Mini bag plus mixing instructions

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Mini bag plus mixing instructions
Some medications are stored at room temperature while others are refrigerated. If your
medication is refrigerated, be sure to remove your medication from the refrigerator well in
advance of the scheduled infusion. If you are infusing the medication more than once a day
frequency, take another dose out at the time you are infusing the scheduled dose. (For
example, if you are dosing every 12 hours, take your morning dose out the evening before and
take your evening dose out in the morning so you always have a dose out waiting for the next
scheduled infusion). If you forget to take your scheduled dose out of the fridge in advance, it
won’t hurt you to administer it cold. However, it will feel cold as it is going in and may slow
down the rate of infusion.
Wash Hands or Hand Sanitize
Prepare a clean work surface area.
Gather your supplies: alcohol wipes, 2 saline syringes (white top) and 1
Heparin syringe (_______ cap, if applicable), red end caps (if applicable),
IV medication bag, and IV tubing. If you are dosing more than once per
day, use the same tubing for each dose for 24 hours, and then discard.
4. Compare the medication label to the prescription in your home folder.
Make sure the label has your name, the correct medication, correct dose
and the “do not use after date” is not expired.
5. Re-clean your hands.
6. The medication will need to be mixed PRIOR to attaching the tubing. See
picture beginning with step #4 (Ignore steps 1 through 3 on the picture)
7. Break the hard light blue plastic seal between the bottle and the bag (See
picture—step #4)
8. Squeeze some solution into the vial until half full (See picture—step #5)
9. Mix until clear (Swish, DO NOT shake).
10. Hold the bag with the vial upside down. Squeeze the bag to force air into
the vial. Release to drain the suspended drug from the vial (See picture—
step #6). Repeat steps 8 and 9 until the vial is empty of drug and solution
is thoroughly mixed. Ensure that drug is completely dissolved. Do not
remove drug vial from the bag.
11. Refer to directions for DIAL A FLOW TUBING OR GRAVITY.
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