May-July 2003

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May-July 2003
Issue 22
CNND Receives $6 Million
On May 12th, the Center for Neurovirology and
Neurodegenerative Disorders (CNND) was awarded a
$6 million dollar grant from the National Institute of
Neurological Disorders and Stroke of the National
Institutes of Health.
New Faculty & Residents
The Department of Pathology and Microbiology is
pleased to announce the newest additions to the faculty
and staff.
Dr. Kerry Bernal joined
the department July 1st as our
newest faculty member. Dr.
Bernal also completed her
residency through our
The department also has
three first year residents and a
(Dr. Kerry Bernal)
new fifth year fellow.
Dr. Shane Kohl, Dr. Geoffrey Talmon and Dr. Michael
Belenky join our department as our newest pathology
(CNND Staff Members)
The grant money will be used to study how the
brain’s immune system can lead to damage of nerve cells
in HIV-dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The research
will also study how parts of the immune system can be
harnessed to reverse different forms of dementia.
The grant is known as a program project grant and
it provides for funding over a five year period.
Typically, program project grants are a collaboration
between several institutions because of the complexity
of the project. With this grant, however, UNMC is
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(Dr. Michael Belenky)
(Dr. Shane Kohl)
Dr. Ken He Young is our newest hematopathology
fellow. Dr. Young received his M.D. degree from the
University of Zhejian School of Medicine in the
People’s Republic of China and his Ph.D from the
University of SOM in Malmo, Sweden. He completed
his pathology residency at Oregon Health Science
(Geoffrey Talmon)
(Dr. Ken He Young)
Letter from the Chair
Welcome to a new academic
year! This past year was filled with
challenges and opportunities, but
it was a highly successful year in
all of our missions.
We welcome three new
pathology residents, Michael
Belenky, Geoffrey Talmon and
Shane Kohl; a new hemato(Dr. Sam Cohen)
pathology fellow, Ken He Young;
and three new faculty, Kerry Bernal, who started July
1st;, Neil Abrahams, who will begin later this summer,
and Chris Hans, who will begin January 1, 2004
On campus, significant construction is underway,
with the new power plant and parking garage already
completed, and the new research tower, the Durham
Research Center, due to be completed later this year. In
addition, our hospital changed its name from the
Nebraska Health System to The Nebraska Medical
Center, but more importantly, has begun construction
on an addition that will expand and improve several of
these services. Opportunities abound, and despite
numerous challenges, particularly financial cuts from
the state and NIH, we look forward to an even more
successful year ahead than we experienced in the past.
Honors & Awards
Amber Donnelly, SCT(ASCP), was promoted to the
position of Program Director, Cytotechnology Program,
effective July 1, 2003. Amber has also been elected to
the Cytotechnology Advisory Committee for the
American Society of Cytopathology.
Steven Hinrichs, M.D., was awarded the StokesShackleford Professor of Microbiology, for his
outstanding achievements, effective March 1, 2003
through February 29, 2008.
Charlie Kuszynski, Ph.D., was awarded $15,000
from the Nebraska Banker’s Association for an Aerosol
Management upgrade on his FACS Vantage Flow
Faculty First to Participate in
Education Scholars Program
Jim Booth, Ph.D, and Karen Honeycutt, were two
faculty members chosen to participate in the first group
of the Education Scholars Program, sponsored by the
UNMC Educational Development Institute (EDI).
This 18-month program was designed to teach faculty
how to design and carry out educational-related
research, including methods of quantitative and
qualitative analysis. The final goal of the program was
to complete a project that is publishable in a peerreviewed educational journal or can be presented at
regional or national meetings.
According to Karen Honeycutt,
MT(ASCP)SM, “the educational
scholars program provided an
excellent mentoring system for
developing, conducting and
publishing educational-based
research projects. Participants
became familiar with the
(Karen Honeycutt)
educational research literature,
as opposed to the scientific-based research literature
that we work with regularly.” Karen’s project was
entitled: “Cooperative Learning in the UNMC’s MT/
CLS Program: Measuring Learner Outcomes After
Decreasing Extraneous Cognitive Load.”
Dr. Booth chose as a research
project the use of matrices, or
tables, by medical students in
learning the basic sciences.
Working with his faculty mentor,
Naomi Lacy in Family Medicine,
he completed a first paper on the
methodology of using matrices to
(Dr. Jim Booth)
teach medical students a more
effective way of learning. After approval by the UNMC
Institutional Review Board, he will begin gathering data
for a second paper on the effectiveness of this method.
Dr. Booth presented the basics of using matrices, as well
as concept maps, on March 28, 2003, at a faculty
development workshop/luncheon sponsored by the EDI.
The Education Scholars Program concluded with a final
oral presentation and graduation on June 9, 2003.
New Hires:
Joel Armitage – Lab Assistant Nicole Bartunek – Lab Assistant -
Michael Belenky – House Officer I -
Kerry Bernal – Pathologist -
Jonathan Black – Research Tech I -
Tiffany Carstens – Lab Assistant -
Amy Diedrich – Lab Assistant -
Samia El-Touny - Researcher -
Jessica Gardner – Graduate Student Fellow -
Megan Henning – Lab Assistant -
Shelley Herek – Research Tech II -
Ben Hinrichs – Lab Assistant Bonnie Irwin – Staff Medical Tech -
Prajoel Karki – Research Tech II -
Shane Kohl – House Officer I -
Andrea Mack – Research Tech I -
Nick Markin – Lab Assistant -
Julia McCan – Lab Assistant -
Matthew Northam – Research Tech I -
Ximena Paez – Visiting Professor -
Rachel Reed – Lab Assistant -
Kori Rokahr – Research Tech II -
Sylvia Shramek – Staff Medical Tech -
Eleanor Sigafoose – Staff Medical Tech -
Abbie Sorensen – Lab Assistant -
Geoffrey Talmon – House Officer I -
Marilyn Wise – Laboratory Assistant -
As summer rolls around, many seasonally full-time
students look forward to a few lazy months of sleeping
late, lounging by the pool and catching up on TV
reruns. Some highly motivated students, however,
choose to spend these typically carefree months
researching and learning with the hands-on, outside the
classroom experience that the UNMC Summer Students
Program offers.
The 10-week program draws students by promoting
the advantages of spending the summer in a research
laboratory, including learning techniques and new
concepts, working with professional researchers and
earning a competitive summer salary. Individual
departments select summer students based on their
academic achievement and interests in research areas,
and the students work in either a basic science or
clinical research laboratory.
Brian Karre – Research Tech I -
Vakara Meyer – Research Tech I -
Summer Student Program Largest Ever for Path/Micro
(First Row – L to R: Michele Kwarteng, Olamide Alabi, Anastasia Persidsky,
Tolulope Olade, Shenandoa Toote. Back Row – Ryan Lynch, Erik Bowman,
Jesse Chrastil, Liza Johnson and Bryan Knipe.)
The Center for Neurological and Neurodegenerative
Disorders (CNND) is one of several UNMC areas
participating in the program. Howard Gendelman,
M.D., CNND Director, has watched the program grow
to this summer’s highest number of summer students,
totaling 19. “It has been a joy to see the growth and to
also see what has happened to past students,” he said.
“Many have entered medical or graduate school, and a
few have completed their training and begun science
careers on their own.”
One of the strengths of the program is the variety of
topics ranging from basic molecular biology to the
study of human diseases.
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Grants Awarded
Julia Bridge, M.D., IRSG Studies of Alveolar
Rhabdomyosarcoma Gene Fusion. Awarded by: NIH
through the University of Pennsylvania School of
Medicine - 2/1/2003 – 1/31/2004 - $55,976
Nora Chapman, Ph.D., Inhibiting Demyelination by
Immunizing Using Coxsackievirus Vectors. Awarded
by: Creighton University - 4/1/2003 – 3/31/2004 $39,247
Samuel Cohen, M.D., Ph.D., Study DN01076:
Evaluation of Crystalluria. Awarded by: Bristol-Meyers
Squibb Company - 6/1/2003 – 8/31/2003 - $50,000
Howard Gendelman, M.D., Blood Brian Barrier
Physiology and HIV Dementia. Awarded by: DHHS/
NIH/NINDS - 7/1/2003 – 6/30/2004 - $367,500
Howard Gendelman, M.D., Neural Immunity in HIV
Dementia. Awarded by: DHHS/NIH/NINDS - 5/
15/2003 – 4/30/2004 - $1,203,033
Anuja Ghorpade, Ph.D., Astrocyte Activation, Fas
Ligand and HIV-1 Dementia. Awarded by: DHHS/
NIH/NINDS - 4/1/3003 – 3/31/2004 - $209,475
Steven Hinrichs, M.D., Glock-Bridge Agreement.
Awarded by: NE DHHS. 10/1/2002 – 6/30/2003 $86,100
Steven Hinrichs, M.D., National Electronic Disease
Surveillance System (NEDSS). Awarded by: NE
DHHS – 2/1/2003 – 1/31/2004 - $179,693.
Tsuneya Ikezu, M.D., Ph.D., Anti-Retroviral Activities
of NEBR1. Awarded by: DHHS/NIH/NIAID - 7/1/
2003 – 6/30/2004 - $147,000
Yuri Persidsky, M.D., Ph.D. Improving the CNS
Delivery of Anti-Retroviral Compounds. Awarded by:
NIH through the University of Minnesota - 2/1/2003 –
3/31/2004 - $59,375
Dennis D. Weisenburger, M.D., Case-Control Study of
Pesticides and t(14;18) Lymphoma. Awarded by:
DHHS/NIH/NCI – 6/20/2003 – 3/31/2004 $73,500
Huangui Xiong, M.D., Ph.D., Neuronal Physiology
and HIV-1 Associated Dementia. Awarded by: DHHS/
NIH/NINDS - 6/1/2003 – 5/31/2004 - $184,375
Jialin Zheng, M.D., Macrophage Activation,
Chemokines, and HIV Dementia. Awarded by:
DHHS/NIH/NINDS – 5/1/2003 – 4/30/2004 $257,250
Pathology and Microbiology Play
Important Role in UNMC’s
Bioterrorism Preparedness
Rodney Markin, M.D., Ph.D.,
Vice Chair in the Department of
Pathology and Microbiology,
Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
in the UNMC College of
Medicine, and President and CEO
of University Medical Associates
(UMA), and Steven Hinrichs,
M.D., Professor of Pathology and
(Dr. Rodney Markin)
Microbiology, Director of the
Nebraska Public Health
Laboratory, and the NU Center for
Biosecurity, have been working
closely with Chancellor Harold
Maurer, and other state and
university officials on homeland
security and bioterrorism
preparedness throughout the past
several months. At the forefront of
(Dr. Steven Hinrichs)
this mission is the authorization of
$5 million that Senator Ben Nelson has secured from
the Department of Defense budget (pending
congressional approval), which has been earmarked as a
“building block” for UNMC’s goal to establish a
national bioterrorism center on campus. The money
will be used to develop portable and networked
automation testing technology to efficiently and rapidly
process specimens to detect the existence of biological
agents in the event of a biological attack.
Dr. Markin, who is also chairman of the board of
LAB-InterLink, a UNMC technology transfer company
that makes automated laboratory technology, said,
“This funding will enable UNMC to develop
technology to enhance our country’s homeland security,
as well as the safety of our troops in the battlefield.”
On Monday, June 9, 2003, a top official from the
U.S. Department of Homeland Security visited UNMC
to view the University’s expertise on bioterrorism
preparedness firsthand. U.S. Navy Rear Admiral James
Plehal visited several areas of UNMC and UNO, and
witnessed a demonstration of the automated clinical
laboratory, one system of which is up and running in
the clinical pathology section of the department.
Summer Students of 2003
The Department of Pathology and Microbiology would
like to welcome the following 2003 Summer Students:
Olamide Alabi (CNND)
Erik Bowman (CNND)
Stuart Bridge (Julia Bridge)
Jesse Chrastil (CNND)
Amy Cotton (CNND)
Sierra Gendelman (CNND)
Steven Green (CNND)
Andrew Hoffman (Charlie Kuszynski)
Tao Jing (CNND)
Elizabeth Johnsen (CNND)
Whitney Johansen (Rakesh Singh)
Brian Knipe (CNND)
Chris Kundtson (Charlie Kuzynski)
Michael Kwarten (CNND)
Ryan Lynch (John Chan)
Vakara Meyer (CNND)
Craig Nemeche (CNND)
Tolu Olade (CNND)
Anastasia Persidsky (CNND)
Amanda Reddish (Tom Jerrell)
Christopher Shi (CNND)
Ashley Sorensen (Tom Jerrell)
Nicole Taylor (CNND)
Vanessa Vasovsk (CNND)
Greg Weber (CNND)
Wei Zhuang (CNND)
Faculty Attend Pan Pacific
Conference on Lymphoma
Drs. Patricia Aoun, John Chan, Tim Greiner and
Dennis Weisenburger, the Lymphoma specialists in the
department of Pathology and Microbiology, traveled to
Kohala Coast, Hawaii for the sixth offering of the Pan
Pacific Lymphoma Conference, held July 21-26, 2003.
This year’s conference included a half-day session titled
“Recent Advances in Hematopathology” which was
chaired by Dr. Weisenburger.
(Drs, John Chan, Tim Greiner, Pat Aoun & Denny Weisenburger)
Summer Student Program
(Continued from Page 4)
The program is directed towards current UNMC
students, graduate and undergraduate students and
high school students. Compared with similar programs
at other reseach centers, the Medical Center’s summer
student opportunities really stand out to students.
Olamide Alabi, a junior at the University of NebraskaLincoln, returned for her second summer, and speaks
highly of the program. “Other research opportunities
mostly have summer students look up information, not
participate in hands-on work,” she said. “Here I do my
own research and I am completely involved in the
laboratory with my mentor.”
The program is not new to the medical center, as it
has been available to students through several
departments for more than three decades. Julia Bridge,
M.D., Department of Pathology and Microbiology, has
participated as a mentor in the program in the past and
has seen the positive results. “Our laboratory has had
summer students for the last 10 years,” she said.
“Many of our students have returned for two or three
summers and others have also returned as UNMC
residents for monthly rotations. Each of these students
has had the opportunity to not only contribute to a
project, but also to develop and publish a manuscript.”
Anastasia Persidsky, an undergraduate student at the
University of Iowa, believes the program has a lot to
offer, especially for those interested in the field. “It gave
me experience with science and not only introduced me
to the neurodegenerative diseases, but also allowed me
to get involved with the ongoing research in the medical
field that I want to go into,” she stated.
The students aren’t the only ones benefiting from
their summer at the Medical Center. Mentors find this
experience just as rewarding as the students do. “The
summer students provide a lot of help and they are very
enthusiastic and want to learn a lot,” said Santhi
Gorantla of the Neuroregeneration Lab. “For me, it’s a
teaching experience and at the same time, I can get
something done with their help.”
With so many rewarding experiences and feedback,
the program is likely to continue to grow across the
Medical Center’s campus. “It is our mission to train
the scientists of the future,” Dr. Gendelman said.
“Mentoring young people with a strong desire to pursue
a scientific career is our legacy.”
Visiting Faculty Welcomed
This summer, the department has been host to a
number of visiting faculty. We would like to take this
opportunity to welcome the following visitors.
Farewell Tea for Residents
The department hosted a farewell tea for the
graduating residents and fellow on June 13th, in the
Private Dining Rooms. Drs. Kim Goble, Kerry Bernal
and Poonam Sharma were the honored recipients.
Jun Nishio, M.D., Ph.D., is a pathologist
Dr. Goble has
moved to Rapid
City, South
Dakota and is
working at the
Laboratory of the
Black Hills.
postdoctoral student from Fukuoka, Japan who is being
hosted by Dr. Julia Bridge’s lab.
Dr. Kim Goble and Dr. Denny Weisenburger
(Fumi Nishio, , Dr. Julia Bridge & Jun Nishio)
Ximena Paez, M.D. is a
visiting professor from Venezuela’s
Dr. Poonam Sharma has
moved to Maywood, Illinois
where she is working as a
resident and fellow at the
Loyola University Medical
University of Los Andres. She is
here for one year conducting
Dr. Jim Gulizia and
Dr. Poonam Sharma
research in the Center for
Neurovirology and
Neurodegenerative Disorders.
(Dr. Ximena Paez)
Dr. Paez has worked in the
neuroscience field for the past 20 years, specializing in
Dr. Jim Gulizia and
Dr. Kerry Bernal
Internal Medicine.
Mitsuru Futakuchi, M.D.,
Ph.D., is a visiting postdoctoral
Medical Technology Graduates
for 20003
research associate from Nagoya,
Japan. Dr. Futakuchi is working
with Dr. Rakesh Singh on the
The Medical Technology Program is pleased to
announce the following distribution of Med Tech
Graduates for 2003:
role of molecular therapies in the
management of metastatic
Dr. Kerry Bernal has
remained with the
department, joining the
faculty as a surgical
pathologist for the next year.
(Dr. Futakuchi)
Dr. Futakuchi’s wife, Masako and their children,
Mami and Miho, have joined him in Omaha.
Eight students remained in Omaha, nine remained
in Nebraska in areas outside of Omaha, and eight
moved to other states.
New Arrivals –
Editorships & Editorial Boards
Congratulations to the parents and families of the
following new arrivals:
The Department of Pathology and Microbiology is
proud to have many of its faculty involved in the
Editorship and Boards of various journals. These
Melissa and Scott French on the birth of their baby
boy, Gavin Paul, on June 10th.
Mike and Catherine Jerrells on the arrival of their
baby boy, Christopher Ray, on July 26th
Cathy and Troy Matthias on the birth of their baby
boy, Austin David, on July 21st.
Amy and Curt Peyton on the arrival of the baby girl,
Lauren Christine, on July 15th.
Jennifer and Nick Strachota on the birth of their
baby girl, Cassandra Grace, on July 20th.
Thomas R. Jerrells, Ph.D. Alcohol
James E. Talmage, Ph.D. –
International Immunopharmacology
Associate Editors:
Samuel Cohen, M.D., Ph.D. –
Food and Chemical Toxicology
Editorial Boards:
Awarded to Pathology and
Microbiology Students:
Graduate students in the Department of Pathology
and Microbiology received the following awards for
Jodi Alt – Regents Tuition Fellowship
Cory Bernadt – Graduate Studies Assistantship
Alyssa Bouska – 1st year Exceptional Student
Brian Farrell – Regents Tuition Fellowship
Luke Handke – Regent Tuition Fellowship
Scott Koepsell – Graduate Studies Assistantship
Robet Kortum – Graduate Studies Assistantship
Troy Luster – Graduate Studies Assistantship
Jill Pecha – Graduate Studies Assistantship
Xiaoling Shen – Graduate Studies Assistantship
Danielle Slater – NSF Predoctoral Fellowship
Benjamin Swanson – Graduate Studies Assistantship
Heth Turnquist – Graduate Studies Assistantship
Jarrod Tremayne – Graduate Studies Assistantship
Julia Bridge, M.D. –
Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics
Journal of Molecular Diagnostics
Steven Carson, Ph.D. –
Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis
John Chan, M.D. –
American Journal of Clinical Pathology
Samuel Cohen, M.D., Ph.D. –
International Journal of Oncology
Laboratory Investigation
Pathology International
Toxicological Sciences
Urologic Oncology
Howard Gendelman, M.D. –
Current HIV Research
Journal of Neuroimmunology
Journal of Neurotoxicology
Timothy Greiner, M.D. –
American Journal of Clinical Pathology
Journal of Molecular Diagnostics
Steven Hinrichs. M.D. –
Journal of Biomedical Science
Thomas Jerrells, Ph.D. –
Science Mat – The Alcoholism and Drug
Research Communication Center
(Continued on Page 10)
CNND Receives $6 Million
Grant (Continued from Page 2)
the sole institution involved and the support goes to
the CNND scientists.
The CNND was established in 1997 and now
includes more than 70 scientists and support staff.
According to the Director of CNND, Howard
Gendelman, M.D., “The CNND scientists have
significant expertise in neurotoxicology, cellular
immunology, neuropathology, neurophysiology,
neuropharmacology and molecular biology. The
most senior scientists who will be involved in the
study are Yuri Persidsky, M.D., Ph.D., Tsuneya
Ikezu, M.D., Ph.D., Jialin Zheng, M.D., Huangui
Xiong, M.D., Ph.D., Anuja Ghorpade, Ph.D., R. Lee
Mosely, Ph.D., Michael Boska, Ph.D., and Larisa
Poluektova, Ph.D.
Graduation Announcements
Contract Awarded
Tony Sambol, M.A., Assistant
Professor in the Divison of Medical
Technology, has been awarded a
contract to develop a Laboratory
Certification Program for
Biological, Chemical and
Radiological Agents by the
Nebraska Center for Bioterrorism
Education. This project will be
developed in conjunction with
(Tony Sambol, MA)
other faculty in the medical
technology program and the Nebraska Public Health
Doctoral Dissertation Defended
Troy Luster, successfully defended his doctoral
dissertation on July 31, 2003, The title of his
dissertation was “Transcriptional Regulation of the
FGF-4 Gene: Characterization of the Distal Enhancer
Congratulations to the following graduates and their
Alexandra Gasnick, Roxanne Alter’s daughter,
graduated from Marian High School. Alexandra will be
attending Regis University in Denver, Colorado this fall.
Nathan Kitzke, Helen Kitzke’s son, graduated from
the United States Air Force Academy with an
Engineering Degree. Nathan was commissioned as a
second Lieutenant in the Air Force on May 28, 2003.
For his first assignment, he will report to Laughlin Air
Force Base in Del Rio, Texas for pilot training in the
Owen Kephart, son of Lynne Owen and Willis
Kephart, M.D., graduated from the OPS Adult
Education Program.
Justin Koso, Pat Koso’s grandson, graduated from
his high school in Plano, Texas in May. Justin is
planning on going to college in Texas, pursuing a
career in psychology.
(Troy Luster with advisor Dr. Angie Rizzino)
Troy will be working in the laboratory of Philip
Thorpe, Ph.D., at the University of Texas
Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. He
will be working on the Development of tumor
vasculature targeting agents.
Editors/Editorial Boards
(Continued from Page 8)
Rodney Markin, M.D. Ph.D. –
American Journal of Clinical Pathology
American Journal of Gastroenterology
Human Pathology
Journal of Clinical
Laboratory Analysis
Pathology International
Rodney McComb, M.D. –
Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental
The Department of Pathology and Microbiology
would like to congratulate the following staff members
on their many years of service to UNMC/NMC.
35 Years -
Patricia Fellows
30 Years -
Patricia Woodward
25 Years -
Annika Weber
Karen Keller
Kimberly Mathewson
20 Years -
Paula Bartee Williams
Rosalie Hansen
Herminia Kyamko
Diane Pursel
Kathy Ubben
15 Years -
Betty Alspach
Jean Bailey
George Bamsey
Dianna Bannister
Coleen Dickens
Kelly Duffy
Christi Edwards
Glenda Felber
Krysten Knott
Annette Nared
Diane Schafer
Judy Schmidt
Kim Schrader
Christine Thomas
10 Years -
Kim Christian
Mary Rome
Michelle Varney
5 Years -
Brian Anderson
Denise Beister
Aaron Becker
Nathaniel Butler
Donna Czarnecki
Sara Doukas
Kathyrn Firley
Jennifer Fontana
Jeff Gehring
Susan Gosmire
Francene Harms
David Heilman
Melissa Helligso
Thomas Seemayer, M.D. American Journal of Surgical Pathology
International Journal of Surgical Pathology
Rakesh Singh, Ph.D. Angiogenesis
James Talmadge, Ph.D. Cancer Gene Therapy
Current Medicinal Chemistry –
Cardiovascular and Hematologic Agents
Steven Tracy, Ph.D. Journal of Medical Virology
Phyllis Warkentin, M.D. Cytotherapy
Dennis Weisenburger, M.D. –
Clinical Lymphoma
Modern Pathology
Past Chair’s Family Remembers
Dr. Sam Cohen is pleased to announce a donation to
the department from the estate of the late Harold E.
Eggers of Seattle, Washington. Eggers’ father, Harold
Everett Eggers, Sr., M.D., founded the Department of
Pathology at UNMC and was the chair from 1917 to
1948. He was also responsible for development of the
medical technology program at UNMC, only the
second such program in America at the time.
Amy Kapels
Jennifer Kelly
Joel Knopik
Troy Krupicka
Gina Le
Alicia Lopez
Barb McNaughton
Susanne Peters
Kim Plath
Travis Rinehart
Elizabeth Rubin
Li Wu
Birthday Wishes To
May –
June –
July –
5/2 -
TeAnne Brown
6/1 -
7/1 -
Howard Julius
6/5 - Erin Fender
Steve DeBerg
Kimbra Ewing-Noble
5/4 -
Jeremy Benson
5/7 -
Christi Edwards
6/6 -
Candy Boylan
5/8 -
Shirley Bonneau
6/8 -
Aria Vettikalyiyl
7/4 -
Susan Blackburn
5/12 - Amy Fletcher
6/9 -
Delinda Sundsboe
7/5 -
Anuja Ghorpade
5/14 - Julia McCann
6/10 - Melissa Harris
Linda Wilkie
5/15 - Terry Gagne
6/11 - Donald Johnson
Dongsheng Xu
Beverly Hunnicutt
Douglas Lassiter
Kimberly Carlson
Tony Sambol
7/3 -
Cheryl Cole
Laurel Miller
7/6 -
Betty Chin
5/16 - Annika Weber
6/13 - Larisa Poluektova
7/7 -
Huanyu Dou
5/18 - Cheng Du
6/15 - Pat Fellows
7/8 -
John Jackson
Brian Kare
5/22 - Cheryl Abboud
Kiana Holbert
6/16 - Marge Boyden
Lois Magee
6/17 - Yvette Adamson
Mary Martins
Bonnie Irwin
5/23 - Jean Lien
Yuri Persidsky
5/24 - Jim Talmadge
Hillari Zwiebohmer
5/25 - Lisa Hoffman
Guimei Zhou
5/26 - David Heilman
Hui Peng
6/18 - Sam Pirruccello
Diane Weber
Marilyn Wise
6/20 - Jane Larsen
7/9 -
Melissa Marohl
Nicole Zacher
7/10 - Glyniss Tanksley
7/11 - Jana Clark
Sue Holmes
7/12 - Mary Conley
Karen Graser
5/27 - Shirley Shepherd
Judy Peters
7/13 - Rosalie Hansen
5/28 - Debra Brown
Di Ann Riggenbach
7/14 - Nan Sibbernsen
Sabine Naumann
5/29 - Kelly Duffy
6/23 - Josilyn Butler
7/17 - Delores Amos
Barbara Cabrera
Aaron Becker
Rhonda Noel
Jodi Garrett
Kim Christian
Cynthia Vasquez
Helen Kitzke
Angelika Stevens
5/30 - Andrea Mack
Kathy Ubben
5/31 - Jennifer Kelly
Lee Mosley
6/24 - Catherine Matuella
Amber Walsh
7/18 - Cindy Burgener
7/20 - John Hall
7/21 - Gayla Davis
Kim Plath
6/27 - Diane Pursel
Chastity Ridder
Justin Yandell
6/28 - Robin Taylor
7/23 - Joanne Robish
6/29 - Rodney Markin
7/24 - Kathy Salerno
6/30 - Karen Fogarty
7/29 - Pat Aoun
7/30 - Barbette McNaughton
Lisa Solomon
7/31 - Amy Diedrich
Phyllis Ostblom
Fly UP