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Peter Hooper III
Peter Hooper is Managing Director, Chief Economist for Deutsche Bank Securities
in New York, and co-head of Deutsche Bank’s Global Economics team. He joined
Deutsche Bank in 1999 after a distinguished 26-year career at the Federal Reserve
Board in Washington DC, including as an economist on the FOMC. Hooper produces
economics publications and comments on US and global economic developments,
as well as Fed policy. Hooper serves on the Economic Advisory Panel of the Federal
Reserve Bank of New York, is a member and former chairman of the Economic
Advisory Committee of the American Bankers Association, and a founding member
of the US Monetary Policy Forum. Hooper earned a BA in Economics (cum laude)
from Princeton University and an MA and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of
Michigan. He has published numerous books, journal articles, and reviews on
economics and policy analysis.
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