E-Learning Rubric

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E-Learning Rubric
UNMC E-Learning Module Rubric
The UNMC E-Learning Module Rubric is an assessment tool representing the expectations of
the content and delivery for an e-learning module. The rubric assesses the e-learning module
in three categories:
1. Method and Practice of Education
2. Instructional Design
3. Operational Standards
This UNMC E-Learning Module Rubric can be used as a guide when developing modules and
to provide feedback to support development efforts.
Advanced = 3 points
Required elements are present and show significant evidence of mastery.
Accomplished = 2 points
Required elements are present.
Needs improvement =1 point
Required elements are not present or need revision.
Not Applicable = NA
Total Score – All Categories
Gold Standard = 45 - 57 points
This module is an e-learning exemplar demonstrating significant evidence of mastery in
content and delivery.
Accomplished = 38 - 44 points
Needs Improvement = Revision recommended for elements scored “1”.
UNMC E-Learning Rubric
v.1 Sep 2015
UNMC E-Learning Module Rubric
Advanced=3 Accomplished=2 Needs improvement=1 Not applicable=NA
Within the e-learning module…
Method and Practice of Education
a) Learning objectives are clearly stated.
b) Learning objectives follow verb recommendations from Bloom’s Revised
c) Learning objectives are achievable.
d) Content is at the appropriate level for the learner.
e) Content volume and length is appropriate, typically 15 minutes or
less. http://ideas.time.com/2012/10/02/why-lectures-are-ineffective/
f) Formative assessment is utilized. (i.e. a knowledge check prior to the
completion of the module such as quizzing or interactive learning elements).
g) If answered yes in letter f, descriptive feedback is provided. (i.e. help the
learner understand the concept through explanation, reinforcement, or
Total Score – Method and Practice of Education up to 21 points.
Instructional Design
a) Instructions on how to navigate are explicit and consistently provided.
b) Design layout is effective and organized logically (i.e. text and images do not
overlap, font is readable, effective balance of white space and content,
images, or text). http://blogs.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/visual-graphic-design/
c) Content is “chunked” into manageable units of similar information for
improved learner retention and
recall. http://unmc.libguides.com/content.php?pid=608225&sid=5034262
UNMC E-Learning Rubric
v.1 Sep 2015
Instructional Design Continued
d) Interactive learning elements are utilized (i.e. mouse over, drop and drag,
clickable interaction, feedback).
e) The design engages the learner by capturing and sustaining attention (i.e.
relevant use of images, narration, storytelling, humor, examples, and
emotional impact).
f) Video segments are professional looking or project a realistic environment
(i.e. focus, lighting, and background are appropriate to the scene).
g) Audio is effective (i.e. volume, tone, pace, inflection, voice quality,
background noise does not distract).
Total Score – Instructional Design up to 21 points
Operational Standards
a) Module is fully operational on the device recommended in the instructions.
(i.e. tablet, PC, Mac, iOS).
b) Interactive elements function properly (i.e. links, buttons, hover, click).
c) Closed captioning or a written transcript is accessible for all audio or video
components (i.e. processes and resources are in place to support students
with disabilities).
d) Copyrighted materials are used under fair use terms, or with permission and
e) Institutional requirements for branding and funding statement are met.
Total Score - Operational Standards up to 15 points
TOTAL SCORE – All Categories up to 57 points
UNMC E-Learning Rubric
v.1 Sep 2015
Reviewer Feedback
Positive Feedback: (Be specific)
Opportunities to Improve Feedback: (Be specific)
UNMC E-Learning Rubric
v.1 Sep 2015
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