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Impressions Fall 2011
Cornhusker Impressions
for alumni and friends of the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry
Big man on campus
He breathes and blinks. His chest rises
and falls. His pulse can be felt at his wrist,
neck, above his elbows, and in his feet. He
can even tell you how he feels. And he is
one of the most talked about new arrivals
at the UNMC College of Dentistry.
The SimMan® is a patient simulation
system manufactured by Laerdal Medical,
the same company that developed the
resuscitation-training manikin, Resusci
Anne. SimMan will be used to teach
general emergency response techniques
to dental and hygiene students and to
teach graduate students how to respond in
anesthesia-related emergencies.
“I appreciate the fact we are one of the
few dental schools in the country able to
do this, due to the generosity of our alumni
and friends,” said Dr. J. Bruce Bavitz, the
Merritt C. Pedersen Endowed Professor of
Dentistry. “This puts us on the cutting edge
of one area of dentistry. At the same time
we are trying to possibly save someone’s
life through the use of the best equipment
The SimMan, which cost $50,000, was
purchased in 2011 with private donations
to the College of Dentistry’s Development
Fund, Technology Fund, and other private
A monitor displays SimMan’s vital signs.
see SimMan pg 4
Fall | 2011
Margin of Excellence
Our fall issue of Cornhusker Impressions focuses on the generosity of our alumni
and friends. This issue contains some great examples of what private support does
to keep us strong: cutting-edge teaching equipment (SimMan), support for student
leadership activities, and collegiate renovations and furnishings (preclinic laboratories).
In addition, this issue recognizes the many people and organizations who have
contributed in the past year and those who have given at the Dean’s Club level.
We have just completed the final steps in renovating the clinical and preclinical
areas of the school, most of which had not received major upgrading since the
building was constructed in 1967. The newest improvements in our preclinic labs
are the last step in this phase of our current building upgrades. You can read more
about the preclinic labs in this issue. The clinic-related improvements actually
began in 2002 with the construction of the Henry and June Weeth Instrument
Management Center, so we have been “in progress” for a long time. Ten classes
of students have graduated since the first of these renovations began.
Cornhusker Impressions | Fall 2011
Impressions is published three times
a year for alumni and friends of
the UNMC College of Dentistry.
Comments and suggestions are
Dr. John Reinhardt
Editorial Assistants:
Cathy Rutt
Deb Rodaway
Director of Alumni Affairs:
Dr. David Blaha
Jana Miller
Margaret Cain
For additional printed copies, contact:
David Blaha
[email protected]
(402) 486-1001
Now that we have completed the physical improvements, we are focusing on even
greater support for people and programs. Our educational programs, research
activities, and service outcomes continue to remain very strong, but the basis for
that excellence is the people behind these programs – our faculty and students.
Susan Norby, NU Foundation Director of Development, has written an article in this
issue that describes our goals and progress as part of the Campaign for Nebraska:
Unlimited Opportunities. I hope as you read that article, you will think hard about the
progress we have made, and consider what is yet to be done. If you haven’t already
contributed or pledged during the campaign, I hope you will think about that now.
With three new dental schools opening in the United States this fall and more than
300 vacant full-time faculty positions among U.S. dental schools, the challenge of
attracting and retaining the best and brightest faculty and students is becoming
more difficult. However, thanks to the generosity of so many of you, as well
as others who preceded you, the college has achieved remarkable success. As
always, we are proud of our progress but not satisfied with our successes. And
we strive to not only maintain but to improve the quality of everything we do.
Your loyal contributions are the key to helping us continue to attract and keep the
best faculty and students who make our programs outstanding. Thank you for your
steadfast support. If you have not contributed to the college, I encourage you to join
us. The margin of excellence would not be possible without your significant gifts.
John Reinhardt, DDS, MS, MPH
Professor and Dean
College of Dentistry
University of Nebraska Medical Center
UNMC College of Dentistry
40th and Holdrege Streets
Lincoln, NE 68583-0740
For address changes, contact:
Deb Rodaway, (402) 472-5135
[email protected]
Cornhusker Impressions | 2
2011 | 2012 Calendar
September 15
November 4
February 3, 2012
Dean’s Club Dinner
Practice Opportunities
Fair and Seminar
Give Kids a Smile/Dental Day XXI
Embassy Suites, downtown Lincoln
September 16-17
College of Dentistry Homecoming
CE – Dr. Teg Brickhouse
and Dr. Amy Killeen
UNMC College of Dentistry,
lower level
UNMC College of Dentistry
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
February 17, 2012
November 25
What’s New in Dentistry
Management of the Immature Apex
October 7
Confidence with Implant Dentistry
Dr. Edwin McGumphy, Ohio State
University College of Dentistry
UNMC College of Dentistry, Lincoln
9:30 a.m. Registration
Interprofessional Education Day
Dr. William Johnson, University
of Iowa College of Dentistry
UNL City Campus Student Union
9:30 a.m. Registration
December 12-13
Radiology for Dental Auxiliary
Dr. Fahd Alsalleeh, Dr. Matthew
Byarlay, and Dr. Nagamani Narayana
Clinical Applications of Endodontic
Regeneration, Guided Bone
Regeneration, Differential Diagnosis
of Common Oral Lesions
UNL East Campus Union
8 a.m. Registration
October 11
Dr. Shawneen Gonzalez
March 16, 2012
American Dental Association
UNMC College of Dentistry,
Lincoln, 7:45 a.m.
Professionals’ Day and Student
Scientific Program
UNMC West Division Dental Hygiene
Program, Gering, 6:45 a.m.
Wentz Memorial Lecture
January 6, 2012
May 4, 2012
Weeth Lecture
UNMC College of Dentistry
College of Dentistry Alumni Reception
MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada
5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
October 28
Aging Gracefully: Give Them
Something to Smile About
Doreen Smeltzer, RDH, MAEd
UNMC College of Dentistry, Lincoln
9:30 a.m. Registration
The Top 50 Most Prescribed
Medications, 8:30 a.m.
Managing the Dental
Patient in Pain, 1 p.m.
Dr. Hal Crossley, University of
Maryland Dental School
UNL East Campus Union
Lied Center for Performing Arts
May 7-10, 2012
Continuing Education Caravan
Mary Riempa Ross Theater,
UNL City Campus
8 a.m. Registration
For more information about continuing education programs, contact
Valeta Creason-Wahl at 402-472-2611 or by email at [email protected]
Fall | 2011
“Depending on what
the student does,
SimMan could get
better or not. There
are different ways the
scenario could unfold.”
Dr. Bruce Bavitz
Merritt C. Pedersen Endowed Professor of Dentisty
SimMan continued from cover
funds. He is housed in a private room in
the North Clinic. A contest to name the
SimMan will be announced in August.
Bavitz said the SimMan will be used by
dental and hygiene students to practice
for medical emergencies that can happen
anywhere but particularly in a dental office
where the incidence may be slightly higher
than in a homelike setting because of
patient anxiety. Among those emergencies
are fainting, heart attacks, strokes, and
diabetic reactions.
“Most dentists will encounter one lifethreatening emergency and several minor
ones in the lifetime of his or her practice,”
Bavitz said. The incidence is slightly higher
for dental specialists who administer
deep sedation. While life-threatening
emergencies may not happen often, he
said the college is committed to preparing
students to respond promptly and
effectively when they do occur.
“Most of us, fortunately, will never have to
face the scenario,” Bavitz said.
Medical scenarios, based on a wide range
of vital signs, clinical signs, and symptoms,
can be pre-programmed into the SimMan’s
computer software system, and students’
responses can be observed, recorded, and
assessed. Typical comments like, “I feel
faint,” “I don’t feel very good,” and “I’m
better,” also can be pre-programmed. For
example, as the SimMan tells students that
he is feeling light headed and he thinks he
may faint, his blood pressure and heart rate
begin to drop.
The patient outcome depends on the
student’s response, Bavitz said. “Depending
on what the student does, SimMan could
get better or not. There are different ways
the scenario could unfold.” Students can use
a defibrillator, apply chest compressions,
administer shock, or perform mouth-tomouth resuscitation on SimMan. They can
also administer medications and start IVs.
Use of the SimMan will be incorporated
into the existing medical emergency course
taught by Dr. Darrell Ebke. “This adds a
dimension of sophistication and realism
we never had before,” Bavitz said. Laerdal,
the manufacturer, said Resusci Anne was
developed with just that thought in mind.
The founder was convinced students would
be more motivated to learn if the manikin
were life-sized and life-like.
SimMan also will be used to prepare
dental specialists, mainly oral surgeons,
periodontists, and pediatric dentists,
who deliver advanced anesthesia, which
presents the possibility of additional
Cornhusker Impressions | 4
Dr. Bavitz and Dr. Pota
Rakes, a 2008 graduate
of the UNMC College
of Dentistry and a
2011 graduate of the
Periodontics program,
work with SimMan.
Rakes is now in private
practice in Detroit.
complications. With SimMan, instructors
can simulate a person who has stopped
breathing while under anesthesia. The
student can respond by administering an
effective antidote or breathe for the patient.
The college expects to introduce the
SimMan to a general medical emergency
course for continuing education credit for
dental practitioners in 2012, Bavitz said.
The SimMan is full size at 5-feet-9. He
weighs 88 pounds and is made of durable
plastic, rubber, and mini computer
components. An accompanying laptop
is the command center, and a monitor
displays his vital signs. While the SimMan
has a male hairstyle and physique, snap-on
parts can give it male or female features.
With that in mind, Bavitz suggested a
gender-neutral name might be appropriate.
A laptop is the system’s
control center.
Fall | 2011
Student leaders from the
UNMC College of Dentistry
are, from left, Britt Marsh,
Jack Huebner, Kyle Beulke,
and Ryan Hajek.
Nebraska dental students
step forward to lead two
national student associations
Jack Huebner is an analytical thinker who carefully chooses his words. Ryan Hajek, class
president for four years, can bring a diverse group to consensus and quickly win over his
peers. Britt Marsh “encourages the heart” with his outgoing personality and uplifting
attitude. And Kyle Beulke?
“Well, if I asked him to move rocks for five hours after school, I don’t think he would
say no,” said Hajek. “Kyle is a giving and caring person, which is what you would like in
a leader.”
The four UNMC College of Dentistry students are all leaders, filling significant leadership
roles in national dental student organizations in 2011-2012. Dean John Reinhardt said it
is rare for the college to have so many students serving at the same time or succeeding
each other in these important national leadership positions.
Cornhusker Impressions | 6
The students say their service is a direct reflection of the positive environment at the
college and the support they receive from faculty and administrators, many of whom set
an example by being involved in dental organizations themselves, despite busy schedules
of teaching, research, and patient care.
“Nebraska should be proud,” said Hajek, a fourth-year dental student from Huron, SD,
and chair of the Council of Students, Residents, and Fellows of the American Dental
Education Association (ADEA). “It’s not just support from the faculty, it’s encouragement.
When we return from meetings, the faculty always want to know what happened, what’s
going on. This says a lot about the school and what we represent.”
Being involved in leadership roles, the students said, has given them the opportunity to
travel, to meet and network with fellow students from across the country, to sit down and
talk to faculty members and administrators from other colleges, to bring back new ideas
to Nebraska and to share some of the College of Dentistry’s unique programs with other
“We all appreciate the camaraderie with students from other schools,” said Marsh, a
second-year student from Torrington, WY, who is a regional liaison for the ADEA Council
of Students, Residents, and Fellows.
Their experiences also have helped them develop communication, leadership, and time
management skills and have provided a welcome balance to a demanding academic
schedule. “You have to do the best you can with what you have,” said Huebner, a fourthyear student from Hershey, NE.
His work with the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) gave him the opportunity
to observe the inner workings of a large, well-run organization. “I like to know how things
work,” explained Huebner, who will represent ASDA’s District 8 at the American Dental
Association House of Delegates meeting this fall in Las Vegas.
The students said their experiences also have set the course for involvement in their
communities and professions after graduation. “We are the dentists of tomorrow,” Hajek
said, following in the footsteps of his father, Dr. Tom Hajek, a 1976 College of Dentistry
graduate and past president of the South Dakota Dental Association.
The students have given up lazy Saturday mornings and have spent time after class with
conference calls and emails while their classmates head home, but they said the rewards
have been worth the effort. “You have to make a few sacrifices; that’s a part of taking a
leadership role,” said Beulke, a third-year student from Omaha who is District 8 trustee
for the American Student Dental Association. He succeeded Huebner in the position, a
first for the college, according to Dean Reinhardt.
“I can’t say no,” explained Beulke when asked why he agreed to take on the ASDA
position. “I can further my knowledge of dentistry and what goes on in the dental world.
And I see the value of networking.” Student involvement isn’t new for Beulke. He was a
tour guide and president of his fraternity at Rockhurst University.
“I like to be involved to not just keep me busy, but to keep me sane,” said Marsh, who
was a captain and president of the club baseball team at the University of Wyoming. “I
like to be a voice for those around me.” In his first year in dental school, he spent all day,
every day studying or in class. Being involved in organizations has allowed him “to get
out and see what else is going on.” His involvement also has introduced him to aspects
of dentistry that may not be experienced in the classroom, but that will be useful in his
future dental practice.
Serious agendas
to come before the
Of all the business that is now before the
two major U.S. student dental associations,
five important issues came to the top of
the list, according to leaders from the
UNMC College of Dentistry.
Two College of Dentistry dental students
– Jack Huebner and Kyle Beulke – play
leadership roles in the American Student
Dental Association. And dental students
Ryan Hajek and Britt Marsh are involved
with the American Dental Education
Private giving to the college enables
student leaders to attend meetings of
these two groups and other major student
organizations. The four student leaders
identified the following issues as most
•Incorporating social media into
dental education. How do you do it,
will it work, how can it be incorporated
into dental education without being
•Maintaining the autonomy of
dentistry so dentists can run their
practices as they see best without being
•Examining how mid-level providers,
such as dental therapists, are
educated and how they fit into the
scope of practice.
•Attracting and retaining dental
school faculty, especially given tight
state budgets and the financial appeal
of private practice.
•Assessing the impact of new pass/
fail scoring system for Parts I and II of
the National Board exams on admission
policies for advanced programs.
Fall | 2011
Remodeled preclinic labs offer
clean air, convenient computer
monitors, ‘psychological boost’
In their first hour or so of dental school,
first-year students at the UNMC College
of Dentistry learn to assemble high- and
low-speed handpieces and start using the
handpieces to cut a block of plastic as if they
were preparing a tooth for a restoration.
a bright, healthy environment that is
conducive to student learning and convenient
for students, faculty, and staff. Also, he
said, the fresh colors and furnishings
contribute to the “psychological boost
you get out of having something new.”
“It gives them a sense of being in dental
school,” said Dr. Bill Johnson, associate
professor who co-teaches the 8 a.m. Dental
Materials and Techniques class with Dr.
Mark Beatty.
The new labs, designed to accommodate
50 students each, feature a bench-top
evacuation system that removes dust and
other particulate matter from the air, as
well as conveniently placed computer
monitors, enabling students to view
instructors’ PowerPoint presentations
and video demonstrations up close. One
monitor is provided for every two students
at the custom-designed workstations.
After an introductory lecture, “they have
their handpieces in their hands by 9:30,”
Johnson said, adding that the College of
Dentistry is one of a very few schools in the
United States that introduces handpieces in
The remodeled labs have been
brightened with blue cabinetry
and gray countertops, as well as
fresh paint and new flooring. A
teacher’s workstation with access
to electronic teaching equipment
Dr. Bill Johnson, associate professor
and a PA system is located in
each room. Private funding from
the first hours of dental school. Certainly, no
a variety of sources helped finance the
school introduces them earlier, he said.
$677,000 remodeling project, which began
last September and was finished in May.
Come August, this year’s entering dental
“It gives them a sense of
being in dental school.”
class will be learning how to use handpieces
and other dental instruments in a newly
remodeled and furnished preclinic laboratory
on the college’s ground floor. Second-year
students will be working in a second newly
remodeled preclinic laboratory next door.
Dr. Larry Haisch, project coordinator,
said the remodeled preclinic labs provide
Katherine Bush of Kearney, a third-year
dental student, especially appreciates the
computer monitors at the workstations. In
the old labs, presentations were projected
on three large screens at the front of each
classroom. Students in the front row had
to turn around in their seats to view the
screens, and students in the back row had
difficulty seeing the fine detail, she said.
Rhonda Simpson, Instrument Management
Center supervisor, said students now will
stay in the same lab for the first two years
of dental school, easing the stress and
confusion of multiple moves. In the past,
first-year students started in one lab and
moved to the other lab the second year.
Dental aide Bonnie Johnson oversees
the daily operation and upkeep of the
labs and works with course directors,
preparing materials for students, educating
students on the value of materials and
equipment, and stressing to students
the importance of OSHA regulations.
First-year students in the Dental Materials
Cornhusker Impressions | 8
Dental student
Katherine Bush works
with a manikin while
dental aide Bonnie
Johnson looks on
in one of the two
newly remodeled
preclinic labs. The new
evacuation system is
made up of light gray
tubing on the counter
and black tubing
under the counter.
and Techniques class learn basic restorative
techniques and how to use handpieces
and other instruments and various dental
materials. Johnson, who is vice chair of
the Department of Adult Restorative
Dentistry, and Beatty, professor and
section director of Dental Materials, have
been co-teaching the class for 12 years.
In a first-year curriculum dominated
by basic sciences, students “feel like
they are becoming a part of dentistry”
in the preclinic labs, Johnson said.
In Memory
Dr. Henry Cech, 86, Lincoln, died June 20, 2011. He
was a member of the Dental Class of 1956, and he received
his orthodontic degree in 1958. He was a past president of
the Nebraska Dental Alumni Association and the Lincoln
District Dental Association. Dr. Cech and his wife, Anne, and
other orthodontic alumni were instrumental in the funding
of a seminar room and library for the Department of Growth
and Development in 2006.
Fall | 2011
New Faculty
Dr. Amy C. Killeen, DDS, MS
Dr. Tariq Smadi, BDS, DMD
Clinical Instructor, Department of Surgical
Specialties, Section of Periodontics
Assistant Professor, Surgical Specialties
Department, Section of Endodontics
Education: BS, biology and art history,
Saint Louis University, 2002; DDS, 2006,
and Certificate in Periodontics, 2010, both
from UNMC College of Dentistry; master’s
degree in oral biology, UNMC Graduate
Studies College, 2011. Board Certified as
a Diplomate of the American Board of
Periodontology, 2011.
Education: Bachelor of Dental Surgery,
Jordan University of Science and
Technology, Jordan, 1996; DMD, University
of Pennsylvania, 2003; Certificate in
Endodontics, UNMC College of Dentistry,
2011; master’s degree in oral biology,
UNMC, expected December 2011.
Experience: She worked as a general
dentist at the Lincoln-Lancaster
County Health Department and the
University Health Center for a year after
dental school. She also taught in the
undergraduate periodontal clinic and
lab that year. She currently is in private
practices in Lincoln and Omaha. This fall
she will split her time between her private
practice in Lincoln and the college.
Responsibilities: Her responsibilities
will be in the undergraduate periodontal
clinic and instrumentation lab, with time
also in the graduate periodontal clinic and
the ATP clinic. She will lecture in various
undergraduate and graduate classes.
Interests: “I enjoy working with the
undergraduate students because
everything is new to them, and they
are excited about simply being in clinic
with a patient. Often the undergraduate
periodontal clinic is where students see
their first ‘real’ patients, and it is exciting
(and busy) for everyone that very first day!
I enjoy getting to know the undergrads
and working with them as they learn
to treatment plan a difficult perio case.
They are usually amazed to see how well
their patients’ oral health can respond to
conventional non-surgical therapy. Plus, it’s
a pleasant place to work; we have fun in
that perio clinic.”
Attraction: “I have always been interested
in teaching, even when I was an undergrad
helping Dr. (Stan) Harn in anatomy
demonstrations for high school students.
Technically, I have never really left the
college since I have either been a student
or an instructor since 2002. Most of all,
I enjoy seeing many different people on
any given day. There is a great sense of
camaraderie in the periodontal section
especially, and I truly enjoy being a part
of it. Being around people like Jenny Harn,
RDH, and Dr. Rick Reinhardt is good for
me professionally and personally. Being in
such a strong department is challenging,
but hopefully, those challenges will make
me a better instructor.”
Spare Time: She and her husband, Dr.
Marty Killeen, also a College of Dentistry
graduate, have two sons, Peter, 4, and
Patrick, 2. The family enjoys riding bikes,
camping, and hosting friends for dinner. “I
enjoy running and training for marathons
and half-marathons; and, since finishing
my residency, I have rediscovered reading
for pleasure.”
Achievements: Past board chairman of
Newly Graduated Dentists at the Jordan
Dental Association in 1996-1997. Active
supporter for Boy Scouts of America
in Plano, TX, and PTA chair and board
member of Brighter Horizons Academy in
Richardson, TX.
Experience: After graduating from
dental school in Pennsylvania in 2003,
he worked in several dental offices
in Texas. He established Safe Dental
Group, a dental practice that offered a
comprehensive approach to dentistry with
various specialists available in the same
office. He also has been a regional sales
representative and trainer for Dental
Medical Diagnostics in Dallas, installing
and supporting dental digital radiography.
In his native Jordan, he was an associate
professor at Al-Balqa University, where
he taught human anatomy, physiology,
and microbiology, and he started a small
private general dentistry practice in a
rural area.
Responsibilities: He will co-direct the
undergraduate Endodontics program with
Dr. Hany Makkawy. His responsibilities
will be in the undergraduate Endodontics
clinic and laboratory. He also will lecture
in various undergraduate classes.
Cornhusker Impressions | 10
Jillian Wallen, BDS, MS
Post-Graduate Program Director and
assistant professor, Pediatric Dentistry,
Department of Growth and Development
Education: BDS, University of Glasgow
Dental Hospital and School, Scotland;
residency and master’s degree in pediatric
dentistry, The Ohio State University and
Nationwide Children’s Hospital, 2002.
Research Interests: He is currently
conducting research on the effect of Bone
Morphogenetic Protein 2 (BMP2) on human
dental pulp cell.
Attraction: “In my two years of residency,
I have enjoyed working with the students,
staff, and faculty at the College of
Dentistry. It was the great experience
that encouraged me to remain, become
a team member, and contribute to the
educational process.”
First Impressions: The College of
Dentistry offers a strong educational
program in a “warm and caring
Experience: Assistant professor and postgraduate program director in pediatric
dentistry at the University of Maryland,
Baltimore College of Dentistry, 2006-2011;
assistant professor in pediatric dentistry,
University of Colorado and the Children’s
Hospital, Denver, 2002-2006.
Responsibilities: Post-graduate training
in pediatric dentistry at the residency
program based in Omaha at UNMC’s
Munroe Meyer Institute and our new clinic
at Children’s Hospital.
Special Interests: Improving access to
care for individuals with special health
care needs and quality of life assessments
for pediatric patients seeking dental care.
Attraction: Excellent opportunities for
post-graduate pediatric dental residents at
the new clinic at the Children’s Hospital in
First Impressions: “Incredibly welcoming,
excellent students and faculty who
obviously care a great deal about the
institution and the education provided
Spare Time: Dr. Wallen and her husband,
Matt, recently moved to Omaha from the
East Coast. She is originally from Scotland.
The Wallens and their two “very good dogs”
are happy to be living in the Midwest. Dr.
Wallen recently completed 200 hours of
teacher training in yoga and is exploring
teaching opportunities in the Omaha area.
Spare Time: He is married to Desiree, a
part-time math instructor at Southeast
Community College. Their son, Omar,
9, and their daughter, Hanan, 7, enjoy
swimming and Tae Kwon Do at the YMCA.
The Smadi family also enjoys outdoor
activities and traveling.
Fall | 2011
Rural dentist consults via telehealth
with faculty, students about patient with
gunshot wound
A middle-aged patient who had sustained a gunshot wound to
the face more than a decade ago was the first case presented
June 25 in the UNMC College of Dentistry’s new Community
Grand Rounds.
David Brown, PhD, executive associate dean, said the patient
had not received proper care at the time of the injury and,
as a result, “had lost several teeth and most of the right
mandible.” Many of the remaining teeth were in jeopardy
because of decay and infection.
Dr. Susan Alexander (DDS, 2004), a UNMC staff dentist who
works at the Good Neighbor Community Health Center in
Columbus, presented the patient’s case from Columbus to
some 50 dental students and faculty members assembled in
Dixon Lecture Hall at the college.
The unusual case “was an eye opener for students,” Brown
said. “I don’t think they had seen anything like this. I’ve never
even seen a gunshot wound to the face.” The patient had lost
hearing in one ear and suffered with TMJ problems as a result
of the injury.
As part of the Community Grand Rounds protocol, Alexander
used photos, radiographs, and intraoral camera images to
seek expert opinions from the COD specialty faculty. In turn,
the faculty used the case to pose issues and ask questions
of the students regarding differential diagnoses, treatment
options, and prognosis. The exchange was transmitted from
Alexander’s clinic in Columbus to a data projector and
plasma display in Dixon Hall through the Nebraska Telehealth
Community Grand Rounds is an interactive videoconference
presentation of a patient’s oral health needs and a discussion
by a panel of COD experts regarding potential treatment
options. Brown said out-of-the-ordinary cases are chosen to
give students another learning opportunity. In this first case,
the specialists at the college praised Alexander for her high
quality work, he said.
The purpose of Grand Rounds is to introduce practitioners
and students to the opportunities and benefits of using
telehealth to serve the oral health needs of patients in rural
communities, Brown said. It also is intended to demonstrate
that practicing dentistry in a rural area does not mean
isolation from the dental community and dental specialty
In Community Grand Rounds, case presentations originate
from rural dental offices and are transmitted to the College
of Dentistry in Lincoln and to UNMC in Omaha. The audience
consists primarily of third- and fourth-year dental students and
interested COD faculty.
Brown said the college anticipates hosting Grand Rounds
presentations four times a year, with the next one, and
possibly two, expected this fall. No dates have been set. One
of the next presenters is expected to be Dr. Jessica Meeske,
a pediatric dentist in Hastings and a mentor for the college’s
dental students, hygiene students, and graduate students.
Future Grand Rounds presentations will be available to
alumni and other interested health professionals via desktop
streaming and connection with other Nebraska Telehealth
Network sites, Brown said. Support for Community Grand
Rounds has come from an $8,000 grant from the State of
Nebraska Office of Rural Health.
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Cornhusker Impressions | 12
Dr. Stan Harn
shows a wallmounted drill in a
dental office from
the early 1900s.
Take a walk through dental
history at the 2011 Reunion
Alumni and friends who visit the UNMC
College of Dentistry for the 2011 Reunion
don’t have to walk far to experience more
than 150 years of dental history.
Lower right: Dental
supplies from the 1930s
atop a mahogany
dental cabinet
Lower left: A Ritter
unit from the 1930s
It’s just a few short steps from the newly
remodeled preclinic laboratories, where a
new evacuation system minimizes exposure
to dust and other particulate matter, to the
college’s Dental Museum, where more than
150 years of dental artifacts are displayed,
some in period settings.
Included in the displays is a 1930s Ritter
unit that houses almost everything a
dentist would need—a drill, water, lights.
Another artifact from the 1930s is a
mahogany dental cabinet with supplies of
the period including bottles of Listerine.
In a 1910 dental office, visitors will find a
wall-mounted dental drill that hangs from
a pulley.
Dr. Stan Harn, museum curator, will be
available to answer questions about these
and other items during reunion week,
September 12-17. The museum will be open
the following hours during the week:
Mon., Tues., and Fri. | 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Wed. and Thurs. | 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturday | 8 a.m. – 12 noon
Fall | 2011
Photo courtesy of Dr. Richard Schilling
Watercolors by Richard Schilling
shown at Great Plains Museum
“Autumn’s Bounty,” one
of the watercolors from
Dr. Richard Schilling’s
Portraits of the Prairie:
the Land that Inspired
Willa Cather.
Dr. Richard Schilling, a DDS 1957 alumnus of the UNMC College of Dentistry, created a book of
his unique watercolor paintings and ink sketches depicting scenes from Nebraska that relate to
Published by the University of Nebraska Press, Portraits of the Prairie: the Land that Inspired
Willa Cather also features excerpts from Cather’s books and comments by Schilling. Earlier this
year, Portraits of the Prairie was chosen by Publishers Weekly as one of the Top Ten books of
2011 in the Art and Architecture category.
An exhibit of the paintings and sketches is on display at UNL’s Great Plains Art Museum in
downtown Lincoln through the end of September and then travels to venues in Red Cloud, NE,
and Loveland, CO, through April 2012. The book can be purchased through the University of
Nebraska Press by calling 800-848-6224 or online at www.nebraskapress.unl.edu.
Schilling and 12 other College of Dentistry alumni were featured in the Fall 2007 Cornhusker
Impressions in a series about the art and science of dentistry.
Cornhusker Impressions | 14
‘Your contribution is a great way
to thank the dental college’
By Susan Norby, Director of Development,
University of Nebraska Foundation
A very loyal, supportive alumnus recently sent
me this statement to include in an upcoming
25th class reunion giving appeal:
“Your contribution is a great way to thank
the dental college for the education you
received, which helped make you the best
dentist, dental hygienist, orthodontist,
endodontist, periodontist, pediatric dentist
or oral surgeon in your community.”
This reminder is right on the mark. The crux
of charitable giving for your alma mater
is about giving back to an institution that
helped you succeed professionally and has
been pivotal to your career and lifestyle. In
so doing, your gift helps the college continue
its mission of educating generations of oral
health professionals who will soon join you as
colleagues and fellow alumni.
The college depends on your charitable
support and puts all gifts to excellent use.
Charitable giving has an especially vital role,
as state funding and tuition alone do not
cover all that’s needed to provide modern,
world-class oral health education.
programs such as Dental Day, the Sealant
Program and the Sharing Clinic, which reach
patients who otherwise may not have access
to oral health care.
And now it’s seen through the success of
the Campaign for Nebraska: Unlimited
Possibilities, the University of Nebraska’s
comprehensive fundraising initiative led
by the University of Nebraska Foundation.
This campaign seeks gifts to the College of
Dentistry to create and sustain a margin
of excellence in comprehensive oral health
clinical instruction, research and patient
care. The campaign recognizes philanthropy
is critical to achieving and sustaining
our college’s status as one of the finest
institutions for oral health education.
Publicly announced in 2009, the campaign
concludes in 2014. The goal for the College
of Dentistry is to raise $12 million in gifts and
qualified planned gifts. As of May 31, 2011,
alumni and friends have generously given
nearly $9.4 million, placing us at 78 percent
of the goal.
Highlights of this support include more than
•$4.5 million for academic programs
This annual Honor Roll issue of Cornhusker
Impressions provides another opportunity
to say thank you to all who have made
an important investment in the college.
The aggregate impact of many alumni
contributing is significant and visible. It’s
seen in the state-of-the-art clinic renovations
and new equipment. It’s seen in student
scholarships to help ease the burden of
tuition debt.
•$3 million for student scholarships
It’s seen in the incredible research programs—
from studies about cancer cell-signaling, to
bone degeneration, to targeted delivery of
pharmaceuticals, and more—all advancing
health science and critical thinking.
•Ameritas insurance company committing
$250,000 to oral cancer programs.
It’s seen in the impact giving has on our
patient-centered, community outreach
•$930,000 for faculty support
•$775,000 for capital and equipment
•$44,500 for research
Exciting headlines related to philanthropy
•Receiving five new $100,000 endowed
faculty fellowships.
•Completing an extensive 12-year
renovation made possible by $12 million in
private and state support.
With the Campaign for Nebraska, we now
turn our focus on charitable support for
Susan S. Norby,
Director of Development
University of Nebraska Foundation
1010 Lincoln Mall, Suite 300
Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 458-1183 | (800) 432-3216
[email protected]
the people of the college—our talented
faculty, students and the patients served.
The campaign provides an opportunity to
increase endowed support for faculty, which
is essential to recognize the accomplishments
of talented instructors and researchers and
helps retain and recruit the best. We must
also increase the number of scholarships
available for students. And we seek endowed
support for patient-care programs.
As you think about your career and the role
the college has played, please consider
investing in the college’s future. Your gifts
make an incredible difference, and gifts of
all amounts are appreciated. I’m available to
visit with you to help determine a giving plan
right for you. Thank you for helping make the
college stronger and better for the profession
and future generations.
Fall | 2011
College of Dentistry Honor Roll
Thank you to all our alumni and friends who generously support the UNMC College of Dentistry. Private gifts allow
our dental college to build upon its tradition of excellence and provide the very best in oral health clinical education,
research, and patient care.
The College of Dentistry is pleased to offer this Honor Roll in grateful recognition of its loyal alumni, faculty, and
friends who have generously supported the college through gifts, pledges, and bequests to the University of Nebraska
The lists below were provided by the University of Nebraska Foundation. Every effort has been made to insure that the
names and categories are correct. Please direct your questions and/or changes to the University Foundation Office,
tel. 800-432-3216. Thank you.
Dental College Dean’s Club
Membership in the Dental Dean’s Club is conferred to donors whose cumulative giving to any dental college fund(s)
exceeds $10,000 (if pledged, the qualifying amount of $10,000 can be paid over a period of up to 10 years). New
members are indicated with an asterisk:
Mrs. Elaine Aarstad
Dr. & Mrs. John E. Adcock
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Aitken
Dr. Joan E. Albrecht
Dr. Steven R. & JoAnn Alexander
Dr. Richard & Tammra Allen
Dr. Catherine S. Alley & Todd Alley
Dr. Gary W. & Mary Alice Amerman
Dr. John D. & Kathy L. Andersen
Dr. Kathleen I. & Dr. Charles T. Anderson
Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Anderson
Steven F. Anderson, D.D.S.
Dr. Travis J. & Mrs. Amber J. Antholz
Dr. & Mrs. Donald C. Asbjörnson
Dr. Jon C. Asbjörnson
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Attanasio
Dr. & Mrs. Walter & Mona Babcock
Dr. & Mrs. William F.V. Baeder, III
Dr. & Mrs. Dana L. Bailey
Mrs. Susan R. Bailey
Dr. Douglas J. Baker
Dr. & Mrs. Kevin L. Baker
Dr. & Mrs. Roger D. Baker
R. Kent Banta, D.D.S.
Dr. Wayne & Carolyn Barkmeier
Dr. William Barnard & Kelley Monahan
Dr. Ed Barrett
Dr. Tom L. & Sandra J. Barth
Mrs. Ken Batenhorst
Dr. Harley & Mary Batie
Dr. & Mrs. Charles D. Bauer
Dr. & Mrs. Jon Baumann
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Bavitz
Dr. Marcia K. Beck
Drs. Ronald D. & Janell Beck
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Beeson
Dr. & Mrs. George F. Beilby
Dr. Doug & Cindy Bennion
Dr. & Mrs. John W. Bennion
Dr. & Mrs. Albert Bird
Dr. David & Jill Blaha
Dr. & Mrs. Charles J. Boettcher
*Dr. Patricia Boice &
Mr. Lawrence Goldberg
Dr. & Mrs. Richard K. Bokemper
Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Bonahoom
Dr. Bryce W. & Carol A. Bonness
Joseph M. Bordeaux, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy D. Borg
Dr. & Mrs. Nektarios A. Bouzis
Dr. & Mrs. David W. Boyd
Richard E. Bradley, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Charles D. Broadbent
Jerry R. Brockman, D.D.S. &
Therese A. Sullivan, R.D.H., M.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan D. Brott
Dr. David G. Brown &
Ms. Susan Whitmire
Helen H. Bruce
Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Bryson
Dr. & Mrs. Donald M. Bucy
Dr. Steven A. Buechler
Jeffrey A. Bunkers, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur A.L. Burbridge
*Drs. Mark E. & Kimberly A. Bush
Dr. Jim & Debby Butz
Dino A. Cacchiotti, D.D.S.
Dr. Maynard S. Campbell
Dr. & Mrs. Francis J. Cavlovic
Anne Cech
Kin H. Ching, D.D.S.
Charles J. Choi, D.D.S.
Dr. Gary D. Christensen
Drs. Susan M. & Michael J. Christensen
Craig A. Christiansen, D.D.S.
Mrs. Ted Chuman
Dr. Terry & Barbara Cisler
Dennis & Rhoda Claridge
Joni & Ed Clark, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence S. Clarke
Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Coke
Clara E. Tao, D.D.S. &
Douglas J. Colvin, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Steven L. Combs
Drs. Toby L. & Katie R. Comer
Cones State Bank
Gail B. & Dan W. Cook, III
Sandra L. Cook, D.D.S.
Drs. Bret & Veronica Cooper
William C. Corcoran, D.D.S.
Coulter Family Trust
Dr. & Mrs. Jerry R. Cox
Lynn A. Cramer, D.D.S.
Dr. Ross & Lisa Crist
Dr. Robert J. & Beverly D. Crownover
Dr. & Mrs. Roger K. Curry
Dr. & Mrs. Lee A. Dahl
Dr. Michael E. Dalton
Dr. Bradly R. Dana
Dr. Michael R. & Jo Conda D. Dana
Dr. & Mrs. Neal P. Davis
Dr. & Mrs. Russell L. Davis
Dr. & Mrs. Todd E. DeBates
Delta Dental of Nebraska
Mrs. Harold L. Demaree
Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Derr
Warren L. Diefendorf, D.D.S.
Mrs. Rosemary Dixon
Dr. David E. & Anne Dodrill
*Dr. Otto W. Dohm
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Donlan
*Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Dorsey
Dr. J. Richard Dosek
Dr. Michael Doty & Family
Drs. Patti & Alan Dowling
Dr. Bernard J. Doyle
Linda M. DuBois, D.D.S., Ph.D.
Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Duda
Dr. & Mrs. Bernard P. Dudzinski
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Durham
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Dymerski
Dr. Thomas & Dr. Patricia Eastman
Dr. & Mrs. Donald G. Echols
Terry A. Eckles, D.D.S., M.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Burdett R. Edgren
*Dr. Mark Edwards &
Gretchen Bartlett-Edwards, R.D.H.
Dr. & Mrs. Orin & Linda Ellwein
Dr. & Mrs. John D. Engel
Dr. & Mrs. Bryan K. Ericson
Dr. & Mrs. Phil R. Etzelmiller
Dr. & Mrs. Frank J. Evans
Dr. & Mrs. M. Thomas Evans
Dr. & Mrs. Philip J. Eyen
Dr. Tom & Cathy Fagot
Mrs. Nancy H. Ferguson
Dr. Lonnie Flagtwet &
Lana Lobsiger Flagtwet
Dr. Donald & Judith Fricke
Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Furmanski
Dr. & Mrs. Steven J. Gallagher
Dr. Wayne & Celia Ganow
Dr. & Mrs. M. James Ganser
Gretchen J. Garcia
Dr. Reg L. & Linda L. Gartner
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Gemar
Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Genrich
*Dr. & Mrs. Mark D. George
Dr. & Mrs. John P. Gibbs
Dr. & Mrs. William W. Gist, IV
Dr. Robert W. & Mary Glenn
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Goebel
Lori, Mallory & Madeline Eversoll
Mr. & Mrs. Dan & Linda Greer
Dr. & Mrs. William T. & Kathryn G. Greer
Dr. & Mrs. James E. Haack
Dr. & Mrs. Gary E. Hagen
Kenneth J. Hagen, Jr., D.D.S.
Dr. Larry D. Haisch &
Cathi Johnson-Haisch
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Hajek
Dr. & Mrs. Wayne L. Hansen
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce L. Hanson
Dr. Phillip J. Haram
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Harman
Dr. & Mrs. Raynor L. Harmeson
*Dr. & Mrs. Stanton & Jennifer Harn
Dr. Paula L. Harre & Daniel J. Duncan
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Harris
Dr. Kristine Harris & Mr. Timothy Harris
Dr. & Mrs. Robin Hattervig
Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Hawley
Dr. Richard S. Hay
Dr. Mike & Dawn Hecox
Dr. & Mrs. William H. Heggen, III
Helen Heins
Dr. & Mrs. Steven T. Heldridge
Delton J. Herget, D.D.S.
Dr. Kenneth P. & Linda Hermsen
Dr. & Mrs. Matthew L. Herzberg
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond W. Heuke
*Dr. Jill Hild & Mr. David Hild
Dr. & Mrs. R. Mark Hinrichs
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Hinrichs
Gwen Hlava, B.S.D.H.
Dr. Donald H. & Mrs. B. J. Hoch
*Dr. & Mrs. Paul E. Holm
Dr. & Mrs. Brenton L. Holman
Dr. & Mrs. Bradley J. Hoppens
Dr. & Mrs. James L. Horner
Dr. John E. & Sandra Hoss
Cornhusker Impressions | 16
More than 225 needy children
benefitted from services provided June
2-4 at Dental Day XX in the Nebraska
Panhandle. Dean John Reinhardt noted
the “remarkable spirit of giving at each
site” – Alliance, Chadron, Gordon, and
Sidney. He commended Dental Day
planners and organizers, pediatric
residents, and faculty leaders – Dr.
David Brown; Dr. Scott Hamilton; Dr. Jim
Jenkins; Dr. Ernie Sigler; Gwen Hlava,
RDH; and Todd Junge, RDH. He also
thanked Lisa Moravec, RDH, and Nicole
Fritschie, RDH, from the West Division
Dental Hygiene Program; Dr. Dan Gioia
and his staff at Chadron; Troy Stevens
who transported, installed, and serviced
equipment; and the staff and faculty
who contributed to the event, while
remaining in Lincoln.
Dr. Joan Sivers has been named
interim chair of the Department of
Growth and Development, a position
that had been held by Dr. Curt Kuster.
Kuster retired July 8.
The UNMC College of Dentistry hosted
20 pre-dental students in the Summer
Medical Dental Education Program
in June and July. The undergraduate
students from across the United States
spent each Friday for six weeks at
the college. UNMC is one of 12 sites
selected by the Robert Wood Johnson
Foundation to host the annual summer
program. The students attend courses
about science and dentistry, work with
manikins in preclinic laboratories and
clinics, and learn about the dental school
application process.
Congratulations to Dr. Hany Makkawy
for his volunteer work at the People’s
Health Center in Lincoln. Makkawy and
dental students from the College of
Dentistry provided root canal treatment
for many patients at the center over the
past 10 months. His volunteer work was
featured June 25 in the Lincoln Journal
Star Neighborhood Extra.
A $15,000 grant has been awarded
to the College of Dentistry Dental
Hygiene Program to sustain and expand
its Omaha Dental Hygiene Sealant
Program. Todd Junge, assistant
professor, was the primary author of
the grant application. The money was
awarded by the National Children’s Oral
Health Foundation.
Lisa Moravec, RDH, MS, has been
selected as Hu-Friedy’s 2011 ADHA
Center for Lifelong Learning Scholar.
Moravec is assistant professor and
coordinator of the Dental Hygiene West
Division Program in Gering. She was
recognized at the ADHA’s annual session
in Nashville, TN.
Dental hygiene students Kimberly
Nuss and Ginny McCracken received
honorable mention on their poster at the
ADHA Annual Session’s Research Poster
Competition. Their poster was titled,
“An in Vivo Evaluation of Occupational
Radiation Exposure of a Hand-held
Portable Digital Radiographic Unit.”
Their faculty mentor was Dr. Shawneen
Fall | 2011
College of Dentistry Honor Roll
Dean’s Club continued from page 16
Dr. Michael Houk
Dr. Donna Howe & Mr. Daniel Howe
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Hoxie
Miriam Hueftle
Mrs. L. James Huff
William W. Hull, D.D.S.
Dr. Mark & Susan Hungerford
Dr. & Mrs. William A. Hunter
Richard A. Hutchins, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen S. Hwang
Dr. & Mrs. Sam F. Jacoby
Dr. & Mrs. David E. James
Dr. Dick J. Jeffers
Dr. & Mrs. James F. Jenkins
Carl K. Johnson, D.D.S.
Gayle Jones
Dr. & Mrs. Michael D. Jones
Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Jones
Dr. Warren L. Jones
Roger E. Jurgens, D.D.S.
Dr. John L. Justice
Dr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Kalal
Dr. Wayne & Karole Kaldahl
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Kalkwarf
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Karmazin
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Kassube
Eugene E. Keller, D.D.S., M.S.
*Dr. & Mrs. Patrick D. Kelly
Lonnie W. Kennel, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. John N. Kent
Dr. Byron W. Killpack
Dr. Michael & Carol Kleppinger
Dr. & Mrs. William R. Knoderer
Mrs. Mildred M. Knodle
Richard L. Koch, D.D.S.
John S. Konegni, D.D.S.
Robert F. Krejci, D.D.S.
Dr. Jerry A. Kroeger &
Ms. June Simpson
Stanley L. Kull, D.D.S.
*Dr. & Mrs. Edward Kusek
Dr. & Mrs. Curtis G. Kuster
Mary Ferguson LaFave & James LaFave
Michael R. LaFerla, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Gregg L. Lage
Dr. & Mrs. George L. Landgren
Dr. John C. & Ursula M. Langfeldt
Dr. Jack B. & Marena Larson
*Dr. Sandra S. Larson & Steven J. Larson
Drs. Marshall & Angeline Lavin
Dr. Stephen H. &
Janice Chatfield Leeper
Dr. Tim Lemke
Dr. & Mrs. Marcos A. Lenza
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Leseberg
Martha L. Liggett
Jerry L. Linder, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Lodes
Dr. & Mrs. David V. Lofgreen
Allen L. Lorenz, D.D.S., M.S.
Dr. John & Jane Lott
Dr. & Mrs. Kent E. Lovelace
Harriet T. Ludwick
Hope W. Ludwick
Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Lytle
Dr. Larry Lytle
Dr. & Mrs. Christopher J. MacKnight
Dr. Stuart S. MacPherson
Robert D. Madden, D.D.S., M.B.A.
Dr. & Mrs. Edward M. Mansfield
Dr. & Mrs. Max M. Martin, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. John D. Mathes
Dr. Harold E. &
Marilyn Pedersen Maude
Paul J. Maxwell Jr., D.D.S.
Mrs. Patricia J. Mayer
Dr. Kent E. McArdle
Dr. & Mrs. Charles M. McCann
Daniel D. McClenahan, D.D.S.
Kimberly K. McFarland, D.D.S. &
James D. McFarland
Dr. & Mrs. James McKnight
Robert E., D.D.S. &
Kathleen A. McPherson, Ph.D.
Rollin C. Mead, D.D.S.
Drs. Todd A. Pankratz &
Jessica A. Meeske
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Melcher
Dr. Eugene S. & Marolyn H. Merchant
Dr. & Mrs. David M. Meyer
Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Meyer
Dr. & Mrs. Roger N. Meyer
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Milius
Dr. & Mrs. Gaylen R. Miller & Family
Dr. Jacqueline M. Miller
Dr. & Mrs. Steven M. Moore
Dr. Bernard J. Moran
Mrs. Darrel G. Moreland
Lightle Y. Morris Jr., D.D.S.
Mr. Kenneth Morrison
Dr. & Mrs. Scott L. Morrison
Nebraska Society of Orthodontists
Dr. Kenneth D. Neidhart
Gayle & Angie Nelson
Dr. Guy & Cathy Nelson
Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Nelson
Ricky D. Nelson, D.D.S.
Dr. Kenton & Mary Neuhaus
Dr. David & Betsy Neumeister
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey R. Nielsen
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn A. Noble
Dr. & Mrs. Paul E. Noe
Susan Sack Norby
Dr. & Mrs. William R. Nordstrom
David C. Obenchain, D.D.S.
*Dr. Jane E. Odgers
David K. Okano, D.D.S., M.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Erik D. Olsen
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis P. Olson
Dr. & Mrs. Hamid Omana
Robert R. & Carolyn S. Otte
Dr. & Mrs. Scott V. Palmer
Wesley N. Parks, D.D.S.
Richard C. Paulson, D.D.S., M.S.
Drs. Jeffrey Payne & Jodie Stein
Dr. & Mrs. James L. Peck
Pejsar & Pejsar DDS PC
Dr. Steven & Connie Pejsar
Dr. & Mrs. Gordon G. Pejsar
Dr. John & Cathy Pershing
Dr. & Mrs. Jason M. Peterson
Ronald J. Peterson, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Pieper
Dr. J. Sanders & Mary Upshaw Pike
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Pillar
Dr. James R. Plihal
Dr. Roger D. & Julia A. Plooster
John M. Pobanz, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Powell
Jerry C. Prahl, D.D.S. &
Lorraine E. Prahl
Dr. Richard & Lynn Provinzino
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Pryor
Dr. Myron & Susan Pudwill
Dr. & Mrs. Edward E. Quincy
Dr. & Mrs. Richard W. Raab
Dr. & Mrs. David J. Rallis
Margaret & Bobby Raynor
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Readhead
Dr. William J. Reardon
Dr. & Mrs. Rand Larson Redfern
Betty L. Reinhardt
Dr. John W. & Claudia Reinhardt
Mrs. Mary J. Reinhardt
Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Reinhardt
Dr. Shelley Ridenour &
Mr. Chester Ridenour
Dr. Barbara J. Ries
Dr. Beth Hoegemeyer Ripp &
Michael Ripp
Dr. & Mrs. Richard T. Risinger
Dr. & Mrs. Alan L. Robertson
Dr. & Mrs. Steven J. Rodenburg
Mrs. Robert E. Roemmich
Robert & Susan Roesch
Dr. & Mrs. Harold E. Rosenau
Dr. & Mrs. Edward F. Rosenfeld
Dr. Jeri Rush & Mr. Ronald Scheidt
Dr. & Mrs. A. Phillip Samuels, IV
Dr. & Mrs. Frank H. Sargent
Dr. & Mrs. Brian R. Sather
Dr. & Mrs. Jay T. Sawyer
Dr. Richard J. & Marlene A. Schilling
Dr. Lana Schlecht & Warren Schlecht
Dr. George H. & Barbara Schlothauer
Dr. & Mrs. Larry J. Schmitt
Dr. & Mrs. Edwin R. Schoenenberger
Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Schoettger
Dr. & Mrs. Gordon D. Schulte
Nathan W. Schwandt, D.D.S.
Rebecca M. Fricke Scott, D.D.S.
Jeri L. Scranton, D.D.S.
John R. Seberg, D.D.S.
Richard L. Seberg, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. John W. Segrist
Dr. & Mrs. Lee S. Shackelford
Dr. & Mrs. James M. Shaddock
*Dr. Richard B. Shipp
Dr. & Mrs. Ernest W. Sigler
Dr. Joyce D. Simmons
Dr. Joan Sivers & Mr. Jerome Soulliere
Dr. & Mrs. Charles S. Skoglund
Larry V. & Lois Smith
Dr. Robert L. Smith
South Dakota Dental Foundation
Sowers Club of Nebraska Foundation
Dr. David S. & Susan R. Spann
*Dr. & Mrs. Henry St. Germain, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. James K. States
Dr. & Mrs. Steven A. Stec
Jean W. Steinacher
Mrs. Robert M. Stemm
Shannon R. Stemm, M.D. &
Jeffrey Meade, M.D.
Lane Stephenson, D.D.S.
Dr. James Stokos
Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Stormberg
Dr. & Mrs. James C. Stover
*Dr. & Mrs. Terry Strawhecker
Dr. Philip E. & Dr. Sara A. Strevey
Dr. & Mrs. Corbett W. Summers, II
Dr. Melissa & Mr. Jay Sveen
Dr. Paul D. & Marcia J. Swanson
Dr. D.N. Taylor, Jr. &
Mrs. Patricia Taylor
Dr. Mark & Kathy Taylor
Dr. Ronald & Mary Teel
Dr. & Mrs. Melvin Thaler
Dr. & Mrs. Don L. Theophilus
Dr. & Mrs. Gregory D. Thomas
Michael R. Thomas, D.D.S.
Dr. Paul & Miriam Thomas
Dr. Jane M. Thomason
Dr. Allen & Paulette Thomsen
Dr. & Mrs. Grant S. Titze
Chad W. Tolly, D.D.S.
Dr. Harry & Ann Tolly
Drs. Dan E. & Suzanne Nelson Tolman
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Trandal
Dr. Vicki Treat Huber &
Mr. Charles Huber
Dean A. Troyer, D.D.S.
Dr. Thanh Truong
Dr. & Mrs. Rodney C. Tuenge
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Tusha
Gerald & Connie Tussing
Dr. Ellen J. Tye & Mr. James S. Tye
Dr. & Mrs. Robert P. Tyrrell
Clyde Yoshio Uchida, D.D.S., M.S.
Dr. W. Roger Van Cleave
Dr. J.P. Van Regenmorter
Jody B. Vance, D.D.S., M.S.
Dr. Mark & Nancy Vanicek
Dr. & Mrs. Louis C. Vejraska
David J. Velasco, Jr., D.D.S.
Dr. Merlyn W. & Bette Vogt
Dr. & Mrs. Richard M. Wade
Dr. & Mrs. Bradley K. Walgren
James A. Walker, D.D.S. &
Linda S. Porter
Dr. & Mrs. Steven J. Walker
Drs. David D. & Linda K. Walline
Dr. & Mrs. Lannie Weak
Dr. & Mrs. H. Eugene Weary
Drs. Sami Jo & Jason Webb
Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Webb
Dr. & Mrs. Scott M. Weber
Dr. & Mrs. George E. Weisel
Dr. W. E. Wessel
Dr. & Mrs. Jon S. Wheat
Jim & Mimi Wickless
Mrs. Cathy Wilbrand
Dr. Mark & Josi Wilgus
Dr. Herbert T. & Lenore J. Williams
*Dr. Angela Wilson & Mr. Paul Wilson
Drs. Robert & Sharlene Wilson
Dr. & Mrs. Brian T. Wiswall
Dr. & Mrs. Walter C. Wittgow
Mrs. Bernice Wolfley
Dr. & Mrs. Terry L. Wostrel
Leslee Yost-Groh, B.S.D.H.
Randol C. Zachry, D.D.S.
William E. Ziegenbein, D.D.S.
Dr. Brian W. Zuerlein
Cornhusker Impressions | 18
Dental College Dean’s Club Tribute Gifts
In Memory of Dr. Charles Clement (D.D.S. 1969) | Anonymous
In Memory of Dr. Charles Decker (D.D.S. 1969) | Anonymous
In Memory of Dr. Allan Kestner (D.D.S. 1969) | Anonymous
In Memory of Dr. Louis Vejraska (D.D.S. 1945) | Mrs. Elda Vejraska
Planned Gifts to benefit the College of Dentistry
The following donors have confirmed a deferred or planned gift to the NU Foundation or have named the NU Foundation as a beneficiary of their estate, with
instructions for proceeds to benefit the UNMC College of Dentistry:
Dr. Robert R. Aarvig
Drs. E. Stephen & Lisa M. Alder
Dr. Wayne & Carolyn Barkmeier
Dr. Harley & Mary Batie
Drs. Ronald D. & Janell Beck
Dr. & Mrs. George F. Beilby
Dr. Bryce W. & Carol A. Bonness
Dr. Richard E. Bradley
Dr. David G. Brown & Ms. Susan Whitmire
Dr. Steven A. Buechler
Anne Cech
Dr. Ross & Lisa Crist
Dr. Robert J. & Beverly D. Crownover
Mrs. Rosemary Dixon
Meredith Brown DuBois
Dr. Paula L. Harre & Daniel J. Duncan
Change of
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Dymerski
Dr. & Mrs. M. Thomas Evans
Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Furmanski
Dr. Wayne & Celia Ganow
Dr. Reg L. & Linda L. Gartner
Dr. Roxanne Gould
Dr. W. Peter Guthmann
Dr. Richard S. Hay
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond W. Heuke
Dr. John E. & Sandra Hoss
Dr. Mark & Susan Hungerford
Dr. & Mrs. Joel E. Janssen
Dr. & Mrs. James F. Jenkins
Dr. Jack B. & Marena Larson
Dr. Robert D. Madden
Dr. & Mrs. Gaylen R. Miller & Family
Dr. Bernard J. Moran
Dr. Gayle & Angie Nelson
Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Nelson
Dr. & Mrs. Joey S. Olsen
Dr. John W. & Claudia Reinhardt
Dr. Richard J. & Marlene A. Schilling
Dr. John R. Seberg
Dr. Robert L. Smith
Jean W. Steinacher
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Trandal
Dr. & Mrs. H. Eugene Weary
Dr. & Mrs. George E. Weisel
Drs. Robert & Sharlene Wilson
Dr. & Mrs. Walter C. Wittgow
Dr. & Mrs. Karl B. Zeiler
Please send address updates (both home and business) to the UNMC College of Dentistry
(address listed below) or e-mail changes to [email protected]
HOME address update information
BUSINESS address update information
City, State, Zip:____________________________________________
City, State, Zip:____________________________________________
Spouse Name:____________________________________________
MAIL THIS FORM TO: UNMC College of Dentistry | Attention: Deb Rodaway | 40th & Holdrege, POB 830740 | Lincoln, NE 68583-0750
Fall | 2011
College of Dentistry Honor Roll
2010 Donors
Alumni and friends whose donations for the College of Dentistry were
received between January 1, 2010, and December 31, 2010:
D i am on d
C en tu r y Cl u b
( $ 10 , 0 0 0 an d above)
Christensen, Susan M. & Michael J.
Delta Dental
Dixon, Rosemary
Dohm, Otto W.
Doyle, Bernard J.
Ellwein, Orin W. & Linda
Evans, M. Thomas & Beverly
Greer, William T. & Kathryn G.
Harre, Paula L. & Daniel Duncan
Liggett, Martha L.
Reinhardt, John W. & Claudia
Shipp, Richard B.
West District Dental Society
Pl at i n um
C en tu r y Cl u b
( $ 5 ,0 0 0 to $ 9 , 9 9 9 )
Barth, Tom L. & Sandra
Blaha, David & Jill
Dana, Bradly R. & Susan
Dana, Jesse M. & Traci
Dana, Michael R. & Jo Conda Dana
Dana, Monique & Thane Tetrault
Dana, Nicole D. & Bart Samuelson
Echols, Donald G. & Sue
Edwards, Mark C. &
Gretchen Bartlett-Edwards
Gartner, Reg L. & Linda
Haack, James E. & Janna
Holm, Paul E. & Jane
Larson, Jack B. & Marena
Martin, Max & Mary
Melcher, Thomas J. & Michelle
Pobanz, John M.
Reinhardt, Richard A. & Pamela
Stormberg, Kurt D. & Susan
Weary, H. Eugene & Marcia
Windsweep Farm Fund
C en tu r y Cl u b
( $ 1,000 to $4,999)
Adjaj, Salwan W.
Aitken, Joseph L. & Sherye
Allen, Richard D. & Tammra
Alley, Catherine D. & Todd
Anderson, Steven F.
Antholz, Travis J. & Amber
Asbjörnson, Jon C.
Babcock, Walter & Mona
Baeder, III, William F. & Janet
Barkmeier, Wayne W. & Carolyn
Batenhorst, Judith B.
Batie, Harley W. & Mary
Baumann, Jon C. & Michelle
Beavers, Doyle D. & Joyce
Beck, Marcia K.
Beeson, Thomas J. & Lena
Boice, Patricia A. & Lawrence Goldberg
Boyd, David W. & Karen
Broadbent, Charles D. & Patricia
Brott, Jonathan D. & Heidi
Buechler, Steven A.
Burbridge, Arthur A. & Susan
Burns, Alfred M.
Bush, Steve R.
Butz, Jim T. & Debby
Choi, Charles J.
Christiansen, Craig A.
Claridge, Dennis B. & Rhoda
Colvin, Douglas J. & Clara Tao
Cox, Jerry R. & Jennie
Cramer, Lynn A.
Crist, Ross L. & Lisa
Crump, Merwyn C. & Phyllis
Curry, Roger K. & Charlotte
Davis, Russell L. & Cynthia
Davis Design, Inc. - Partnership Account
DeBates, Todd E. & Deb
Diedrichsen, Fred J. & Delores
Dosek, J. Richard
Dowling, Embree A. & Patti C.
Dudzinski, Bernard P. & Sherrie
Durham, Timothy M. & Janelle
Ebner, Stephen M.
Ericson, Bryan K. & Judith
Ernster, Aloysius J.
Evans, Frank J. & Becki
Eyen, Philip J. & Molly
Fagot, Thomas G.
Finley, Kurtis R. & Kathryn
Fricke, Donald C. & Judith
Furmanski, Michael A. & Karen
Ganser, M. James & Nancy
Gapper, Richard L. & Helen Freed
George, Mark D. & Lynn
Gist, William W. & Judith
Grabouski, James K. & Jacquelin
Griese, Lance R. & Aimee
Griggs, Lance H. & Nancy
Haeberlein, Fred C.
Hajek, Thomas J. & Jean
Hanson, Bruce L. & Carol
Haram, Phillip J.
Harman, Kenneth A. & JoAnne
Harn, Jennifer A. & Stanton
Hattervig, Robin L. & Mirinda
Hawley, Richard J. & Carol
Hecox, Michael W. & Dawn
Heins Global Foundation, Cory Heins
Heldridge, Steven T.
Hermsen, Kenneth P. & Linda
Hild, Jill E. & John
Hlavacek, James M. & Monica
Horner, James L. & Shelley
Hoss, John E. & Sandra
Houk, Michael B.
Hunter, William A. & Carolyn
Hutchins, Richard A.
Jacoby, Sam F. & Rosemary
Jirovec, James E. & Kelly
Juhl, Jake M. & Sheila
Justice, John L.
Kassube, Thomas L. & Kay
Kelly, Patrick D. & Carla
Klemme, Louis W.
Konegni, John S.
Koranda, Ronald J. & Janis
Kusek, Edward R. & Jody
Kuster, Curtis G. & Margaret
Larson, Sandra S. & Steven
Lavitt, Dan L.
Lawhon, Gary S. & Susan
Lott, John B. & Jane
MacKnight, Christopher J. & Robin
MacPherson, Stuart S.
Madden, Robert D.
Mathes, John D. & Jana
McCann, Charles M. & Karen
McClain, Kelleen & Timothy
McFarland, Kimberly K. & James
McKnight, James A. & Sandra
Mead, Rollin C. & Jennifer
Molvar, Michael & Rosemary
Moore, David T. & Karrie
Morrison, Scott L. & Anne
Nebraska Society of Orthodontists
Nebraska Society Of Periodontology
Nelson, Ricky D.
Nichols, Rick D.
Nielsen, Jeffrey R.
Noe, Paul E. & Carol
Norby, Susan Sack
Odgers, Jane E.
Olsen, Erik D. & Jacqueline
Pankratz, Todd A. & Jessica Meeske
Parks, Ronald K. & Judy
Peterson, Jason M. & Kari
Pillar, Thomas E. & Lynne
Portwood, David A.
Prahl, Jerry C. & Lorraine
Pudwill, Myron L. & Susan
Rallis, David J. & Kathleen
Readhead, Paul H. & Marsha
Reardon, William J.
Rush, Jeri R. & Ronald Scheidt
Saeger, Nicholas R. & Janet
Sanderfer, Van J.
Sargent, Frank H. & Rita
Sawyer, Jay T. & Damaris
Schoenenberger, Edwin R. & Carla
Schwandt, Nathan W.
Sellhorst, Russell L.
Sigler, Ernest W. & Nancy
Skoglund, Charles S. & Louise
South Dakota Dental Foundation
Sowers Club of Nebraska Foundation
Stasch, Jeffrey J. & Carrie
States, James K. & Mary
Stiehl, Gary L. & Jane
Strawhecker, Terrence M. & Judith
Strohschein, Dawn
Summers, Corbett W. & Cynthia
Sveen, Melissa J. & Jay
Swanson, Paul D. & Marcia
Taylor, Mark H. & Kathy
Teel, Ronald M. & Mary
Tew, Darrell K. & JoAnn
Thomas, Gregory D. & Coral
Thomason, Jane M.
Thomsen, Allen L. & Paulette
Tolman, Dan E. & Suzanne Nelson Tolman
Trandal, Thomas R. & Barbara
Treat, Vicki L. & Charles Huber
Truong, Thanh
Van Pelt, Bradley G.
Van Pelt Fencing Co., Inc.
Van Regenmorter, Jon-Paul
Vanicek, Mark L. & Nancy
Vogt, Merlyn W. & Bette
Wade, Richard M. & Angela
Walgren, Bradley K. & Sherri
Walker, James A. & Linda Porter
Walker, Steven J. & Anna
Webb, Sami Jo & Jason
Wheat, Jon S. & Marilyn
Wilgus, Mark A. & Josi
Wilson, Angela N. & Paul
Wilson, Michael B.
Yost-Groh, Lezlee A.
Zachry, Randol C.
Zinter, Janet K.
S ilv er
C e nt ur y Club
($50 0 to $ 9 9 9 )
Allen, Michael D.
Bernecker, Michael D. & Shirley
Bokemper, Richard K. & Theresa
Bonde, Roger H. & Adele
Bradley, Richard E.
Collett, William D. & Kymberly
Collins, Bryan H.
Colombo, Adam S.
Consortium Of Operative
Dentistry Educators
Crump, T. Brad
Cunningham, Michael D. & Jennifer
Dudzinski, Bernard P.
Eddy, Bruce N.
Feldner, Barry D. & Susan
Feldstein, Paul M. & Patricia
Fry, Vernon A. & Laila
Fuchs, Rick W.
Furst, Henry C.
Gemar, Gerald R. & Dara
Gibbs, John P. & Delores
Goebel, Michael & Karen
Greenwood, John L.
Harmeson, Raynor L. & Pamela
Harris, Arthur W. & Barbara
Hoffman, David L.
Holwell, Bruce A.
Hueftle, Miriam
Hyde Park Communications
Johnson, Mark C.
Johnson, Richard E. & Winifred
Kalal, Gregory A. & Kathryn
Kalkwarf, Kenneth L. & Sharon
Karimjee, Corey K. & Jada
Kroeger, Jerry A. & June Simpson
Lage, Gregg L. & Sharon
Lebsack, David M.
Leeper, Stephen H. & Janice
Maixner, David A.
Marx, Charles S. & Julie
Maurstad, Steven C.
Cornhusker Impressions | 20
Maxwell, Paul J.
McCarthy, Emily R.
Moffenbier, Stacy L. & Jon Firmature
Moran, Bernard J.
Moreland, Marilyn
Neidhart, Kenneth D.
Neuberger, Lonnie S. & Renae
Ochsner, Cameron J.
Osberg, James C. & Susan
Payne, Jeffrey B. & Dr. Jodie Stein
Pobanz, John M.
Preston, Rhonda D.
Pryor, Stephen P. & Patti
Reckmeyer, Richard T. & Janet
Robeson, George A. & Susan
Roesch, Robert E. & Susan
Rosenfeld, Edward F. & Debora
Schilling, Richard J. & Marlene
Schlecht, Lana R. & Warren
Schlothauer, George H. & Barbara
Schlothauer, Mark A.
Shearer, Travis R. & Debra
Sheridan, Ellen A.
Sokol, Joseph P. & Retha
Spencer, David L.
Stafford, Gene E.
Stec, Steven A. & Rebecca
Stein, David M.
Strevey, Philip E. & Sara
Swan, Marvin A. & Marcia
Tyrrell, Robert P. & Ginger
Val Vista Building
Walker, Ryan M.
Waxman, Michael
Zeiler, Karl B. & Susie
Bron ze
C e nt ur y C lub
Irvine, N. Ross
Iseman, Michael F. & Janet
Karmazin, Daniel J.
Kerns, Lisa L.
Lavin, Mark T.
Leddy, Beverly J. & Roger Zaring
Leseberg, Dennis A.
Lightbody, Philip M. & Raquel
Lilyhorn, Jeffrey M. & Nancy
Lindeman, Lisa R.
Lorenz, Allen L.
Lydiatt, John S.
Marron, Bruce O.
Mentink, Doris E. & Wayne
Money, Robert G.
Moore, Steven M. & Susan
Murphy, William E.
Otte, Carolyn S. & Robert
Owens, Michael E.
Peck, James L. & Ann
Printz, William D. & Patricia
Rothe, Vincent V. & Laura E.
Scheffel, Catherine C. & Steven
Shirk, Lamont A.
Siemers, Gayle R.
Sleder, Frank S.
Smith, Robert L.
St. Germain, Henry A. & Ellen
Starbuck, Gordon E.
Troyer, Dean A.
Tuttle, Gregory K.
West, Debra S. & James
Wittgow, Walter C. & Shirley
Wragge, Todd S.
Zeiler, Karl B.
Ziegenbein, William E.
Zysset, Monte K. & Sherr
($250 to $ 4 9 9 )
F r i e n ds
Andersen, John & Kathy
Anderson, Theodore L. & Shirley
Bergeson, Robert W. & Linda
Bohaty, Brenda S. & Keith
Borer, Chad A.
Briggs, Michael O. & Darcie
Brown, David G. & Susan Whitmire
Burdette, Kerin L.
Cannon, Mark L. & Susan
Chan, Robert W.
Clarke, Kelly M.
Clarke, Lawrence S. & Carole
Dansie, Neil J.
Duey, David H. & Ann
Eckles, Terry A.
Eversoll, Duane A. & Deanna
Galyardt, Wesley J. & Carrie
Greer, Dan L. & Linda
Hanson, Dorr W.
Harris, Kristine L. & Timothy
Henriksen, Brent J.
Herrmann, John R. & Dawn
Hesch, Thomas E. & Nancy Davis
Hoegmeyer Ripp, Beth & Michael Ripp
Hoge, Chad J. & Mikala
Hungerford, Mark D. & Susan
Abbott, Lawrence & Vondra
Adams, Brannick D.
Albrecht, Joan E.
Alder, E. Stephen & Lisa
Alexander, Steven R.
Alexander, Susan M. & Douglas
Allman, Peter E. & Maureen
Alsalleeh, Fahd M.
Ameku, Yoshiharu
Amerman, Gary W. & Mary Alice
Anderson, Charles W. & Mary
Anderson, Dale M. & Helen
Anderson, Lori Sue S.
Anderson, Kreston
Anderson-Neuberger, Meaghan A. &
Kyle Neuberger
Armstrong, Erin M.
Atack, David F.
Bailey, D. L.
Baker, Kevin L. & Anne
Baker, Larry L. & Heather
Ballew, Susan K.
Barber, James L.
Barrymore, Carol W. & David
Batenhorst, Chris & Elizabeth
(Up to $ 24 9 )
Baum, Douglas P. & Jean
Beilby, George F. & Robin
Belitz, Judith A.
Bell, Wylie L.
Bennett, Jane L. & Andrew
Bennion, John W. & Margaret
Benson, Brooke D.
Berg, Caron L.
Berguin, Brandon S. & Susanne
Beseda, Alison M. & David
Best, Jeane M.
Bierbower, James E.
Bird, Albert R. & Linda
Birkestrand, Christopher L. & Deanne
Bjerrum, Gary L.
Blackman, Kelly A. & Brian
Blaha, Steven P. & Renee
Bloom, James A. & Margaret
Bober, Karen M.
Bolton, Claude M. & Linda
Bonness, Bryce W. & Carol
Boon, Alan W.
Borer, Cory A.
Borg, Timothy D. & Nancy
Bowers, Harold B. & Claudia
Bowman, David A. & Susan
Brackett, Martha G. & William
Bradley, Brent J.
Bradley, James D.
Bricker, Geraldine R.
Brockley, Robert C. & Dona
Brockman, Jerry R. &
Therese A. Sullivan-Brockman
Broekemeier, Jane M. & Gayle
Brooks, Brent W.
Brown, Julie L.
Browning, Michael P. & Sarah R.
Bunkers, Jeffrey A.
Buntemeyer, Craig E.
Burns, Carolyn L.
Burns, John B.
Bush, Kimberly A. & Mark E.
Bushnell, Benjamin D. & Kathleen
Butherus, Diane
Byler, Shelby C. & Jason
Calkins, Timothy D. & Joni
Callahan, William S.
Carlson, Kerry S.
Carr, Allan M. & Jill
Carr, Jesse D.
Carter, Justin
Cartney, Thomas L. & Carole
Castle, Jennifer J.
Cavlovic, Francis J. & Linda
Cech, Janellen
Central District Dental Society
Chadwick, Steven H.
Chandler, Jeffrey R. & Sarah R.
Cheloha, Gary J. &
Michelle Simmons-Cheloha
Cheney, Warren D. & Melanie
Ching, Kin H.
Christensen, Michael & Jenny
Christiansen, Craig A.
Cisler, Terry D. & Barbara
Clare, David J. & Tana
Clare, Patrick E. & Linda
Clark, Edward M.
Coke, Richard L.
Combs, Steven L. & Valerie
Comine, Lucy Madden Buntain
Crabb, James R.
Crawford, Leanne & Darryn
Curry, Angela T.
Curry, Michael W.
Bailey, D.L.
Dabbert, William A. & Lindsey
Dachs, David D.
Dahl, Lee A. & Kayleen
Dana, Carmen L.
Dana, Jesse M.
Daubert, James F. & Sherri
Davis, Timothy L. & TaraLea
Davis, Timothy S. & Sandy
Deboer, James & Gail
DeLaet, Kristin & Gary
Dembowski, Jerome P. & Jean
Dent, Michael E.
Deschene, James F. & Denise
Dick Langrock, Mary A.
Dietz, Meghann M. & Nicholas
Dodrill, David E. & Anne
Donlan, Kenneth J. & Margaret
Doty, Howard L. & Betty
Downs, Donald H.
Drake, Cindy L.
Duda, Richard J. & Dianne
Dudley, Craig S.
Dunekack, Tatum L.
Dworak, Thomas J. & Patricia
Dwornik, Ralph M. & Marilyn
Ebke, Jerold E. & Sharon
Ebke, Wayne & Doris
Ecklund, Steven B.
Edgren, Burdett R. & Rebecca
Einspahr, Daniel B. & Kim
Ernesti, Timothy J.
Ernst, Greg & Darla
Etzelmiller, Phil R. & Eleanor
Fackrell, Craig D. & Anne
Farr, Donald J.
Feiock, Jeffrey M. & Anne
Feisthamel, Marlene K.
Fenton, Neal L.
Ficke, John R. & Linda
Fischer, Craig J. & Patricia
Fisher, Rex T. & Deborah
Flagtwet, Lonnie R. & Lana Lobsiger-Flagtwet
Flor, Mary M.
Foote, Ryan A. & Trisha
Foy, Patrick J.
Frampton Dittman, Alice M.
Friesen, Andrew S. & Julie
Fritz, Glen A.
Fry, Douglas S.
Fuchs, Michael A. & Mary
Garcia, Tracy N.
Garrison, Marilee E. & John
Gatto, Daniel J. & Emily
Geist, Jeffrey S. & Janice
Gelber, Benjamin R.
Genrich, Charles W. & Mary
Fall | 2011
College of Dentistry Honor Roll
Gerleman, Colleen A.
Gerner, Donald J. & Mary
Gesch, Michael D. & Agnes
Gibson, Colin S. & Kelli
Giles, Gene R. & Jane
Gillham, Matthew R.
Gilmore, Shauna L.
Gleason, Daniel D. & Mary
Gordon Dental, Robert R. Ferguson
Gorgani, Nostratollah
Gould, Roxanne
Graber, Dennis R
Graham, Richard L
Grant Paulsen, Donna J. & David Paulson
Gray, Dennis A. & Linda
Grohs, Donald L. & Cynthia
Grossenburg, Robin C.
Grow, Robert C.
Grubaugh, Kim S. & Sarah
Haag, Chris & Claire
Haas, Scott G.
Haave, Kate S.
Haisch, Larry D. & Cathi Johnson-Haisch
Hamilton, Scott A. & Kristin Bleakley
Haney, Gerald M. & Janet
Hansen, Clarice E.
Hansen, Cynthia J. & William
Hansen, Paul A. & Joyce
Hanson, Derrill R.
Hanson Jr., Dorr W.
Hanson, Jean S.
Harley, Thomas R. & Janet
Harper, Albert S.
Harris, Anne J. & Christopher
Hartman, Tiffany R. & Joel
Hatfield, Ronald V.
Halveka, Greg A. & Karen M.
Hay, Richard S.
Heck, Thomas T.
Hedlund, Louis M. & Carla
Heier, Bernard E. & Connie
Henderson, Robert J. & Mariyn
Hendrickson, Ronald R. & Deborah
Henningson, Paul J.
Henry, Mitchell J. & Lisa M.
Hermsen, Michael S.
Hipsher, Thomas G.
Hickerson, Eldon L. & Lynn
Hill, Ray F. & Janet
Hinrichs, R. Mark & Kelly Jo
Hlava, Gwen L.
Hlavinka, Leasa M. & Dana
Hoban, Gloria J. & John
Hoefs, Michael D. & Pamela
Hoffman, Jay F. & Maryon
Hohlen, Todd W. & Stephanie
Hokanson, Brian N. & Willamina
Holbrook, Jerome S. & Mary
Holman, Brenton L. & Maureen
Holmes, Brad L.
Holtmeier, Douglas L. & Mary
Hoppens, Bradley J.
Howard, Kenneth N.
Howe, Donna M. & Daniel
Hoxie, Michael H. & Karmen
Hrabak, Alan J. & Karen
Hukmani, Navin
Hull, David L.
Hunt, William J. & Cynthia
Jabro, Mansoor H. & Salwa
Jack, Robert W. & Lyne
Jackson-Miller, Cindy D.
Jacobsen, Michael L. & Janet
James, Charlene F.
James, Jr., Charles R.
Janda, Matthew C.
Janssen, Wesley D. & Terri
Jeffries, L. Carl & Kammie L.
Jenkins, James F. & Kathryn
Jensen, Wilhelmina P. & Michael
Jensen, Shane A. & Sharon
Jensen, Terry M.
Jensen, Tim A.
Jesske, Judson J. & Kaye
Johnson, Elizabeth A.
Johnson, Scott S. & Amy
Johnston, David H. & Joann
Jones, E. Gayle
Jones, Timothy J.
Jones, Warren K.
Jost, John W. & Nancy
Kaldahl, Wayne B. & Karole
Karmazin, Daniel J. & Kathryn
Karpisek, Ivan C. & Colleen
Kassmel, Summer M.
Keating, Con M. & Barbara
Kejriwal, Manju R.
Keller, David E.
Kelly, Bradley J. & Amber L.
Kelly, Brian K.
Kelly, Robert B. & Margaret
Kelly, Brian K.
Kent, Dennis K. & Rita McGuire
Kent, Sherry L.
Kerns, Steven G.
Killeen, Martin D. & Amy C.
Kimathi, Travis K. & Amber L.
Kingston, Amy J. & Kraig
Klanderud, Kathy J.
Kleppinger, Michael V. & Carol
Klute, L.P., Michael Hair
Knodle, Mildred M.
Knoll, Gayle S. & James Bruner
Koch, Clifton W. & Velda
Kohler, Richard E. & Lucinda
Kortje, Jana M.
Kotopka, Michael S. & Anne
Kramer, Steven W. & Janey
Kravig, Elizabeth P. & Hal
Krejci, Robert F.
Krenz, Robert J. & Marilyn
Kreycik, Megan L. & Jesse
Krueger, Rebecca R.
Krump, Michael J.
Kruse, Samuel E. & Anne
Kruse, Steven C. & Mary
Kuenning, Gary L.
Kummer, Sonya L.
Kunasek, Matthew J. & Kate
Kurth, Jennifer L.
Lacy, Edward J. & Christine
LaFerla, Michael C.
Lambert, Travis W. & Amanda
Lambert Dental P.C.
Lange, Rick D. & Susan
Lansden, Dale T. & Anne
Larson, Lara I. & Lowell
Lavin, Mark T. & Stacy
Lavin, Marshall T. & Angeline
Leffingwell, Cliff
Lentell, John D. & Connie
Leseberg, Dennis A. & Jo
Lessig, James R. & Kathy
Lewis, Buell L.
Liebendorfer, Jon R. & Linda
Liebentritt, Matthew M. & Caci I.
Linch, Harry J. & Donalene
Lincoln Dental Assistants Society
Longo, Diane J. & Peter
Lovelace, Kent E. & Sarah
Low, Karey R. & Pamela G.
Lowe, Jeffrey H. & Jana
Lowell, Marla R.
Loyd, Elizabeth A.
Ludwick, Hope W.
Lundquist, Jon R.
Lydiatt, John S. & Jenny
Lynch, William R.
Lytle, Robert L.
Maas, Daniel J.
Macek, Mark D.
Magnusson, Gordon K. & Helen
Maisey, Edward D.
Malcolm, Terry L.
Malena, Daryl E. & Audrey
Maller, Steven C. & Cynthia
Markin, Douglas W. & Kathleen
Marshall, Richard P. & Sally
Maze, Glenn I. & Connie
McArdle, Kent E.
McCann-Carpenter, Marse M. &
Kenneth Carpenter
McClenahan, Daniel D.
McConnell, Jay C. & Justina
McCray, Julie A. & Michael
McCutchen, Erin L. & Ken Benson
McGee, Harry E. & Irene
McPherson, John R. & Treasure
McPherson, Robert E. Kathleen A.
Melcher, Thomas J.
Menard, Tracy E. & Michael
Merchant, Eugene S. & Marolyn
Merritt, David G. & Heidi
Merxbauer, David L.
Meyer, David M.
Meyer, Katherine A.
Meyer, Palmer & Lois
Meyer, Roger N.
Miller, David T. & Karen
Miller, William A. & Lori
Minchow, Mark A. & Ingrid
Mlnarik, Jamie L. & Kevin
Money, Robert G.
Moravec, Lisa J. & Michael
Morgan, James G.
Morris, Lightle Y.
Moseman, William D. Janet
Mosher, Ralph I. & Mary
Moyer, Ira N. & Barbara A.
Myers, David R. & Anne
Myrberg, K. James & Eleanor
Nebraska Alumni Association
Nebraska Class of ‘61
Nefsky, Robert L. & Mary
Nehl, Matt E.
Nehl, Mike E.
Nelson, Guy W. & Cathy
Nelson, William V. & Mary
Neumann, Matthew C. & Natalie
Neumeister, David R. & Betsy
Nielsen, Eric R. & Lisa
Nielsen, Greg M.
Nielsen, Jeffrey R. & Lori
Nielsen, Mark A. & Melanie
Nix, Donald D.
Niyakorn, Jariya
Noble, Glenn A. & Jamie
Nolte, Richard S. & Vicki Vopalensky
O’Brien, Cyril & Elizabeth
O’Brien, James
Olson, Cheryl L.
Overton, Thomas F. & Stacy
Owen, Cindy D.
Packer, Terry D.
Page, David G.
Palmer, Bryon L.
Panther, Robert B. & Joanne
Parascand, Michael J.
Parker, Robert S. & Carolyn
Parks, Wesley N.
Pavlik, Kendra R. & John
Penney, James M. & Mary
Perry, Edwin C. & Joan
Petersen, Dean L. & Darlene
Peterson, David E.
Peterson, Kent T.
Phelps, Lannae L. & Daniel
Phillips, Victoria A.
Phillips, Virginia A.
Pieper, Timothy J. & Joan
Pike, J. Sanders & Mary Upshaw Pike
Pilant, Linda L.
Pinkerton, Kenneth E. & Ardath
Platz, John W. & Adelaide
Plihal, James R.
Polan, Dorothy J. & Jon
Poore, Charles W.
Powell, Robert A. & Jacqueline
Preston, James N. & Dorothea
Prosser, Gary G. & Shelia
Prowant, Charles L.
R.J. Neary Investors Realty, Inc.
Rader, William A. & Gail
Rasmussen, Denise R. & Ted
Rawley, Ann K.
Reece, Stacy M.
Reichenbach, George W. & Patricia
Reinmuth, Caryle G.
Rembolt Ludtke LLP
Rhodes, Jacqueline K. & Kevin
Riddell, Gordon A. & Joann
Ridenour, Shelley M. Fetty & Chester
Ringler, Grant D.
Risinger, Richard T. & Dawn
Robinson, Karl D.
Robinson, Michael C.
Rosenau, Harold E. & Virginia
Rosenau, Perry J. & Jane
Roth, Leeann C.
Rutledge, John E.
Ryan, Nicholas C. &
Kristen Hermansen-Ryan
Samuels, IV, A. Phillip & Patricia
Santoro, Robert J.
Sargeant, Frank H.
Sarkissian-Wulf, Michelle &
Christian Wulf
Sather, Brian R. & Cathie
Schaack, Jon K. & Tara T.
Schaefer, Stephen R. & Linda
Schavee, Jennifer S. & Brad
Schlegel, Kala J. & Dustin
Schlothauer, George H.
Schoettger, Robert A. & Mary Kay
Schroeder, Jeffrey J. & Lisa
Schroeder, Scott R. & Lisa L.
Schroff, Clifford J. &
Christine Schwartzkopf Schroff
Schulte, Nicholas D. & Heather
Schuurmans, Bernard V. & Terri
Scott, Stuart W. & Christy
Scranton, Jeri L.
Seacrest, James C. & Rhonda
Seberg Special Account c/o
Dr. John R. Seberg
Segrist, John W. & Cathy
Cornhusker Impressions | 22
Sesemann, Michael R.
Shackelford, Lee S. & Ronda
Shaddock, James M. & Pamela
Shelton, Preston G. & Anne
Siegert, Jeffrey J. & Nancy
Silvey, Chris P. & Marsha
Simmons, Joyce D.
Simmons, Ronnie R.
Simonson, Jill M.
Sinkule, Steven J.
Skanchy, Tony L.
Skar, Bryan J.
Skoglund, Charles S.
Slack, Thomas D.
Slattery, Alan D. & Ruth
Slavens, John H. & Mari
Sleder, Frank S.
Slice, John N. & Mary
Slominski, James D.
Smidt, Lana
Smith, Larry V. & Lois
Smith, Lloyd L. & Ellen
Smith, Mark R. & Laurie
Smith, Michael C. & Nichol J.
Smith, Tyler L. & Carrie
Smuin, Michael C.
Soder-Blackman, Kelly A. & Brian Blackman
Sowers, Rebecca J.
Spahr, Jeffery D. & Janna E.
Spalding, Peter M. & Jody L.
Spanel, Kenneth A.
Spencer, David L
Sprecher, Dorothy J.
Sprout, Gilbert L.
Stanton, Stephanie K.
States, Jean C.
Steckelberg, Melanie A. & Steven
Stemm, Melba G.
Sterling, Stanley J.
Stineman, Jon D. & Kandace
Stokos, James
Strange, Gary E.
Strassler, George D. & Ruth
Stroede, Claire L.
Stuart, James & Barbara
Stuhmer, Neil & Janie
Styskal, Steve R. & Diane
Sullivan, John T. & Mary
Sundberg, David C. & Linda
Sundberg, Keri L.
Swanbom, Jon E. & Faith
Swanson, Erik T.
Swanson, Larry D. & Judy
Swanson, Randel P. & Janice
Taylor, Brett H.
Taylor, Jr.,D. N.
Taylor, Lanier P. & Constance
Teusch, James R.
Thaler, Melvin N. & Lucille
Thomas, James E.
Thomas, Lawrence W. & Mary
Thomas, Ryan E.
Thompson, Joseph S. & Kathleen
Timperley, Dennis D. & Debi
Tobias, Scott G.
Tolly, Harry R. & Ann
Tosaya, Ashley R.
Truong, Thu T. & Bich Chau
Tuenge, Rodney C. & Linda
Tullis, David W.
Uchida, Cherie C.
Uchida, Clyde Y.
Uchida, Renee C.
Uden, Chad E.
Umberger, Michael L.
Utley, Dan
Vacek, Craig P. & Kimberly
Van Boskirk, Thom S.
Van Horn, Virginia N.
Van Noy, W. Scott
Van Pelt, George I.
Van Regenmorter, Gary
VanDenBerghe, Thomas M.
Vath-Donner, Sarah C. & Timothy Donner
Velgersdyk, Scott B.
Volk, Katie L.
Volk, Tonya M. & Ryan Hurley
Walker, Mary P.
Walker, Robert D.
Warner, Janet M. & Jeff
Waters, Christopher R. & Cori
Watson, Jerome P. & Cheryl
Weak, Lannie L. & Carol
Weber, Scott M. & Mary
Wees, Jerome M. & Connie
Weimer, Allan D.
Weimer, Irene A.
Weinert Hull, Susan M.
Weisel, George E. & Norma Jean
Wesch, Jack C. & Christina
Wessberg, George A.
Wessel, Wayne E.
Wheeler, Terri L.
Whitman, Richard J. & Shelley
Whitten, Terry D.
Wiechmann, Lauri S.
Wiese, William F. & Sherry
Wieseman, Christopher R. & Tara
Wiest, Robert J. & Ella
Wilbur, Bradley A.
Wilde, Jerold C.
Wilkins, Michael D. & Susan
Williams, John S. & Kathleen
Willis, William L. & Carol
Wilson, Sharlene A.
Winey, Kenley W.
Wintle, Bruce D.
Wiseman, Erik M. & Katie
Wiswall, Andrew T.
Wiswall, Brian T. & Susan
Wobig, Mary S.
Wolthuis, Bart W.
Wood, Edna M.
Wood, Glen A.
Wortman, Paul W.
Wowapi, Inc.
Wragge, Todd S. & Natalie
Wright-Chollet, Barbara & Raymond Chollet
Yates, Elizabeth J.
Yuan, Sharlene H.
Zajicek, Jon M. & Lynn
Zartner, Robert J. & Carol
Zerr, Marvin A. & Colleen
College of Dentistry alumni whose donations have benefited the
college between January 1, 2010, and December 31, 2010:
Seberg, John R.
Dworak, Thomas J.
Harper, Albert S.
Linch, Harry J.
McGee, Harry E.
Hay, Richard S.
Merchant, Eugene S.
Reinmuth, Caryle G.
Sterling, Stanley J.
Krenz, Robert J.
O’Brien, Cyril
Moran, Bernard J.
Weisel, George E.
Burns, John B.
Lewis, Buell L.
Krejci, Robert F.
Marshall, Richard P.
Batie, Harley W.
Bradley, Richard E.
Magnusson, Gordon K.
Portwood, David A.
Ziegenbein, William E.
Etzelmiller, Phil R.
Howard, Kenneth N.
Reichenbach, George W.
Swanson, Paul D.
Trandal, Thomas R.
Anderson, Dale M.
Eyen, Philip J.
Konegni, John S.
Leeper, Stephen H.
Riddell, Gordon A.
Bonde, Roger H.
Crump, Merwyn C.
Ernster, Aloysius J.
Holm, Paul E.
Hutchins, Richard A.
Lightbody, Philip M.
Olsen, Erik D.
Stafford, Gene E.
Stiehl, Gary L.
Downs, Donald H.
Greer, William T.
Harley, Thomas R.
Rader, William A.
Smith, Lloyd L.
Thomas, James E.
Wood, Glen A.
Brockley, Robert C.
Cartney, Thomas L.
Gerner, Donald J.
Gibbs, John P.
Larson, Jack B.
McPherson, Robert E.
Plihal, James R.
Doyle, Bernard J.
Mosher, Ralph I.
Rosenau, Harold E.
Schilling, Richard J.
Stokos, James
Strassler, George D.
Tolman, Dan E.
Amerman, Gary W.
Baeder, III, William F.V.
Duey, David H.
Kaldahl, Wayne B.
Kroeger, Jerry A.
Malena, Daryl E.
Myrberg, K. James
Penney, James M.
Segrist, John W.
Anderson, Theodore L.
Babcock, Walter R.
Beavers, Doyle D.
Feldstein, Paul M.
Fry, Vernon A.
Haney, Gerald M.
Justice, John L.
Peck, James L.
Wessel, Wayne E.
Wittgow, Walter C.
Kelly, Robert B.
Starbuck, Gordon E.
Wiest, Robert J.
Murphy, William E.
Allen, Michael D.
Anderson, Steven F.
Barkmeier, Wayne W.
Curry, Roger K.
Eddy, Bruce N.
Graham, Richard L.
Neumeister, David R.
Readhead, Paul H.
Schlothauer, George H.
Slice, John N.
Sokol, Joseph P.
States, James K.
Thomsen, Allen L.
Van Boskirk, Thom S.
Bowers, Harold B.
Ericson, Bryan K.
Evans, M. Thomas
Platz, John W.
Prahl, Jerry C.
Smith, Robert L.
Winey, Kenley W.
Gartner, Reg L.
Grow, Robert C.
Haisch, Larry D.
Jack, Robert W.
Morgan, James G.
Teel, Ronald M.
Wheat, Jon S.
Williams, John S.
Willis, William L.
Slominski, James D.
Sprout, Gilbert L.
Tullis, David W.
Bonness, Bryce W.
Fricke, Donald C.
Lytle, Robert L.
Pudwill, Myron L.
Smith, Larry V.
Abbott, Lawrence J.
Claridge, Dennis B.
Diedrichsen, Fred J.
Ganser, M. James
Holwell, Bruce A.
Jabro, Mansoor H.
Johnson, Richard E.
Kalkwarf, Kenneth L.
Martin, Max M.
Maxwell, Paul J.
Noe, Paul E.
Osberg, James C.
Tuenge, Rodney C.
Wesch, Jack C.
Whitten, Terry D.
Zartner, Robert J.
Boon, Alan W.
Prowant, Charles L.
Bloom, James A.
Davis, Russell L.
Gemar, Gerald R.
Pinkerton, Kenneth E.
Tolly, Harry R.
Anderson, Charles W.
Cox, Jerry R.
Dodrill, David E.
Fall | 2011
Aitken, Joseph L.
Cavlovic, Francis J.
Deboer, James
Greenwood, John L.
Hawley, Richard J.
Kleppinger, Michael V.
Kuster, Curtis G.
MacPherson, Stuart S.
Samuels, IV, A. Phillip
Simmons, Ronnie R.
Uchida, Clyde Y.
Wade, Richard M.
Weimer, Allan D.
College of Dentistry Honor Roll
Broadbent, Charles D.
Chadwick, Steven H.
Cisler, Terry D.
Dosek, J. Richard
Dwornik, Ralph M.
Gatto, Daniel J.
Haeberlein, Fred C.
Hrabak, Alan J.
Lott, John B.
Packer, Terry D.
Parker, Robert S.
Peterson, David E.
Reinhardt, Richard A.
Santoro, Robert J.
Shaddock, James M.
Weary, H. Eugene
Doty, Howard L.
Fritz, Glen A.
Hanson, Dorr W.
Jensen, Terry M.
Johnston, David H.
Strange, Gary E.
Zajicek, Jon M.
Bird, Albert R.
Dana, Michael R.
Dudley, Craig S.
Hendrickson, Ronald R.
Herrmann, John R.
Johnson, Mark C.
Karpisek, Ivan C.
Nelson, William V.
Walker, James A.
Boyd, David W.
Donlan, Kenneth J.
Gray, Dennis A.
Hansen, Paul A.
Hanson, Derrill R.
Haram, Phillip J.
Hatfield, Ronald V.
Hermsen, Kenneth P.
Hoban, Gloria J.
Holman, Brenton L.
Kassube, Thomas L.
Lebsack, David M.
Madden, Robert D.
Sather, Brian R.
Schaefer, Stephen R.
Sigler, Ernest W.
Taylor, Mark H.
Troyer, Dean A.
Wintle, Bruce D.
Barth, Tom L.
Bergeson, Robert W.
Brockman, Jerry R.
Dahl, Lee A.
Furmanski, Michael A.
Hajek, Thomas J.
Hull, David L.
Jensen, Tim A.
Karmazin, Daniel J.
Kent, Dennis K.
Kramer, Steven W.
Kruse, Steven C.
McKnight, James A.
Pieper, Timothy J.
Robinson, Michael C.
Roesch, Robert E.
Sawyer, Jay T.
Schuurmans, Bernard V.
Taylor, Jr., D. N.
Thaler, Melvin N.
Wessberg, George A.
Whitman, Richard J.
Wiswall, Brian T.
Zachry, Randol C.
Alder, E. Stephen
Bjerrum, Gary L.
Buechler, Steven A.
Butz, Jim T.
Dent, Michael E.
Ellwein, Orin W.
Furst, Henry C.
George, Mark D.
Houk, Michael B.
Jones, Warren L.
McArdle, Kent E.
Meyer, Roger N.
Silvey, Chris P.
Bailey, Dana L.
Baker, Kevin L.
Bennion, John W.
Bernecker, Michael D.
Buntemeyer, Craig E.
Cannon, Mark L.
Choi, Charles J.
Coke, Richard L.
Giles, Gene R.
Graber, Dennis R.
Howe, Donna M.
Hungerford, Mark D.
Jacoby, Sam F.
James, Jr., Charles R.
Janda, Matthew C.
Kohler, Richard E.
Lilyhorn, Jeffrey M.
Lorenz, Allen L.
Low, Karey R.
Low, Pamela G.
Marron, Bruce O.
Meyer, David M.
Sargent, Frank H.
Albrecht, Joan E.
Bunkers, Jeffrey A.
Barber, James L.
Clark, Edward M.
Duda, Richard J.
Ebke, Jerold E.
Eckles, Terry A.
Hedlund, Louis M.
Hoefs, Michael D.
Janssen, Wesley D.
McClenahan, Daniel D.
Owens, Michael E.
Printz, William D.
Reckmeyer, Richard T.
Ridenour, Shelley M. Fetty
Schwandt, Nathan W.
Styskal, Steve R.
Swan, Marvin A.
Van Noy, William S.
Blaha, David A.
Borg, Timothy D.
Brown, Julie A.
Burbridge, Arthur A.L.
Cramer, Lynn A.
Foy, Patrick J.
Gist, William W.
Hanson, Bruce L.
Heldridge, Steven T.
Kalal, Gregory A.
Kuenning, Gary L.
Lawhon, Gary S.
Lovelace, Kent E.
Nielsen, Jeffrey R.
Powell, Robert A.
Sellhorst, Russell L.
Siegert, Jeffrey J.
Taylor, Lanier P.
Treat, Vicki L.
Wilbur, Bradley A.
Wortman, Paul W.
Genrich, Charles W.
Griggs, Lance H.
Grossenburg, Robin C.
Hecox, Michael W.
Hoppens, Bradley J.
Leseberg, Dennis A.
Maisey, Edward D.
Mathes, John D.
Miller, William A.
Money, Robert G.
Nelson, Ricky D.
Pillar, Thomas E.
Pryor, Stephen P.
Simmons, Joyce D.
Stec, Steven A.
Swanson, Larry D.
Vogt, Merlyn W.
Walker, Mary P.
Beck, Marcia K.
Bokemper, Richard K.
Christensen, Susan M.
Colvin, Douglas J.
Combs, Steven L.
Crist, Ross L.
Dachs, David D.
Drake, Cindy L.
Ebner, Stephen M.
Hoegemeyer, Beth A.
Maas, Daniel J.
Maurstad, Steven C.
Schoettger, Robert A.
Sesemann, Michael R.
Siemers, Gayle R.
Skoglund, Charles S.
Spanel, Kenneth A.
Tao, Clara E.
Tyrrell, Robert P.
Wolthuis, Bart W.
Berguin, Brandon S.
Best, Jeane M.
Ecklund, Steven B.
Hattervig, Robin L.
Jenkins, James F.
Nehl, Mike E.
Knoll, Gayle S.
Kusek, Edward R.
Shirk, Lamont A.
Slavens, John H.
Stasch, Jeffrey J.
Sveen, Melissa J.
Vanicek, Mark L.
Wees, Jerome M.
Zysset, Monte K.
Bennion, Douglas B.
Crabb, James R.
Deschene, James F.
Evans, Frank J.
Gould, Roxanne
Harre, Paula L.
Hlavacek, Monica L.
Lage, Gregg L.
Lindeman, Lisa R.
MacKnight, Christopher J.
Marx, Charles S.
Melcher, Thomas J.
Moore, Steven M.
Moseman, William D.
Nielsen, Greg M.
Prosser, Gary G.
Shackelford, Lee S.
Summers, Corbett W.
Thomas, Gregory D.
Timperley, Dennis D.
Walker, Steven J.
Wheeler, Terri L.
Wilson, Michael B.
Wilson, Sharlene A.
Andersen, John D.
Baumann, Jon C.
Beeson, Thomas J.
Beilby, George F.
Fagot, Thomas G.
Fischer, Craig J.
Flagtwet, Lonnie R.
Bohaty, Brenda S.
Boice, Patricia A.
Bowman, David A.
Bush, Steve R.
Dohm, Otto W.
Edwards, Mark C.
Fenton, Neal L.
Finley, Kurtis R.
Goebel, Michael
Grabouski, James K.
Griese, Lance R.
Hild, Jill E.
Hipsher, Thomas G.
Horner, James L.
Johnson, Elizabeth A.
Kelly, Patrick D.
Kerns, Steven G.
Lacy, Edward J.
Larson, Sandra S.
Markin, Douglas W.
McClain, Kelleen Y.
Morrison, Scott L.
Nichols, Rick D.
Odgers, Jane E.
Saeger, Nicholas R.
Sheridan, Ellen A.
Shipp, Richard B.
Slack, Thomas D.
Strawhecker, Terrence M.
Weber, Scott M.
Zinter, Janet K.
Anderson, Kreston
Bush, Kimberly A.
Bush, Mark E.
Clarke, Kelly M.
Cunningham, Michael D.
Davis, Timothy S.
Dick Langrock, Mary A.
Durham, Timothy M.
Holbrook, Jerome S.
Jacobsen, Michael L.
Leddy, Beverly J.
Lessig, James R.
Tew, Darrell K.
Utley, Dan
Walgren, Bradley K.
Asbjörnson, Jon C.,
Bierbower, James E.
Blaha, Steven P.
Doty, Michael D.
Dudzinski, Bernard P.
Fackrell, Craig D.
Havelka, Greg A.
Henry, Mitchell J.
Kummer, Sonya L.
Lansden, Dale T.
McCray, Julie A.
Nelson, Guy W.
Schlecht, Lana R.
Schroeder Scott R.
Schroeder, Cynthia L.
Strevey, Philip E.
Weak, Lannie L.
Alexander, Steven R.
Alley, Catherine D.
Barrymore, Carol W.
Carlson, Kerry S.
Jirovec, James E.
Johnson, Scott S.
Kejriwal, Manju R.
Parascand, Michael J.
Ringler, Grant D.
Rosenau, Perry J.
Skanchy, Tony L.
Smith, Mark R.
Truong, Thanh
Truong, Thu T.
Baum, Douglas P.
Calkins, Timothy D.
Castle, Jennifer J.
Geist, Jeffrey S.
Macek, Mark D.
Waters, Christopher R.
Wilgus, Mark A.
Zerr, Marvin A.
Ameku, Yoshiharu
Belitz, Judith A.
Haas, Scott G.
Harris, Kristine L.
Havelka, Karen M.
Holmes, Brad L.
Robinson, Karl D.
Schroeder, Jeffrey J.
Swanbom, Jon E.
Swanson, Randel P.
Tuttle, Gregory K.
Velgersdyk, Scott B.
DeBates, Todd E.
Gilmore, Shauna L.
Lundquist, Jon R.
Malcolm, Terry L.
Merxbauer, David L.
Cornhusker Impressions | 24
Noble, Glenn A.
Scott, Stuart W.
Scranton, Jeri L.
Swanson, Erik T.
Tobias, Scott G.
Grant Paulsen, Donna J.
Hinrichs, R. Mark
Jensen, Wilhelmina P.
Kerns, Lisa L.
Larson, Lara I.
Maller, Steven C.
Parks, Wesley N.
Reardon, William J.
West, Debra S.
Farr, Donald J.
Hoxie, Michael H.
LaFerla, Michael R.
Minchow, Mark A.
Panther, Robert B.
Peterson, Kent T.
Prugh, Denise R.
Dana, Bradly R.
Feisthamel, Marlene K.
Ficke, John R.
Jackson-Miller, Cindy D.
Homze, Eric J.
Kotopka, Michael S.
Overton, Thomas F.
Shearer, Travis R.
Smuin, Michael C.
Strohschein, Dawn
Teusch, James R.
Thomason, Jane M.
Christiansen, Craig A.
Dana, Carmen L.
Moore, David T.
Peterson, Jason M.
Sinkule, Steven J.
Stineman, Jon D.
Van Regenmorter, Jon-Paul
Umberger, Michael L.
Wragge, Todd S.
Baker, Larry L.
Brooks, Brent W.
McCarthy, Emily R.
Jeffries, L. Carl
Juhl, Jake M.
Neumann, Matthew C.
Spahr, Janna E.
Spahr, Jeffery D.
Uden, Chad E.
Callahan, William S.
Cheloha, Gary J.
Galyardt, Wesley J.
Hamilton, Scott A.
Mead, Rollin C.
Neuberger, Lonnie S.
Nolte, Richard S.
Ochsner, Cameron J.
Palmer, Bryon L.
Sanderfer, Van J.
Sowers, Rebecca J.
Birkestrand, Christopher L.
Briggs, Darcie J.
Briggs, Michael O.
Feiock, Jeffrey M.
Kelly, Brian K.
Krump, Michael J.
Sundberg, Keri L.
Webb, Sami J.
Dana, Jesse M.
Dunekack, Tatum L.
Kelly, Bradley J.
McPherson, John R.
Schaack, Tara T.
Allen, Richard D.
Benson, Brooke D.
Borer, Cory A.
Chan, Robert W.
Henningson, Paul J.
Jeffries, Kamme L.
Lavin, Marshall T.
McCann-Carpenter, Marse M.
Merritt, David G.
Pobanz, John M.
Smith, Michael C.
Smith, Nichol J.
Spencer, David L.
Bell, Wylie L.
Bober, Karen M.
Brackett, Martha G.
Burns, Carolyn L.
Foote, Ryan A.
Gibson, Colin S.
Hokanson, Brian N.
Iseman, Michael F.
Jones, Timothy J.
Karimjee, Corey K.
Kassmel, Summer M.
Kelly, Amber L.
McConnell, Jay C.
Nielsen, Mark A.
Rothe, Laura E.
Schaack, Jon K.
Schlothauer, Mark A.
Vacek, Craig P.
Bradley, Brent J.
Dansie, Neil J.
Hesch, Thomas E.
Jensen, Shane A.
Liebentritt, Caci I.
Liebentritt, Matthew M.
Lowe, Jeffrey H.
Lydiatt, John S.
McCutchen, Erin L.
Rush, Jeri R.
Bennett, Jane L.
Borer, Chad A.
Brott, Jonathan D.
Bushnell, Benjamin D.
Chandler, Jeffrey R.
Hartman, Tiffany R.
Henriksen, Brent J.
Lavin, Mark T.
Sarkissian-Wulf, Michelle
Alexander, Susan M.
Antholz, Travis J.
Ernesti, Timothy J.
Killeen, Martin D.
Kunasek, Matthew J.
Kurth, Jennifer L.
Lambert, Travis W.
Niyakorn, Jariya
Rallis, David J.
Steckelberg, Melanie A.
Thompson, Joseph S.
Wiseman, Erik M.
Adams, Brannick D.
Browning, Michael P.
Browning, Sarah R.
Dana, Nicole D.
Gillham, Matthew R.
Hoge, Chad J.
Hoge, Mikala A.
Pavlik, Kendra R.
Phelps, Lannae L.
Schulte, Nicholas D.
Volk, Tonya M.
Blackman, Kelly A.
Bradley, James D.
Byler, Shelby C.
Davis, Timothy L.
Dietz, Meghann M.
Friesen, Andrew S.
Fuchs, Rick W.
Harris, Anne J.
Hohlen, Todd W.
Killeen, Amy C.
Kimathi, Travis K.
Rutledge, John E.
Stanton, Stephanie K.
Taylor, Brett H.
Vath-Donner, Sarah C.
Berg, Caron L.
Burns, Alfred M.
Dabbert, William A.
Dana, Monique M.
Gleason, Daniel D.
Hermansen-Ryan, Kristen R.
Hlavinka, Leasa M.
Nehl, Matt E.
Meyer, Katherine A.
Neuberger, Meaghan A.
Reece, Stacy M.
Thomas, Ryan E.
Carr, Jesse D.
Carter, Justin
Curry, Angela T.
Garcia, Tracy N.
Haave, Kate S.
Kravig, Elizabeth P.
Krueger, Rebecca R.
Mlnarik, Jamie L.
Page, David G.
Stroede, Claire L.
Uchida, Cherie C.
Uchida, Renee C.
Wieseman, Christopher R.
Wiswall, Andrew T.
Kreycik, Megan L.
Skar, Bryan J.
Smith, Tyler L.
Burdette, Kerin L.
Andersen, Kathy L.
Bartlett-Edwards, Gretchen
Miller, Lori J.
Warner, Janet M.
Weber, Mary M.
Cox, Jennie L.
Broekemeier, Jane M.
Durham, Janelle L.
Grubaugh, Sarah J.
Bolton, Linda I.
Hansen, Cynthia J.
Wobig, Mary S.
Holtmeier, Mary A.
Henderson, Marilyn D.
Rhodes, Jacqueline K.
Harn, Jennifer A.
Lessig, Kathy A.
Phillips, Victoria A.
Henry, Lisa M.
Waters, Cori A.
Johnson, Amy S.
Wiechmann, Lauri S.
Gatto, Emily I.
Hlava, Gwen L.
Kruse, Mary S.
Liggett, Martha L.
Lowell, Marla R.
Kingston, Amy J.
Beilby, Robin L.
Kalkwarf, Sharon R.
Kent, Sherry L.
DeLaet, Kristin A.
Feldner, Susan J.
Stineman, Kandace G.
Barth, Sandra J.
Gray, Linda A.
Klanderud, Kathy J.
Crawford, Leanne
Ballew, Susan K.
Sullivan-Brockman, Therese A.
Watson, Cheryl A.
Zinter, Janet K.
Lott, Jane I.
Krueger, Rebecca R.
Moravec, Lisa J.
Schavee, Jennifer S.
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Weinert Hull, Susan M.
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Schlegel, Kala J.
Menard, Tracy E.
Volk, Katie L.
Garrison, Marilee E.
Longo, Diane J.
Schroeder, Cynthia L.
Kortje, Jana M.
Fall | 2011
College of Dentistry Honor Roll
College of Dentistry alumni whose donations have benefited the
college between January 1, 2010, and December 31, 2010:
Ameku, Yoshiharu
Rush, Jeri R.
Karimjee, Corey K.
Dwornik, Ralph M.
Myers, David R.
Robeson, George A.
Alsalleeh, Fahd M.
Colombo, Adam S.
Walker, Ryan M.
Weimer, Allan D.
Hunter, William A.
Shelton, Preston G.
Neidhart, Kenneth D.
Walker, James A.
Hermsen, Michael S.
Bonness, Bryce W.
Rosenfeld, Edward F.
Zartner, Robert J.
Corcoran, William C.
Hermsen, Kenneth P.
McConnell, Jay C.
Wieseman, Christopher R.J.
Durham, Timothy M.
Feldner, Barry D.
Kejriwal, Manju R.
Truong, Thu T.
Curry, Michael W.
Dosek, J. Richard
George, Mark D.
Lebsack, David M.
Jost, John W.
Freed, Helen K.
Baker, Kevin L.
Boyd, David W.
Kuster, Curtis G.
Moyer, Ira N.
Taylor, Mark H.
Gapper, Richard L.
Harris, Arthur W.
Schoettger, Robert A.
Irvine, N. Ross
Simmons, Joyce D.
Boice, Patricia A.
Moffenbier, Stacy L.
Moyer, Barbara A.
Strohschein, Dawn
Alexander, Steven R.
Lorenz, Allen L.
Eckles, Terry A.
Lavitt, Dan L.
Nelson, Ricky D.
Morgan, James G.
Starbuck, Gordon E.
Dowling, Patti C.
Harris, Arthur W.
Bennion, John W.
Holmes, Brad L.
Pryor, Stephen P.
Sleder, Frank S.
Panther, Robert B.
Vogt, Merlyn W.
Maixner, David A.
VanDenBerghe, Thomas M.
Risinger, Richard T.
Harre, Paula L.
Hoxie, Michael H.
Ficke, John R.
Fry, Douglas S.
Wilgus, Mark A.
Thomason, Jane M.
Dana, Carmen L.
Swanson, Randel P.
Gibson, Colin S.
Zeiler, Karl B.
Chandler, Jeffrey R.
Uchida, Cherie C.
Uchida, Renee C.
Lynch, William R.
Schwandt, Nathan W.
Edgren, Burdett R.
Hoss, John E.
Clarke, Lawrence S.
Samuels, IV, A. Phillip
Fry, Vernon A.
Jabro, Mansoor H.
Eckles, Terry A.
Schoenenberger, Edwin R.
Alley, Catherine D.
Dowling, Embree A.
Echols, Donald G.
Feldner, Barry D.
Collins, Bryan H.
Moffenbier, Stacy L.
McCann, Charles M.
Gibbs, John P.
Harmeson, Raynor L.
Hamilton, Scott A.
Wilde, Jerold C.
Hukmani, Navin
Etzelmiller, Phil R.
Leffingwell, Cliff
Pike, J. Sanders
Gorgani, Nostratollah
Walker, Robert D.
Haney, Gerald M.
Harman, Kenneth A.
Rush, Jeri R.
Morris, Lightle Y.
Mosher, Ralph I.
Sveen, Melissa J.
Liebentritt, Caci I.
Konegni, John S.
Moyer, Barbara A.
Magnusson, Gordon K.
Lavin, Marshall T.
Haack, James E.
Pobanz, John M.
Stormberg, Kurt D.
Kassube, Thomas L.
Reinhardt, Richard A.
Uchida, Clyde Y.
Donlan, Kenneth J.
Heck, Thomas T.
Dent, Michael E.
Sargent, Frank H.
Troyer, Dean A.
Ching, Kin H
Iseman, Michael F.
Bennett, Jane L.
Killeen, Martin D.
Rothe, Vincent V.
Crump, Brad
Wilson, Angela N.
Sanderfer, Van J.
Stein, David M.
Lavin, Mark T.
Preston, Rhonda
Rutledge, John E.
Killeen, Amy C.
Jabro, Mansoor H.
Atack, David F.
Klemme, Louis W.
Malena, Daryl E.
Amerman, Gary W.
Kalkwarf, Kenneth L.
Cornhusker Impressions | 26
2011 Opportunities Fair & Successful Career
Transition Seminar: Maximizing the Return on
The University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry invites
you to attend the 2011 Successful Career Transition Seminar and Dental
Opportunities Fair on Nov. 4. The program will be in the Dixon Lecture Hall
at the college. Dr. Eugene W. Heller, DDS, will be the featured speaker.
The Opportunities Fair will be held in conjunction with the seminar. You may attend
one or both. The programs give you an opportunity to meet students and discuss
dental practice opportunities open to them after graduation. Registration is required.
Opportunities Fair participants will be provided with a table and two chairs.
Some tables can be provided with electricity (no internet connections).
Seminar $100 per person; Fair $50. (For example, dentist attends seminar
and two staff at Opportunities Fair table, $150; or dentist, spouse, and business
manager attend seminar and two staff at Opportunities Fair table, $350.)
Friday, November 4, 2011
UNMC College of Dentistry
40th & Holdrege Streets
Lincoln, Nebraska 68583-0740
Lower Level Area & Dixon Lecture Hall
Seminar | 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Registration | 8:30 a.m.
Opportunities Fair | 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. (Setup 9 a.m.)
Registration Deadline: Friday, October 28
(Late Registration Fee is $125 for seminar and $60 for fair)
Lunch will be provided to registrants. Parking will be available in the east and/or north lots.
Clip and Mail Registration:
___Seminar $100/person
___Opportunities Fair $50
___Electricity ___Number in your party (provide names of attendees)
City__________________________ State________Zip____________
Please indicate special dietary needs:_____________________________
Mail with check payable to the UNMC College of Dentistry to:
Veronica McManamon
UNMC College of Dentistry
40th & Holdrege Streets
Lincoln, NE 68583-0740
For more information, call 402-472-3285 or email [email protected]
Fall | 2011
40th and Holdrege Streets
P.O. Box 830740
Lincoln, NE 68583-0740
After you’ve read about all the great things
happening at the UNMC College of Dentistry,
you can help make it even greater by
contributing to the Campaign for Nebraska.
Address Service Requested
To learn more about the campaign goals to
support the college’s students, faculty and
programs, or to contribute, contact Susan Norby
at the University of Nebraska Foundation.
Susan Norby
[email protected]
Cornhusker Impressions
for alumni and friends of the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry
in this
cover Big Man on campus this fall is SimMan, a patient simulation system
used to teach general emergency response techniques to dental and hygiene students and to teach
graduate students how to respond to anesthesia-related emergencies.
6 Read about four Nebraska dental students, all leaders, filling significant
leadership roles in national dental student organizations in 2011-2012. Dean John Reinhardt said it
is rare for the college to have so many students serving at the same time or succeeding each other in
these important national leadership positions.
8 Remodeled preclinic labs offer clean air, convenient computer monitors at
workstations, and a “psychological boost,” says Dr. Larry Haisch, project coordinator.
Fall | 2011
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