30265532A V03.16 V20S KF Titrator DS EN LR

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30265532A V03.16 V20S KF Titrator DS EN LR
Karl Fischer Titration
One Click® Water Determination
Simple and Secure
One Click® User Interface
The large color touchscreen features the
simple-to-understand and fast-to-operate
One Click user interface. All users have
their own homescreen with dedicated
shortcut buttons to directly start specific
routine tasks.
Solvent Manager
Users are protected against contact with
chemicals using the Solvent Manager
liquid handling device. It is fully controlled by the titrator and offers solvent
exchange with only One Click without
additional user interaction.
Intelligent Burettes
The titrant is automatically recognized,
when the burette is installed on the titrator. Important data such as concentration
or lifetime is saved on the RFID chip and
directly transferred to the titrator, where
it is stored and can be monitored. Using
the wrong or an expired titrant is therefore impossible.
PC software LabX® Titration
Full control over the titrator, secure database archiving, networking, efficient result management with control charts and
individual search filters or rapid and clear method development are only some aspects of the powerful LabX titration PC
V20S Compact Volumetric KF Titrator
The routine Karl Fischer titrator combines fast and
precise water content determination with easy operation. Samples from any industry with water content
between 100 ppm and 100% are analyzed in single
measurements or sample series with statistics.
• Color touchscreen with One Click user interface
• User interface in English, German, French, Spanish,
Italian, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Korean and
• Intelligent burettes with RFID chip saving all relevant
titrant data
• Connectivity to LabX Titration PC software via USB
or direct Ethernet (TCP/IP)
• Common USB printers or the USB-P25 compact
printer for secure and GLP-compliant paper recording
Functionality Overview
One Click® Titration
Hot Plug & Play
User Management
Methods and series
Task list
Online Help
Data Export
PC software
Solid, liquid and gaseous samples
Resources and method database
KF titrants
KF standards
User specific Home Screen with Shortcuts
Shortcuts per user
Solvent Control
Solvent Manager
Burette recognition with titrant, concentration and monitorig data
External Dosing Unit for addition of auxiliary reagents
USB printer DIN-A4/US letter / USB-P25 compact printer
USB memory stick / USB barcode reader
LogStraight Fingerprint Reader
Stromboli oven sample changer
Expert – Routine
Preprogrammed METTLER TOLEDO methods
KF standard methods
Max. number of user methods
External extraction/dissolution dedicated method type
Number of method function
Number of samples per series
Autostart: automatic start after sample addition
Drift stop for endpoint recognition (absolute and relative, tmax, delay)
Max. number of calculations/results per method
User defined calculations
Statistics of up to 120 samples including result limits check, outlier test
Extra statistical functions as max. srel and multiple determinations
Recalculation of results
Data in Online Screen: time, water count, potential, stirrer speed, volume, drift
Data in measured value table: time, water count, potential, volume, drift
Curves in Online Screen and printout: E-V, E-t, V-t, drift-t, water count-t
Number of tasks queued
Context sensitive parameter explanation
USB, Ethernet, PDF
User interface and printouts in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese,
Russian, Polish, Korean, Portuguese
LabX® Titration Express and Server
Ethernet (TCP/IP)
COM (serial balance connection)
USB host (printer, memory stick, barcode reader, hub)
USB client (PC)
Integrated Magnetic Stirrer
Pump / Stirrer
- exclusive V30S functionality
Technical Specifications
sensor input
Burette drive
Titrator dimensions
Control and display
(depends on the
environment and handling)
Measurement range
Resolution / Limits of error
Polarization current range
Polarization current resolution / Limits of error
Drive resolution
Burette resolution (for 5 mL burette)
Limits of error
Resolver resolution
Filling time and discharge time
Ambient temperature
Atmospheric humidity
Width x depth x height / Weight
Glass beaker
Drift measurement
Measurement range
Mettler-Toledo GmbH, Analytical
CH-8603 Schwerzenbach, Switzerland
Tel. +41 44 806 77 11
Fax +41 44 806 72 40
Subject to technical changes
© 03/2016 Mettler-Toledo GmbH
Printed in Switzerland 30265532A
Marketing Titration / Global MarCom Switzerland, 1688 PH
-2000…+2000 mV
0.1 mV / 2 mV
0…24 µA
0.1 µA / 1 µA
20 000 steps
0.25 µL
0.3% of the respective volume
32 pulses / mm stroke
0.0625% of burette volume
20 s at 100% filling rate
+5…+40 °C
max. 80% at 31 °C
210 x 333 x 320 mm / 4.2 kg
150 mL
VGA 5.7" color TFT, 640 x 480 pixel
Online, < 5 µg/min
100 ppm...100%
0.3% at >10 mg H2O
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One Click is a Registered Trademark of METTLER TOLEDO in Switzerland,
the European Union, Russia and Singapore.
LabX is a Registered Trademark of METTLER TOLEDO in Switzerland, USA,
China, Germany and a further 13 countries.
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