark A. & Josi D.
Wilson, Angela N. & Paul D.
Winey, Kenley W.
Wiswall, Fred H. & Sandra
Yost-Groh, Leslee A.
Zinter, Janet K.
Zysset, Monte K. & Sherri L.
SILVER Century Club
($500 to $999)
Allen, Michael D. & Pia
Ameku, Yoshiharu & Deborah
Anderson, Charles W. & Mary J.
Bavitz, J. Bruce
Beilby, George F. & Robin L.
Bennett, Jane L. & Andrew N.
Bernecker, Michael D. & Shirley R.
Bernzweig, Eric
Bohaty, Keith E. & Brenda S.
Bokemper, Richard K. & Theresa M.
Brown, Rodney C. & Julie L.
Cain, Kelly A.
Consortium of Operative Dentistry Educators
Dent, Michael E. & Cindy
Diefendorf, Warren L. & Linda
Dudzinski, Bernard P. & Sherrie K.
Eckles, Terry A. & Debra S.
Eversoll, Duane A. & Deanna L.
Feldner, Barry D. & Susan J.
Frost, Douglas Y. & Janice
Gibbs, John P. & Delores E.
Grabouski, James K. & Jacquelin A.
Haisch, Larry D. & Cathi A.
Harris, Arthur W. & Barbara L.
Hull, Joseph Z.
Hungerford, Mark D. & Susan M.
Jacoby, Sam F. & Rosemary
Jensen, Michael H. & Wilhelmina P.
Johnson, Mark C.
Kalal, Gregory A. & Kathryn
Karimjee, Corey K. & Jada A.
Kerns, Lisa L. & David G.
Kishida de Kieffer, Nancy & Donald de Kieffer
Konegni, John S.
Lansden, Dale T. & Ann R.
Lavitt, Dan L. & Catherine
Leeper, Stephen H. & Janice L.
Maixner, David A.
Marx, Charles S. & Julie
Maurstad, Steven C. & Michaelene
McNeill, Roger F. & Marcella J.
Miller, Howard L. & Elaine R.
Moore, David T. & Karrie R.
Neidhart, Kenneth D. & Mary L.
Ochsner, Cameron J.
Okano, David K.
Panther, Robert B. & Joanne
Payne, Jeffrey B. & Jodie R. Stein
Pieper, Timothy J. & Joan M.
Richard & Margaret Tempero
Family Foundation, Inc.
Santoro, Robert J. & Georgene
Schlecht, Lana R. & Warren
Shearer, Travis R. & Debra A.
Sheridan, Ellen A.
Stein, David M. & Yelena
Stephenson, Lane
Strohschein, Dawn & Nate
Tempero, Richard M. & Margaret A.
Troyer, Daryl E. & Diane G.
Vance, Jody B. & Sandra F.
BRONZE Century Club
($250 to $499)
Adcock, John E. & Madeline
Alsalleeh, Fahd M. & Loulwah Almarshoud
Bargen, Michelle L. & Jeffrey
Bonness, Bryce W. & Carol A. McOstrich
Borer, Chad A.
Bowers, Harold B. & Claudia L.
Brown David G. & Susan A. Whitmire
Brownfield, Gerald H.
Cannon, Mark L. & Susan A.
Colombo, Adam S.
Cotant, Brian J.
Deniz, Meltem
Dorsey, Kevin B. & Lynne A.
Engel, John D. & Regina A.
Garner, Mark W. & Kim
Greer, Dan L. & Linda S.
Haag, Chris & Claire M.
Cornhusker Impressions | 20
Havelka, Gregory A. & Karen M. Krager
Hedlund, Louis M. & Carla R.
Herrmann, John R. & Dawn
Hesch, Thomas E. & Nancy J. Davis
Holwell, Bruce A. & Mary
Irvine, N. Ross & Sandra S.
James, Charles R. & Carole
Junge, Robert S. & Addie M.
Knodle, Mildred M.
Larson, Lara I. & Lowell A.
Lavin, Marshall T. & Angeline M.
Leffingwell, Clifford S.
Leseberg, Dennis A. & Jo A.
Lindeman, Lisa R. & Stan Rishoi
Lockwood, Edward H. & Cheryl L.
Marron, Bruce O. & Ann E.
McKay-Montemer, Jayne M. & James Montemer
Money, Robert G. & Loraine
Moore, Steven M. & Susan
Morrison, Scott L. & Anne C.
Nehl, Matt E. & Sara
Nehl, Mike E.
Powell, Robert A. & Jacqueline A.
Reckmeyer, Richard T. & Janet A.
Redfern, Rand L. & Lynda R.
Ripp, Michael P. & Beth A. Hoegemeyer
Roche, Jason C. & Amy M.
Samuels-Farmer, Shannon S. & Mitchell T. Farmer
Shaddock, James M. & Pamela A.
Sintek, Charles A. & Jill
Skar, Bryan J.
Sleder, Frank S. & Cynthia
Spainhower, Steven L. & Pattie
Starbuck, Gordon E.
The Denver Dental Forum
Timperley, Dennis D. & Debi
Val Vista Building
Volk, Tonya M. & Ryan Hurley
Walker, Ryan M.
Wiswall, Brian T. & Susan
Zender, Robert G.
FRIENDS Century Club
($1 to $249)
Abbott, Lawrence J. & Vondra R.
Adams, Brannick D. & Emily A.
Adams, James R. & Judy K.
Ahlers, Nathan L.
Albers, Melanie M. & Nathan K.
Alder, E. Stephen & Lisa M.
Alexander, Roger & Barbara W.
Alexander, Steven R. & JoAnn H.
Allen, John M. & Glenda L.
Allvin, Joan
Amerman, Gary W. & Mary A.
Anderson, Charles T. & Kathleen I.
Anderson, Dale M. & Helen L.
Anderson, Dorothy C.
Anderson, Kreston
Anderson, Lori Sue & Bill
Anderson, Mark J. & Sherri A.
Andreoletti, Gary G. & Sandy
Ang, Connie
Antholz, Travis J. & Amber J.
Anthony, Hazel M.
Arfmann, William W. & Claudia J. Davis
Armstrong, Erin M. & Chad
Arnold, William G. & Marilyn
Baade, Branden C. & Leslie E.
Bader, Donna M.
Bahr, Deon F. & Susan K.
Bailey Dustin J.
Baker, Douglas J. & Amy J.
Baker, Larry L. & Heather A.
Baker, Roger D. & Anna Marie
Barber, James L. & Carol
Barrymore, Carol W. & David E.
Barta, Kristina J. & Jack
Bartels, Marjorie
Bates, Robert E. & Carol
Batie, Kim M. & Barbara G.
Bauer, Craig & Shelley
Baum, Douglas P. & Jean M.
Baumbach, Spencer R. & Kathryn L.
Beacon View Inc.
Beaudette, Hayley C. & Dustin L.
Becker, Denise M. & Ken D.
Belcher, Matthew R.
Belitz, Judith A.
Bender, John F. & Gail S.
Benkelman, Barbara M.
Bennion, Douglas B. & Cindy
Bennion, John W. & Margaret
Berg, Caron L. & Ross
Bergmeyer, John H. & Kristin A.
Berguin, Brandon S. & Susanne M.
Bernecker, Jay M. & Miranda
Beseda, Alison M. & David J.
Best, Jeane M. & Craig
Bethell, Betty L.
Bettenhausen, Robert N. & Jo Anne
Bhattacharyya, Indraneel & Anu
Bieber, Raymond W.
Bird, Albert R. & Linda
Blaha, Steven P. & Renee L.
Bober, Karen M.
Bolton, Claude M. & Linda I.
Boltz, Roger
Bonde, Roger H. & Adele L.
Boomer, John F. & Carolyn B.
Boon, Alan W.
Borchers, Steven D. & Kelly S.
Borg, Timothy D. & Nancy E.
Brackett, Martha G. & William W.
Bradley, Brent J. & Tiffany L.
Bradley, James D. & Bonnie
Brauch, Todd D.
Brigden, P. Tracy
Brittenham, Ronnell B. & Betty J.
Brockman, Jerry R. & Therese A. Sullivan
Broekemeier, Jane M. & Gayle
Brooks, Brent W. & Julie
Brott, Jonathan D. & Heidi J.
Brouse, Donald R. & Susan G.
Brown, Dave & Carol M.
Brownco, Inc.
Browning, Michael P. & Sarah R.
Bryant, Robert L. & Phillis J.
Buckley, Lester F. & Nancy A.
Buechler, Steven A.
Bumgardner, Kory L. & Kerry
Bunkers, Jeffrey A.
Burlington, James R. & Norma J.
Burns, Mickey
Bushnell, Benjamin D. & Lindsey M.
Butherus, Diane
Butler, Karen J. & Michael J.
Byler, Shelby C. & Jason R.
Calkins, Timothy D. & Joni D.
Callahan, William S. & Dawn M.
Calvert, Alfred H. & Yvonne J.
Calvert, Thomas D. & Nancy L.
Campbell, Douglas B. & Ann M.
Carlson, Charles R. & Gwelda J.
Carlson, Kerry S. & Sherry
Carr, James W. & Marilyn
Carr, Jesse D.
Carrier, James L. & Pamela M.
Carritt, Steven C. & Darlene F.
Carter, Justin & Colleen
Cartney, Thomas L. & Carole M.
Cascini, Brett R. & Mary
Cavel, W. T. & Cheryl
Cech, Anne
Central Regional Dental Testing Service, Inc.
Chamberlain, Judd M. & Kelianne
Chan, Byron C. & Lorraine
Chancellor, Robert L. & Helen J.
Chandler, Jeffrey R. & Sarah
Cheuvront, Jeff P. & Marnie
Chiappa, Julius R. & Margaret
Christensen, Donna M.
Cisler, Terry D. & Barbara A.
Clare, Timothy F. & Amy L.
Claridge, Dennis B. & Rhoda J.
Clark, John W. & Judith C.
Clark, Joni & Ed
Clarke, Kelly M. & Amy
Clifford, Susan C.
Clouatre, Jean A. & Marilyn J.
Combs, Steven L. & Valerie
Conrad, James & Donna
Cooney, William J. & Marsha A.
Cope, Lynn & Richard
Corbet, Catherine L.
Cornerstone Bank
Cossaart, James K. & Deborah
Crabb, James R. & Diana
Crawford, Leanne & Darryn C.
Croft, Lloyd
Curry, Angela T.
Cutshall, Bruce A. & Janet L.
Dabbert, William A. & Lindsey A.
Dahl, Lee A. & Kayleen
Dana, Carmen L. & Steve Pedersen
Davis, Leon F. & Janelle R.
Davis, Russell L. & Cynthia H.
Davis, Timothy L. & TaraLea R.
Davis, Timothy S. & Sandy
Davison, Russ & Lori Davidson
Dawson, Robert C. & Nancy J.
DeBates, Todd E. & Deb
Deeter, Douglas E. & Leslie A.
DeLaet, Gary L. & Kristin A.
Demaree, Beverly J.
Dembowski, Jerome P. & Jean K.
Demma, Perry L. & Katheryn A.
Dennis, Linda K.
Deschene, James F. & Denise M.
Dick Langrock, Mary A.
Diedrichsen, Fred J. & Delores
Dimmitt, Brandi J.
Dodson, Kent E. & Lois
Dolson, Michele J. & Bradley T.
Donlan, Kenneth J. & Margaret L.
Donors, Various
Doty, Howard L. & Betty L.
Downs, Donald H. & Mary
Dregalla, Christine A. & Matthew R.
Dudley, Craig S. & Diane
Duffy, Michael O.
Duncan, Donald W. & Pamela
Dunekack, Tatum L. & Michael
Dunn, Nancy D.
Durham, Timothy M. & Janelle L.
Dustin, Emmett D. & T. Joan
Dvorak, Marvin B.
Dwornik, Ralph M. & Marilyn
Dyer, John K. & Betty A.
East Carolina University Political Science
Ebke, Darrell J. & Susan K.
Ebke, Jerold E. & Sharon
Ecklund, Steven B. & Linda
Edgren, Burdett R. & Rebecca S.
Ekman, Roberta L.
Emert, Richard L. & Dawn M.
Ernesti, Timothy J. & Una
Ernst, Thomas A. & Nancy L.
Evans, Frank J. & Becki
Fackrell, Craig D. & Anne E.
Faimon, Bonnie A.
Farmer, William R. & Morgan M.
Farmers National Company
Farr, Donald J. & Shannon
Feely, Dennis E. & Susan A.
Feiock, Jeffrey M. & Anne M.
Feisthamel, Marlene K. & Robert
Fenton, Neal L.
Ferguson, Deloras D.
Ferguson, Stephen L. & Debrah A.
Fetty Ridenour, Shelley M. & Chester D. Ridenour
Filbrandt, Candi L.
Fisher, Roger J.
Ford, Norman L. & Marlene K.
Fordham, John L. & Mary K.
Forsman, Barbara J. & Paul
Fox, Bruce R. & Lavonda R.
Fox, Jared S. & Kathryn
Friesen, Andrew S. & Julie
Frye, George H. & Barbara
Furst, Henry C.
Gardner, Mark F. & Mildred M.
Garehime, Donavon H.
Garrison, Marilee E. & John W.
Gatto, Daniel J. & Emily I.
Geddes, David H. & Anavon
Geist, Jeffrey S. & Janice K.
Gemar, Dennis D. & Marlys M.
Genrich, Charles W. & Mary A.
George, Theodore M. & Sheri L.
Gerner, Donald J. & Mary D.
Gesch, Michael D. & Agnes M.
Gibson, Colin S. & Kelli N.
Gibson, Raleigh P. & Beverly A.
Giddings, John P. & Lynne
Gideon, Shawn & Renee
Giles, Gene R. & Jane M.
Gillham, Matthew R.
Gist, William W. & Judith A.
Goble, Bill G. & Mary J.
Goebel, Michael & Karen
Goodrich, John L. & Anita
Gottsch, Carrie L. & William L.
Gould, Roxanne
Grant Paulsen, Donna J. & David R. Paulsen
Gray, Dennis A. & Linda A.
Griesen, James V. & Margaret J.
Grimm, Leon & Ruth Ann
Grossenburg, Robin C. & Janet
Grothen, David A. & Wanda R.
Grow, Norma
Grubaugh, Kim S. & Sarah J.
Grueber, Merlyn D. & Marian
Grutsch, Michael J. & Judy
Guggenmos, Fred A. & Mary Anne
Gustafson, Doyle D. & Dorothy
Haave, Kate S.
Haessler, John F. & Nancy L.
Hahn, Barret & Jeno Delashmutt
Haiar, David A. & Cynthia S.
Hair, Michael F. & Sharon M.
Fall 2013
Haley, Phyllis A.
Hall, Judith D. & Richard Lash
Hallinan, Deborah A. & Joel
Hamilton, Harold E. & Darlene
Hansen, Blake
Hansen, Cynthia J. & William
Hansen, Jay D. & Linda
Hansen, Kathy A.
Hansen, Marilyn
Hansen, Paul A. & Joyce M.
Hanson, Derrill R. & Lonna
Hanson, Dorr W. & Dana
Hanthorn, Lee & Melissa
Harley, Thomas R. & Janet R.
Harman, Kenneth A. & JoAnne
Harpster, Bret A. & Dorianne
Harris, Anne J. & Christopher R.
Hartman, Joel M. & Tiffany R.
Haskins, Francis A. & Dorothy
Haskins, Katherine J.
Haugen, John W. & Susan C.
Haugner, Nancy L.
Hauserman, John C. & Jeanne O.
Havard, Adella
Hayes, Dorothy O.
Hecox, Michael W. & Dawn O.
Heikel, Douglas S. & Barbara J.
Hendrickson, Ronald R. & Deborah S.
Herman, Matthew D. & Lynne B.
Hermsen, Elizabeth D. & Michael S.
Hermsen, Kenneth P. & Linda
Herrmann, Scott D. & Diane
Hershberger, Edgar & De Elda
Hesser, Mark A. & Kathleen L.
Higgins, Michael T. & Kathryn E.
High, Michael K. & Ellen M.
Hill, Verle & Pat
Hilsabeck, Richard B. & Diane L.
Hilzer, Ronald L. & Cathie L.
Hinrichs, Jon J. & Donna W. Woods
Hitz, Richard D.
Hlava, Gwen L.
Hlavinka, Dana D. & Leasa M.
Hoban, John B. & Gloria J.
Hoch, Donald H. & Betty J.
Hoge, Chad J. & Mikala A.
Hohl, Erich M. & Rebecca L.
Hohlen, Todd W. & Stephanie A.
Hokanson, Brian N. & Willamina L.
Holbert, Robert F.
Holm, Paul E. & Jane R.
Holmes, Brad L. & Jenny
Holtgrewe, Royce L. & Sharon F.
Holthaus, William T. & Salie
Holtmeier, Douglas L. & Mary A.
Homze, Eric J.
Hoppens, Bradley J. & Jane F.
Horner, Kay
Howe, Jason D. & Nina E.
Hughes, Ryan J. & Kari Borgen
Hull, David L.
Hulsebusch, Michael S. & Beverly J.
Hurd, Elizabeth J.
Hutchins, Richard A. & Karlay D.
Ibarrola, Jose L. & Susan
Imler, Toby J.
Ishimoto, Dennis N. & Cindy
Jabro, Mansoor H. & Salwa
Jack, Robert W. & Lyne A.
Jackson-Miller, Cindy D.
Jacobsen, James A. & Sharon L.
James, Joan M. & Robert
James Stuart, III Family Foundation
Janda, David E. & Carol A.
Janda, Matthew C. & Bonnie
Janson, Richard W.
Janssen, Wesley D. & Terri J.
Janulewicz, John D. & Erica
Jeffers, Dick J. & Kimberlee K.
Jeffries, L. C. & Kamme L.
Jenkins, James F. & Kathryn A.
Jensen, Carl R. & Paula A.
Jensen, Shane A. & Sharon K.
Jensen, Terry M. & Rhonda
Jensen, Tim A. & Jean M.
Jirovec, Richard J. & Shirley
Jobman, Mark D. & Laura L.
John, Janet K.
Johnson, Christina V.
Johnson, Eric D.
Johnson, Jean A.
Johnson, Kile W. & Virginia G.
Johnson, Kurt H. & Paula J.
Johnson, Renae
Johnson, Richard A. & Margaret A.
Jones, Charles E.
Jones, Clark L. & Pat
Jones, Knox F. & Julie A.
Jones, Michael D. & Sally
Jones, Patricia K.
Jones, Timothy J. & Caroline
Jones, Warren L. & Cathy K.
Jones-Wier, Melanie K. & Andy Wier
Joy, George C. & Janice A.
Joyce, Janet C.
Kaldahl, Wayne B. & Karole
Kampfe, Mark I. & Jane M.
Karmazin, Daniel J. & Kathryn
Kassmel, Summer M. & Thomas
Kaul, Martha L. & Robert B.
Keasling, Darlene
Keating, Con M. & Barbara A.
Kelly Family Dentistry PC
Kelly, Brian K. & Stacy
Kelly, Robert B. & Margaret
Kennel, Lonnie W. & Marsha L.
Kent, Sherry L.
Kester Beyer, Chris D. & Sheryl
Keyes, Troy L. & Stephanie J.
Killeen, Martin D. & Amy C.
Kinder Porter Scott Family Foundation
King, James E. & Margaret E.
Kingston, Amy J. & Kraig P.
Kissell, Kenneth E. & Judith L.
Klemz, Charles B. & Kathleen B.
Kleppinger, Michael V. & Carol J.
Knapp, Terry J. & Sherry A.
Knoll, Gayle S. & James R. Bruner
Koci, Gary R. & Katherine M.
Koenig, Carolyn A. & Jim Lungren
Kohler, George R. & Karen A.
Koll, James W.
Korte, Allen N. & Linda
Kortje, Jana M.
Kotopka, Michael S. & Ann P.
Kraus, Andy J. & Leslie D.
Krause, Mary K.
Kravig, Hal L. & Elizabeth P.
Krejci, Robert F.
Krenz, Robert J. & Marilyn J.
Kreski, Harold P. & Joyce
Kreycik, Jesse S. & Megan L.
Kriss, Judith A.
Kriss-Weinstein, Kay M.
Kroeger, Jerry A. & June Simpson
Krueger, Sharon
Kruger, Emily S.
Kruse, Ramona L.
Kruse, Steven C. & Mary S.
Kuenning, Gary L. & Lynne
Kugler, Scott K. & Cindy
Kull, Stanley L. & Christine
Kummer, Sonya L. & Randy
Kunasek, Matthew J. & Kate C.
Kuster, Curtis G. & Margaret
Labenz, Richard J. & Janet M.
Lacy, Jr., Edward J. & Christine
Lambert, Travis W. & Amanda
Lamey, David M. & Emily
Lamoureux, Pat A.
Lamphere, Carolyn O.
Lanspa, J. Myron & Delores
Larsen, Aaron D. & Tonya
Lauerman, Margaret A. & James M.
Lauf, Robert C. & Kimberly A.
Leacock, Darrell H. & Terrie
Lebsack, Jon P. & Jill
Leeper, Benjamin E. & Danielle M.
Legacy Estates Mgt LP DBA
Lehman, Kimberly A. & Lary
Lengowski, Thomas G. & Karen J.
Lentell, Matthew & Kori M.
Leroy, John L.
Lewis, Buell L.
Lewis, James E. & Margaret E.
Lewis, Veldon S. & Suzanne S.
Lewis, William H. & Judith A.
Lienemann, Douglas E. & Mary K.
Lightbody, Philip M. & Raquel
Linch, Harry J. & Donalene
Lippert, Jacob & Anna M.
Lischke, Judd O. & Madonna
Llanillo, Lorenzo L. & Mercedes
Lolkus, Richard A. & Phyllis
London Law Office P.C., L.L.O.
Longo, Peter J. & Diane J.
Longo Dietz, Meghann M. & Nicholas E. Dietz
Low, Karey R. & Pamela G.
Low, Kevin C.
Lowe, Jeffrey H. & Jana F.
Lowell, Marla R.
Lydiatt, John S. & Jenny L.
Lynch, William R.
Maas, Daniel J. & Connie
MacKnight, Christopher J. & Robin L.
Macy, Susan J. & William C.
Maisey, Edward D. & Danette D.
Maloley, David J. & Karah L.
Marshall, Jay D. & Julie A.
Marshall, Richard P. & Sally S.
Martin, Max M. & Mary E.
Maske, Harvey & Monnie
Massey, Roger M. & Carolyn J.
Maude, Matthew M. & Kristen R.
Maxwell, Paul J. & Jean
Maze, Glenn I. & Constance R.
McCann, V. C. & Peggy A.
McClenahan, Daniel D. & Karen
McConnell, Jay C. & Justina
McCook County Dental Center, P.C.
McCourt, John P.
McCray, Julie A. & Michael
McCreight, Paul D. & Rande B.
McDermott, Kerry F. & Terri
McFarland, James D. & Kimberly K.
McGinley, Tracie A. & Robert L.
McKnight, Douglas J. & Michelle L.
McLey, Lanny L. & Rosemary L.
McPherson, John R. & Treasure L.
Meeks, Helen L.
Meinberg, Trudy A. & Kent R.
Memorial Community Health
Menard, Tracy E. & Michael W.
Merritt, David G. & Heidi K.
Mertens, Margaret A.
Mertens, Steve J.
Merxbauer, David L. & Bonny
Meyer, Charles D. & Valerie J.
Meyer, Dave & Marianne
Meyer, David M. & Patricia
Meyer, Katherine A.
Meyer, Roger N. & Rebecca A.
Miller, Duane M. & Laurie
Mlnarik, Jamie L. & Kevin J.
Molvar, Rosemary & Michael P.
Mooso, Bret E. & Karrie J.
Moravec, Michael W. & Lisa J.
Moreland, Marilyn
Morgan, James G.
Morris, Donald C. & Berenice
Morris, Lightle Y.
Morrow, Janet M. & W. Michael
Morrow, Robert W. & Sara L.
Moseman, William D. & Janet S.
Mosher, Ralph I. & Mary J.
Moyer, Ira N. & Barbara A.
Mueller, William J. & Kim M. Robak
Muma, Jay & Joyce
Murphy, David M.
Murphy, Irene
Murphy, William E.
Myers, David R. & Ann B.
Myrberg, Kenneth J. & Eleanor V.
Naber, Elizabeth A. & Jake Mortenson
Neal, Jesse M. & Seri
Nebraska Dental Association
Nedley, Michael P. & Amy E.
Nefsky, Robert L. & Mary
Neill, Dorothy J.
Nelson, Dennis H. & Marsha K.
Nelson, J. Scott & Teri M.
Nelson, Jonathan L. & Karen S.
Nelson, Mark W. & Christine D.
Nelson, William V. & Mary J.
Neuberger, Meaghan A. & Kyle F.
Neuhaus, Kenton W. & Mary
Neumann, Matthew C. & Natalie L.
New Horizons Dental Laboratory
Nichols, Rick D. & Cindy
Nielsen, Don D. & Velma J.
Nielsen, Eric R. & Lisa M.
Nielsen, Greg M. & Andrea
Nielsen, Mark A. & Melanie M.
Niyakorn, Jariya
Noble, Glenn A. & Jamie J.
Nolte, Richard S. & Vicki A. Vopalensky
Nordstrom, William R. & Mary
O’Boyle, George F. & Linda A.
O’Brien, James M. & Kimberly A.
Ohles, Frederik F. & Rosemary R.
Olson, Loy U. & Julie A.
Olsson, John S. & Jody M.
O’Neal, Kristi M. & Shawn M.
Osberg, James C. & Susan K.
Otte, Robert R. & Carolyn S.
Owen, Kathryn A.
Packer, Terry D. & Maureen
Page, David G. & Amber
Pallesen, Lorraine L.
Palmer, William D. & Suzanne M.
Pardee, Robert C.
Paris, Robert W. & Jean
Parker, Robert S. & Carolyn
Pavlik, Kendra R. & John E.
Peck, James L. & Ann
Pedersen, Donald V. & Mary M.
Pedersen, Richard L. & Mary Kay
Penn, J. A. & Elaine
Penney, James M. & Mary L.
Perlman, Harvey S. & Susan
Petersen, Dean L. & Darlene M.
Peterson, Amy M. & Todd W.
Peterson, David E. & Karleen
Peterson, Donald L. & Kristine A.
Peterson, George W. & Harriet E.
Peterson, Jason M. & Kari
Peterson, Kent T. & Patricia
Pfeiffer Bedard, Angela N.
Phelps, Lannae L. & Daniel B.
Philpott, Rawley H. & Aaron J.
Pike, Mary
Pinkerton, Kenneth E. & Ardath R.
Pinneo, Sherril J. & Lynn
Plihal, James R. & Sharon
Pokorny, Gale & Julie L.
Pollock, Andrew S. & Kris M.
Raapke, Mary L.
Rader, William A. (dec.) & Gail
Ramsour, Bruce A. & Kathy M.
Rasmussen, Ted E. & Denise R. Prugh
Rauch, Robert L. & Catherine L.
Reece, Stacy M.
Reichenbach, Richard G. & Donna J.
Reimers, Charlene
Reinmuth, Caryle G.
Reinsch, Paul W. & Rosemary
Reinsch, William E. & Dorothy
Rester, Julius H. & Katherine L.
Rhodes, Jacqueline K. & Kevin T.
Riddell, Gordon A. & Joann M.
Ringler, Grant D. & Rebecca
Rinne, Mark D. & Sally
Cornhusker Impressions | 22
Risinger, Richard T. & Dawn
Rittgarn, Gwendolyn J. & Kenneth
Roberts, David K. & Maxine J.
Roberts, Russ K.
Robertson, Allen L. & Beth
Robinson, Frank E.
Robinson, Karl D. & Julie
Robinson, Sandra S.
Roesch, Robert E. & Susan M.
Romjue, Lawrence C. & Carolyn A.
Roper, Harold E.
Roth, Pamela J. & Terry M.
Rothe, Vincent V. & Laura E.
Rozmajzl, William F.
Russell, George W. & Jo A.
Rutledge, John E. & Jillian
Ruud, Thomas R.
Ryan, Nicholas C. & Kristen R. Hermansen-Ryan
Saeger, Nicholas R. & Janet S.
Sather, Brian R. & Cathie
Saunders, Lynn A.
Savery, Gilbert M. & Averil I.
Schaack, Jon K. & Tara T.
Schaefer, Stephen R. & Linda A.
Schafer, Keith B. & Sharon G.
Schafer, Ronald W. & Dorothy M.
Schatz, Stephen D. & Susan
Scheller, Emily E.
Schilling, Richard J. & Marlene A.
Schlegel, Dustin R. & Kala J.
Schliep, Bronsen R. & Priscilla A. Lopes-Schliep
Schlothauer, George H. & Barbara K.
Schlothauer, Mark A. & Karen
Schmidt, Mary L. & Loren
Schott, Anita L. & Richard
Schreiber, William L. & Margaret A.
Schreurs, Orba L.
Schroeder, Scott R. & Cynthia L.
Schulte, Gordon D. & Susan
Schuurmans, Bernard V. & Terri J.
Schwaller, Coleda A. & Stephen
Scranton, Jeri L. & Keith Whites
SE Nebraska Dental Group, PC
Seagren, Alan T. & Sharon A.
Segrist, John W. & Cathy C.
Sellmyer, Catherine J. & David J.
Shaffer, Craig W. & Diana P.
Shaffer, James D. & Elizabeth A.
Sheen, Stephen D. & Joan K.
Shelton, Preston G. & Anne D.
Shirk, Lamont A. & Pam
Shreve, Linda D. & William B.
Shriner, Linda J.
Sidles, Frank C. & Ann
Siemers, Gayle R.
Silvey, Chris P. & Marsha A.
Simmons, Joyce D.
Simmons, Ronnie R. & Marcia
Sinkule, Steven J. & Judy
Sintek, Wayne V.
Sites, Brent P. & Valerie
Sivers, Joan E. & Jerome A. Soulliere
Skanchy, Tony L. & Heidi
Skoglund, Charles S.
Skradski, Joseph L. & Julie A.
Slack, Thomas D. & Laurie
Slice, John N. & Mary A.
Slominski, James D. & Judith
Smith, Bill D. & Virgie L.
Smith, Fran A.
Smith, Larry V. & Lois
Smith, Lloyd L. & Ellen
Smith, Mark R. & Laurie J.
Smith, Michael C. & Nichol J.
Smith, Thomas C. & Lisa M.
Smith, Tyler L. & Carrie L.
Smuin, Michael C. & Holly
Snow, Sarah L. & Chad M.
Snowden, Daniel J. & Vicki
Sokol, Joseph P. & Retha
Solomos, Mary A. & James
Sonderup, Kris K. & Julie A.
Sorensen, Clifford O. & Valerie C.
Sowers, Rebecca J. & Chris
St. Germain, Thomas H. & Melissa L.
Stamm, David W. & Marjean M.
States, Jean C.
Steckelberg, Melanie A. & Steven S.
Stehlik, Brent L. & Janice M.
Steinacher, Ray H. (dec.) & Jean W.
Stephens, Phillip R. & Judith M. Lundt Stephens
Stevens, Ray A. & Karen L.
Stewart, Eloise
Stewart, Kelly & Deb
Stiehl, Gary L. & Jane W.
Stineman, Daniel C. & Armona B.
Stineman, Jon D. & Kandace G.
Stokos, James
Stoner Consulting & Tutorial Service
Stover, Robert D. & Susan
Strange, Gary E. & Rita A.
Stroede, Claire L.
Strotman, David E. & Linda K.
Stuart, James & Barbara J.
Styskal, Steve R. & Diane L.
Sundberg, David C. & Linda L.
Sundberg, Keri L. & Jim
Swan, Marvin A. & Marcia E.
Swanbom, Joe E.
Swanbom, Jon E. & Faith M.
Swanson, Erik T.
Swanson, Randel P. & Janice J.
Tamisiea, Paul & Judy
Taylor, Brent J. & Jamie L. Thurman-Taylor
Taylor, Charles C. & Suzanne U.
Taylor, D. N. & Patricia A.
Tetrick, Thomas N.
Thayer, Todd A. & Susan
Thomas, James E.
Thomas, Nathan E. & Cheryl
Thomas, Ryan E. & Martha
Thompson, Nathan F. & Amy J.
Ticknor, Robert C. & Joan J.
Till, Gordon E. (dec.) & Evelyn
Timm, Darrel
Tollefsen, James C. & Beverly J.
Tolly, Harry R. & Ann M.
Toogood, Gary D.
Tosaya, Ashley R. & Jeremy K.
Troester, Donald
Trondson, Troy A.
Trouba, Ronald L. & Susanne C.
Trout, Carl A.
Truong, Thu T. & Bich N. Chau
Tullis, David W. & Sharon
Tye, Ellen J.
Tyrrell, Robert P. & Ginger
Uchida, Cherie C.
Uchida, Clyde Y. & Sandra
Uchida, Renee C.
Uden, Chad E. & Shandra
Valder, Jeffrey J.
Van Noy, William S. & Debbie
Van Regenmorter, Gary
Van Rossum, Charles F. & Carol A.
VanDenBerghe, Thomas M.
Vanderford, Christine E. & Dale D.
Vanderford, Rosalyn J. & Dale V.
Vandertuig, Steve & Jane
Vanhill, Travis & Amanda
Velgersdyk, Scott B. & Lisa
Volk, Katie L.
Vrana, Steven W. & Marilyn J.
Wagner, Robert M. & Marilyn J.
Waite, Daniel E. & Alice D.
Waite, Gina D. & Chris G. Smith
Walker, Julie A. & Kenneth A.
Walker, Mary P. & Lyle
Wamberg, Susan
Wanamaker, Craig E. & Elizabeth A.
Warner, Janet M. & Jeff
Warren, Gerald D. & Jo E.
Watson, Jerome P. & Cheryl A.
Wearner, Glenn A. & Nancy T.
Weber, Dorothy J. & Norman
Wees, Jerome M. & Connie J.
Weinert Hull, Susan M.
Wessberg, George A. & Mary
Wessel, Wayne E.
Westphal, Mark A. & Amy
Wheat, Jon S. & Marilyn R.
Wheeler, Terri L. & Michael L.
White, Steven V.
Whitesell, Ann
Wieland, Glenda L.
Wieseman, Christopher R. & Tara L.
Wiest, Robert J. & Ella M.
Wilhelm, JoAnne
Williams, Donald L.
Willis, William L. & Carol
Wilson, Charles S. & Linda S. Walt Wilson
Wilson, Michael B. & Donna
Wiseman, Erik M. & Katie
Wobig, Mary S.
Wooten, Michelle A. & Jeffery R.
Wortman, Paul W. & Sue
Yao, Stephen S. & Agnes H.
Young, Alan C. & Betty A.
Youngscap, Richard L. & Barbara J.
Zartner, Robert J. & Carol A.
Zeeb, Walter A.
Zerr, Marvin A. & Colleen K.
Ziemba, Michael C. & Nancy R.
Zodiac Club
Zuerlein, Brian W.
College of Dentistry alumni whose donations have benefited the college between January 1, 2012, and December 31, 2012:
Weeth, Byron H. & Mary V. (dec.)
Linch, Harry J.
Hay, Richard S. (dec.)
Reinmuth, Caryle G.
Gibson, Raleigh P.
Portwood, David A.
Plihal, James R.
Sintek, Wayne V.
Gustafson, Doyle D.
Murphy, William E.
Ticknor, Robert C.
Williams, Donald L.
Krenz, Robert J.
Kelly, Robert B.
Lanspa, J. Myron
Starbuck, Gordon E.
Wiest, Robert J.
Moran, Bernard J. (dec.)
Lewis, Buell L.
Junge, Robert S.
Krejci, Robert F.
Lischke, Judd O.
Marshall, Richard P.
Batie, Harley W.
Bradley, Richard E. (dec.)
Downs, Donald H.
Greer, William T.
Harley, Thomas R.
Rader, Dr. William A. (dec.) & Gail
Smith, Lloyd L.
Thomas, James E.
Cartney, Thomas L.
Cech, Anne
Gerner, Donald J.
Gibbs, John P.
Larson, Jack B.
Moreland, Marilyn
Mosher, Ralph I.
Schilling, Richard J.
Stokos, James
Tolman, Dan E.
Clouatre, Jean A.
Diefendorf, Warren L.
Hauserman, John C.
Swanson, Paul D.
Trandal, Thomas R.
Anderson, Dale M.
Eyen, Philip J.
Hoch, Donald H.
Jirovec, Richard J.
Konegni, John S.
Leeper, Stephen H.
Riddell, Gordon A.
Trout, Donald W.
Tye, Ellen J.
Bonde, Roger H.
Holm, Paul E.
Hutchins, Richard A.
Lightbody, Philip M.
Olsen, Erik D.
Stiehl, Gary L.
Bonness, Bryce W.
Fricke, Donald C.
Pudwill, Myron L.
Smith, Larry V.
Babcock, Walter R.
Jeffers, Dick J.
Peck, James L.
Wessel, Wayne E.
Asbjörnson, Donald C.
Bowers, Harold B.
Coats, Frederick N.
Ericson, Bryan K.
Evans, M. Thomas
McCourt, John P.
Platz, John W.
Prahl, Jerry C.
Rymer, Ronald J.
Smith, Robert L.
Winey, Kenley W.
Frost, Douglas Y.
Slominski, James D.
Till, Dr. Gordon E. (dec.)
& Evelyn
Tullis, David W.
Boon, Alan W.
King, James E.
McLey, Lanny L.
Davis, Russell L.
Pedersen, Richard L.
Pinkerton, Kenneth E.
Tolly, Harry R.
Anderson, Charles W.
Cox, Jerry R.
Davis, Leon F.
Davis, William K.
Gartner, Reg L.
Haisch, Larry D.
Jack, Robert W.
Jensen, Carl R.
Morgan, James G.
Pardee, Robert C.
Roberts, David K.
Teel, Ronald M.
Wearner, Glenn A.
Wheat, Jon S.
Willis, William L.
Amerman, Gary W.
Baeder, William F.
Fox, Bruce R.
Kaldahl, Wayne B.
Kroeger, Jerry A.
Myrberg, Kenneth J.
Penney, James M.
Segrist, John W.
Toogood, Gary D.
Allen, Michael D.
Anderson, Steven F.
Barkmeier, Wayne W.
Curry, Roger K.
Neumeister, David R.
Readhead, Paul H.
Schlothauer, George H.
Slice, John N.
Sokol, Joseph P.
States, James K.
Thomsen, Allen L.
Fall 2013
Abbott, Lawrence J.
Bates, Robert E.
Claridge, Dennis B.
Diedrichsen, Fred J.
Holwell, Bruce A.
Jabro, Mansoor H.
Jones, Clark L.
Kalkwarf, Kenneth L.
Martin, Max M.
Maxwell, Paul J.
Noe, Paul E.
Osberg, James C.
Schreiber, William L.
Zartner, Robert J.
Geddes, David H.
Ishimoto, Dennis N.
Kleppinger, Michael V.
Kuster, Curtis G.
Paris, Robert W.
Samuels, A. Phillip
Simmons, Ronnie R.
Uchida, Clyde Y.
Broadbent, Charles D.
Cisler, Terry D.
Dwornik, Ralph M.
Dymerski, Daniel L.
Gatto, Daniel J.
Hilsabeck, Richard B.
Kennel, Lonnie W.
Lockwood, Edward H.
Lott, John B.
Miller, Howard L.
Packer, Terry D.
Parker, Robert S.
Peterson, David E.
Reinhardt, Richard A.
Santoro, Robert J.
Shaddock, James M.
Spainhower, Steven L.
Weary, H. Eugene
Wilcox, Charles W.
Wiswall, Fred H.
Doty, Howard L.
Hanson, Dorr W.
Jensen, Terry M.
Klemz, Charles B.
Strange, Gary E.
Bird, Albert R.
Dana, Michael R.
Dudley, Craig S.
Hendrickson, Ronald R.
Herrmann, John R.
Johnson, Mark C.
Nelson, William V.
Redfern, Rand L.
Walker, James A.
Boyd, David W.
Donlan, Kenneth J.
Giddings, John P.
Gray, Dennis A.
Hansen, Paul A.
Hanson, Derrill R.
Haram, Phillip J.
Hermsen, Kenneth P.
Hoban, Gloria J.
Holman, Brenton L.
Janda, David E.
Kassube, Thomas L.
Madden, Robert D.
Rockwell, Michael S.
Sather, Brian R.
Schaefer, Stephen R.
Sigler, Ernest W.
Snowden, Daniel J.
Spann, David S.
Taylor, Mark H.
Allen, John M.
Andreoletti, Gary G.
Barth, Tom L.
Brockman. Jerry R.
Dahl, Lee A.
Furmanski, Michael A.
Hajek, Thomas J.
Hull, David L.
Jensen, Tim A.
Karmazin, Daniel J.
Kruse, Steven C.
McKnight, James A.
Pieper, Timothy J.
Rinne, Mark D.
Roesch, Robert E.
Sawyer, Jay T.
Schuurmans, Bernard V.
Taylor, D. N.
Wessberg, George A.
Wiswall, Brian T.
Alder, E. Stephen
Buechler, Steven A.
Butz, Jim T.
Dent, Michael E.
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Furst, Henry C.
Houk, Michael B.
Jones, Warren L.
Meyer, Roger N.
Nelson, Mark W.
Silvey, Chris P.
Stineman, Daniel C.
White, Steven V.
Bennion, John W.
Bernecker, Michael D.
Boettcher, Charles J.
Cannon, Mark L.
Giles, Gene R.
Hungerford, Mark D.
Jacoby, Sam F.
James, Charles R.
Janda, Matthew C.
Lorenz, Allen L.
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Barber, James L.
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Clark, Ed M.
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Goble, Bill G.
Hedlund, Louis M.
Janssen, Wesley D.
Kampfe, Mark I.
Kull, Stanley L.
McClenahan, Daniel D.
McKay-Montemer, Jayne M.
Reckmeyer, Richard T.
Schwandt, Nathan W.
Styskal, Steve R.
Swan, Marvin A.
Van Noy, William S.
Bennion, Douglas B.
Crabb, James R.
Deschene, James F.
Evans, Frank J.
Gemar, Dennis D.
George, Theodore M.
Gould, Roxanne
Harre, Paula L.
Hlavacek, Monica L.
Lage, Gregg L.
Lindeman, Lisa R.
Lolkus, Richard A.
MacKnight, Christopher J.
Marx, Charles S.
Moore, Steven M.
Moseman, William D.
Nielsen, Greg M.
Nordstrom, William R.
Summers, Corbett W.
Timperley, Dennis D.
Walker, Steven J.
Wheeler, Terri L.
Wilson, Michael B.
Anderson, Charles T.
Anderson, Kathleen I.
Baker, Roger D.
Blaha, David A.
Borg, Timothy D.
Brown, Julie A.
Burbridge, Arthur A.
Cramer, Lynn A.
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Heldridge, Steven T.
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Reardon, William J.
Thomsen, Brett S.
West, Debra S.
Baker, Douglas J.
Deniz, Meltem
Farr, Donald J.
Hoxie, Michael H.
Cornhusker Impressions | 24
LaFerla, Michael R.
Panther, Robert B.
Peterson, Kent T.
Pollock, Kris M.
Prugh, Denise R.
Anderson, Mark J.
Brigden, P. Tracy
Dana, Bradly R.
Feisthamel, Marlene K.
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Hungerford, Carol L.
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Trondson, Troy A.
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Cossaart, James K.
Hughes, Ryan J.
Mead, Rollin C.
Meyer, Chad R.
Miller, Duane M.
Nolte, Richard S.
Ochsner, Cameron J.
Sanderfer, Van J.
Sowers, Rebecca J.
Barta, Kristina J.
Comer, Katie R.
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Filbrandt, Candi L.
Kelly, Brian K.
Sundberg, Keri L.
Webb, Sami J.
Bumgardner, Kory L.
Dana, Jesse M.
Dunekack, Tatum L.
Hohl, Rebecca L.
Hull, Joseph Z.
Janulewicz, John D.
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Adams, Brannick D.
Browning, Michael P.
Browning, Sarah R.
Cotant, Brian J.
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Hoge, Chad J.
Hoge, Mikala A.
Jones, Charles E.
Lichty, Jonas A.
McKnight, Douglas J.
Pavlik, Kendra R.
Phelps, Lannae L.
Volk, Tonya M.
Bargen, Michelle L.
Bradley, James D.
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Friesen, Andrew S.
Fuchs, Rick W.
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Hohlen, Todd W.
Killeen, Amy C.
Longo Dietz, Meghann M.
Rutledge, John E.
Berg, Caron L.
Dabbert, William A.
Dana, Monique M.
DeBuhr, Tammy S.
Hermansen-Ryan, Kristen R.
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Thomas, Ryan E.
Thurman-Taylor, Jamie L.
Trout, Carl A.
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Mlnarik, Jamie L.
O’Brien, James M.
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Kreycik, Megan L.
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St. Germain, Thomas H.
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1976 DH
Ferguson, Debrah A.
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Watson, Cheryl A.
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1977 DH
Sullivan, Therese A.
Yost-Groh, Leslee A.
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Dembowski, Jean K.
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1981 DH
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1982 DH
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Kingston, Amy J.
Fall 2013
College of Dentistry alumni whose donations have benefited the college between January 1, 2012, and
December 31, 2012 (listed by area of specialty):
1991 AEGD
Ameku, Yoshiharu
Cooper, Veronica L.
Rush, Jeri R.
Bonness, Bryce W.
Rosenfeld, Edward F.
Zartner, Robert J.
Corcoran, William C.
Stephenson, Lane
Panther, Robert B.
Vogt, Merlyn W.
Maixner, David A.
VanDenBerghe, Thomas M.
Lavin, Marshall T.
Rush, Jeri R.
Schwandt, Nathan W.
Leffingwell, Clifford S.
Dodson, Kent E.
Engel, John D.
Feldner, Barry D.
Truong, Thu T.
Hergenrader, Alan L.
Strohschein, Dawn
Filbrandt, Candi L.
Neal, Jesse M.
Bargen, Michelle L.
Goodrich, John L.
Eckles, Terry A.
Lavitt, Dan L.
Nelson, Ricky D.
Dowling, Patti C.
Harris, Arthur W.
Laird, Bradley S.
McConnell, Jay C.
Wieseman, Christopher R.
Holmes, Brad L.
Pryor, Stephen P.
Sleder, Frank S.
Durham, Timothy M.
Edgren, Burdett R.
Hoss, John E.
Gibson, Colin S.
Hohl, Rebecca L.
Chandler, Jeffrey B.
Jones, Clark L.
Samuels, IV, A. Phillip
Pike, J. Sanders (dec.)
Mary Upshaw Pike
Morgan, James G.
Starbuck, Gordon E.
Bennion, John W.
Harris, Christopher R.
Hermsen, Michael S.
Lamey, David M.
Davis, Leon F.
Adjaj, Salwan W.
Harman, Kenneth A.
Haack, James E.
Pobanz, John M.
Stormberg, Kurt D.
Hermsen, Kenneth P.
Dent, Michael E.
Sargent, Frank H.
Konegni, John S.
Harre, Paula L.
Hoxie, Michael H.
Beaudette, Hayley C.
Alsalleeh, Fahd M.
Comer, Toby L.
Karimjee, Corey K.
Colombo, Adam S.
Walker, Ryan M.
Chan, Byron C.
Dwornik, Ralph M.
Till, Dr. Gordon E. (dec.) & Evelyn
Donlan, Kenneth J.
Cech, Anne
Moreland, Marilyn
Morris, Lightle Y.
Mosher, Ralph I.
Gibbs, John P.
Lorenz, Allen L.
Schoettger, Robert A.
Irvine, N. Ross
Simmons, Joyce D.
Boice, Patricia A.
Alexander, Steven R.
Lynch, William R.
Davis, William K.
Myers, David R.
Shelton, Preston G.
Uchida, Clyde Y.
Lockwood, Edward H.
Thayer, Todd A.
Boyd, David W.
Kuster, Curtis G.
Moyer, Ira N.
Taylor, Mark H.
Mooso, Bret E.
Cooper, Bret E.
Risinger, Richard T.
Sveen, Melissa J.
George, Theodore M.
Olsen, Joey S.
Wilgus, Mark A.
Cornhusker Impressions | 26
2013 Opportunities Fair
The UNMC College of Dentistry invites you to participate
Nov. 1 in the 2013 Dental Opportunities Fair at the college.
The fair is a time to meet students and discuss dental
practice opportunities open to them after graduation.
A table and two chairs will be provided for each group.
Some tables have electricity, but no Internet connection.
Registration is required by Oct.18. The fee is $50. Late
registration is $60. Registration will be confirmed via email.
Clip and Mail Registration:
Nedley, Amy E.
Nedley, Michael P.
Dana, Carmen L.
Swanson, Randel P.
Bennett, Jane L.
Killeen, Martin D.
Rothe, Vincent V.
Uchida, Cherie C.
Uchida, Renee C.
Hoge, Mikala A.
Skar, Bryan J.
Trout, Carl A.
Jabro, Mansoor H.
Chiappa, Julius R.
McLey, Lanny L.
Klemme, Louis W.
Kassube, Thomas L.
Reinhardt, Richard A.
Harris, Arthur W.
Kull, Stanley L.
Okano, David K.
Lunch will be provided to registrants, and parking will be
available in the patient lot on the east side of the college.
Parking permits will be provided.
Eckles, Terry A.
Schoenenberger, Edwin R.
Opportunity Fair $50 (after Oct. 18, $60)
Alley, Catherine D.
Dowling, Embree A.
Number in your party
Echols, Donald G.
Feldner, Barry D.
(limit of two, additional $10 per person)
Vance, Jody B.
Bernzweig, Eric
Couri, Christopher J.
Wilson, Angela N.
Sanderfer, Van J.
Stein, David M.
Provide names of all attendees in your party.
Please indicate if you have special dietary needs:
Rutledge, John E.
For more information, call 402-472-3285 or email
[email protected]
Neidhart, Kenneth D.
Mail with check payable to the UNMC College of
Dentistry to:
Veronica McManamon
c/o UNMC College of Dentistry
40th & Holdrege Streets
Lincoln, NE 68583-0740
Amerman, Gary W.
Kalkwarf, Kenneth L.
Walker, James A.
Adcock, John E.
Killeen, Amy C.
Bates, Robert E.
Marshall, Julie A.
Plan ahead for the 2014 Transition Seminar. Dr. C.
Steven Wolff, DDS, is co-owner with Debbie Wolff, of
EMA Dental Practice Sales. Together they have sold
230 practices in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and
Iowa. The day-long program will focus on fair market
value, analyses of hard assets, patient statistics, and
financial records, including intangibles. The event is
sponsored by the College of Dentistry in cooperation
with Health and Human Services Office of Rural
Health, and the Nebraska Dental Association.
Fall 2013
After you’ve read about all the
great things happening at the
UNMC College of Dentistry…
help make it even greater.
To make a charitable gift or pledge benefitting
the UNMC College of Dentistry, please contact:
40th and Holdrege Streets
P.O. Box 830740
Lincoln, Nebraska 68583-0740
Address Service Requested
Susan Norby
University of Nebraska Foundation
[email protected]
Cornhusker Impressions
for alumni and friends of the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry
in this
Paul Johnson’s ‘little light project’ finds its way
into COD clinics
Fourth-year dental student Paul Johnson has invented a modestly priced LED
headlight system, which he sells through his website to fellow students.
Grateful orthodontic alumnus gives back to
honor Dr. Sam Weinstein
Susan Norby, senior director of development at the University of Nebraska
Foundation, writes about Dr. Clark L. Jones and his appreciation to the UNMC
College of Dentistry and Dr. Sam and Helen Weinstein.
Private offices created for ARD faculty
Faculty members in the Department of Adult Restorative Dentistry moved into
newly remodeled private offices in August and didn’t take long to adjust to their
very own quarters.
Fall 2013
Fly UP