DS Micro XPE 26 56 EN

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DS Micro XPE 26 56 EN
XPE Micro-analytical
Reliable Results for Years to Come
Follow the Green Light
StaticDetect™– Sample OK
The new embedded technology automatically detects static charges and warns
you when your results are out of tolerance. For the highest process security,
you can employ antistatic measures to
neutralize the charge and ensure the
most accurate of results.
StatusLight™ – Secure Weighing
The StatusLight uses color to indicate intuitively the status of the balance. Green
means ready, yellow is a warning and
errors are shown with red. The clearly
visible light communicates if the balance
is ready for you to start your weighing
Cleaning – Easy and Safe
All parts of the inner and outer draft
shield can be dismantled in seconds for
the easiest, fastest and most thorough
cleaning tasks.
XPE Micro-analytical Balances
High Accuracy for Very Small Samples
Are your samples very valuable? Are they only available in small quantities or effective in just the tiniest of
doses? Or perhaps you want to weigh with a larger tare
container? XPE micro-analytical balances display unsurpassed accuracy even with the smallest of samples.
The XPE56 microbalance has a unique maximum capacity of 52 g with readability 0.1 µg, providing a resolution of 52,000,000 points. Highly sensitive, and yet
robust, the XPE56 is perfect for weighing the smallest
samples directly into larger tare containers.
LabX – Seamless Processes
LabX laboratory software provides flexible SOP user
guidance on the balance touchscreen. Automatic
data handling, calculations and report generation
eliminate transcription errors and assure full
XPE Micro-analytical Balances
Limit Values
Maximum capacity
Readability, fine range
Tare range (from … to)
Maximum capacity, fine range
Repeatability (nominal) (sd)
Repeatability (5% load) (sd)
Linearity deviation
Eccentricity (test load)1
Sensitivity offset (test weight)
Sensitivity temperature drift 2
Sensitivity stability 3
Typical values
Repeatability (5% load) (sd)
Linearity deviation
Eccentricity (test load) 1
Sensitivity offset (test weight)
USP minimum sample weight (5% load, k=2, U=0.10%)
Minimum sample weight (5% load, k=2, U=1%)
Settling time
Settling time, fine range
1) according
22 g
0.01 mg
0.002 mg
0 … 22 g
0 … 5.1 g
0.008 mg (20g)
0.002 mg
0.01 mg
0.025 mg (10 g)
0.1 mg (20 g)
52 g
0.001 mg
0 … 52 g
0.006 mg (50g)
0.0015 mg
0.02 mg
0.125 mg (20 g)
0.06 mg (50 g)
52 g
0.01 mg
0.002 mg
0 … 52 g
0 … 11 g
0.014 mg (50g)
0.002 mg
0.03 mg
0.035 mg (20 g)
0.15 mg (50 g)
0.0007 mg
0.003 mg
0.006 mg (10g)
0.04 mg (20g)
1.4 mg
0.14 mg
3.5 s
0.0012 mg
0.0048 mg
0.008 mg (10g)
0.048 mg (20g)
2.4 mg
0.24 mg
2.5 s
3.5 s
0.0007 mg
0.01 mg
0.012 mg (20g)
0.06 mg (50g)
1.4 mg
0.14 mg
3.5 s
0.0012 mg
0.015 mg
0.016 mg (20g)
0.08 mg (50g)
2.4 mg
0.24 mg
2.5 s
3.5 s
to OIML R76; 2) in the temperature range 10 to 30°C; 3) Stability of sensitivity with proFACT self-adjustment switched on; s: seconds; a: year (annum); sd: standard deviation
Accurate Results
Efficient Operation
Color touchscreen
11 languages
ErgoClip micro for direct dosing
Easy cleaning
SmartGrid micro hanging weighing pan
SmartTrac guided dosing to target
Automatic inner and outer draft shield
SmartSens for hands-free operation
Quality Assurance
Graphical leveling and level warning
MinWeigh protection
FACT, GWP and Admin history
8 users and password protection
Seamless Process
High resolution technology
proFACT Advanced
Internal adjustment with
sensitivity testing
Internal temperature control
LabX ready
RFID communication ready
Compact ionizer ready
Built-in RS232 and optional 2nd
22 g
0.001 mg
0 … 22 g
0.0025 mg (20g)
0.0015 mg
0.006 mg
0.02 mg (10 g)
0.08 mg (20 g)
Good Weighing Practice™
ErgoClips micro
With our range of ErgoClip micro
holders, you can directly dose into
tare containers, thus ensuring the
lowest minimum weight and helping to avoid sample transfer errors.
With optional 2nd interfaces, such
as Bluetooth, Ethernet and RS232,
your data is secure and compliant,
and any printouts are contamination free.
Check testing and calibration dates
on RFID tagged pipettes. Record
new test dates when you test using
the balance application.
Antistatic kits
The compact ionizer fixes onto your
balance to gently remove charge
from the weighing chamber. Freestanding units also available.
The robust P-50 series lab printers
produce archival-quality printouts
on paper as well as continuous and
peel-off labels.
For further information on
acces­sories, please visit
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