IND560dyn and IND9D56 data brief

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IND560dyn and IND9D56 data brief
IND560dyn Terminal
Conveyor Scale Controller
for reliable in-motion weighing
High speed dynamic weighing
controller provides weights and measuresapproved weighing accuracy at conveyor speeds
of up to 77 m/min (240 ft/min), allowing for use
in high-volume transport and logistics application.
Data integration
allows for automatic integration of package-specific information such as bar code,
RFID tag data, and dimensional data. Data
communication to peripheral devices via
serial, Ethernet and PLC interface is available.
Powerful data storage and
provides the ability to store hundreds of
train reports in common database formats,
allowing for simple export via Ethernet, fiber
optic, modem or wireless connection.
IND560dyn Terminal
Exceptional performance
even in tough applications
with features such as advanced filtering,
IP69k protection, chemical-resistant display and bright vacuum fluorescent display
that is easily readable in low light conditions.
The IND560dyn controller provides a robust and reliable interface to conveyor scales for in-motion weighing. Items can be weighed while crossing an analog
load cell-based conveyor at speeds up to 100m/
minute. Data from bar code scanners, RFID readers,
or dimensioning equipment can be integrated with
the IND560dyn to provide a complete transaction
record. A target can be recalled and weights compared
against target values to trigger an output or identify in
the transaction record out of tolerance items. Optional
Ethernet and PLC connectivity provides flexibility for
interface to other control or data analysis equipment.
Conveyor Scale Controller for in-motion weighing
Features and benefits
• High-speed A/D converter plus TraxDSP™ filtering achieves accurate weighments in the
shortest possible time, even under adverse conditions with high vibration
• Flexible interface to peripheral data sources allows the use to integrate bar code and
dimensional data with package weight into the transaction record. Input data string can
be parsed automatically, allowing user customization
• Multiple connectivity options allow the user to communicate transaction data to a wide
variety of Ethernet-enabled devices, and to communicate with automation equipment via
DeviceNet™, A-B RIO or Profibus™ protocol
• Objects of analysis such as daily weighments, number of in-tolerance items weighed by
product ID, error logging and tracking, can be recalled or exported to a PC-based application
• Optional LED status lights and rugged pushbuttons can be configured to provide operators with additional visual system status cues, minimizing confusion and increasing
• 25-target ID memory with tolerance check allows user to program and monitor 3-zone
toleranced ranges specific to each target ID. A discrete output can be configured for outof-tolerance weighments, to trigger reject timers
• Bright, multi-line VFD display ensures easily readable scale data and status information,
error messages, last package average weight, and setup menu
• Three levels of configurable user names and passwords are supported, assuring security
of setup and configuration parameters
• Error logging is configurable, to provide flexible handling of scale alarms and errors
• Weights and Measures approvals permit use in legal-for-trade applications
Technical Data
Enclosure dimensions
(L x W x D)
IND560dyn terminal, panel mount: 265 x 160 x 91.8 mm (10.4 x 6.3 x 3.6 in.)
IND9D56 controller: 406.4 x 406.4 x 152.4 mm (16 x 16 x 6 in.)
Shipping weight
IND560dyn terminal, panel mount: 3.5 kg (7.7 lb)
IND9D56 controller: 14 kg (30 lb)
Enclosure construction/
environmental protection
IND560dyn terminal, panel mount: Stainless steel front panel, certified Type
4x/12 (ref. IP65)
IND9D56 controller: CRS ANSI 61Gray, optional 304 stainless steel, certified IP54
Mounts to wall or a machine using integrated brackets
Vacuum Fluorescent 128 x 64 dot graphical; 21mm high weight display
Universal power supply, 87 to 264 VAC at 49 to 61Hz, 750 mA consumption
maximum (IND560dyn terminal only)
Scale types
Analog scale: 10 VDC excitation interfaces to 4 350W load cells, 2 or 3 mV/V
5 programmable softkeys, 4 scale function keys, numeric keys, navigation keys
Photo-eye interface
Interface provided via connection within IND560dyn terminal to two external
Package throughput
Up to 130 ppm
Standard: COM1 - RS-232/422/485. Optional: 10Base-T Ethernet TCP/IP port;
COM2: RS-232; COM3: RS-232/422/485
Four standard discrete inputs: entrance photo-eye, exit photo-eye, run permissive,
silence alarm
Six standard discrete outputs: scale running, scale empty, fatal error, non-fatal
error, weighment complete, reject output
Optional inputs: clear alarm, send weight data
Serial interface
Outputs: METTLER-TOLEDO Continuous or Demand; continuous template using 1
of 5 configurable templates
PLC optional interface
Allen-Bradley® Remote I/O, DeviceNet™, Profibus® L2 DP
Operating environment
-10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F), 10% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
cUL, CE, 3000d, NTEP CoC # 05-065
Quality certificate ISO9001
Environment certificate ISO14001
Internet: http://www.mt.com
Worldwide service
Subject to technical changes
©05/2008 Mettler-Toledo, Inc.
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