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Pipette Calibration
Optimal Analysis Quality
Guaranteed by METTLER TOLEDO Pipette Calibration
The Laboratoire Départemental d’Analyses de la Drôme (LDA) in France
offers a wide range of services including sampling, analysis, consulting
and monitoring within the fields of environment and veterinary biology. For them, ensuring constant high quality is the ultimate goal and
METTLER TOLEDO’s XP26PC is their balance of choice.
Quality, Compliance and
In their constant pursue for quality, the
Drôme LDA must continually ensure the
reliability of measuring instruments, especially those situated ‘upstream’ of the
analysis and measuring process i.e. the
pipettes. They needed a replacement for
their current system in order to comply
with ISO 8655 requirements, in other
words, a solution that employs the refer-
merase Chain Reaction) Manager, chose
the XP26PC balance and Calibry calibration software to fulfill the ISO 8655 calibration requirements for micropipettes.
Ms. Brunel states that, “the large pipetting vessel capacity (10 ml), the extremely fast speed of the balance
(3.5 s for a measurement) and
the complete automation of
the measurement process
der to program a pipette calibration operation, or to check the control certificate
of the pipette that is about to be used.
Dr. Bertand Beugnies and Delphine Brunel appreciate the additional benefits
which, they feel, exceed previous established specifications.
ence method known as the ‘gravimetric’
method in order to control the entire stock
of pipettes down to 1 μl.
Optimized Pipette Calibration
Dr. Bertrand Beugnies, director of the
Valence LDA biological laboratory and
Delphine Brunel, Metrology and PCR (Poly-
all encourage me to check my pipettes
much more often than before. This allows
me to carry out my PCR analyses with confidence.”
` www.mt.com/pipcal
Thanks to the shared network database,
any laboratory PC can query the Calibry
software’s database at any time too in or-
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