April 2016

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April 2016
Unity Church – Unitarian: Meeting of the Board of Trustees
April 20, 2016
Unity Church Center Room, St Paul, MN
Board of Trustees (BOT) members present: Angela Newhouse, Mark Foster, Hal
Freshley, Peggy Lin, Bailey Webster, Justin Cummins, Ginny Allen, Stuart Alger
Executive Team (ET) members present: Rob Eller-Isaacs, Janne Eller-Isaacs,
Barbara Hubbard
Mark Foster called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m.
Ginny Allen gave an opening reading and question for reflection
Consent Agenda
Peggy Lin moved to approve the consent agenda. Hal Freshley seconded the
motion. Barbara Hubbard gave a brief explanation of the Certificate of Corporate
Resolutions for the DGI fund. The motion passed.
Monitoring Conversation
Members of the Executive team presented a verbal report on program ends and
• Janne Eller-Isaacs reported that over 400 people participated in the End of
Life conversations and the opportunity will be reopened with a focus on
families with young children.
• Rob Eller-Isaacs shared a summary of ongoing conversations about the
relationship between Unity and Above Every Name.
• There will be a fundraiser event for costs accrued related to Danny Given’s
residency and The Almanac Project.
• The Religious Education program continues to grow. R.E. registration has
been taken on line, thanks to the efforts of Martha Tilton. There are plans to
increase R.E. hours by about 10 hours per week, which would allow K.P.
Hong more time to devote to Young Adult ministry.
Hal Freshley moved to accept the Executive Team report as compliant within
the limitations of Policy II. H. (Communication and Counsel to the Board.)
Peggy Lin seconded the motion. The motion passed.
Barbara Hubbard and Rob Eller-Isaacs summarized highlights of the financial
• We are $34,000 from our year-end goal in pledges. The ET is cautiously
optimistic about meeting that goal and is prepared to make
recommendations if the goal is not met.
A list of capital budget needs was presented. We have sufficient capital to
spend on these needs while still maintaining money for debt service. As we
build capital through ongoing pledges, there is an opportunity to examine
our policies pertaining to presenting a capital budget to the congregation.
The parking lot improvement project is in violation of policy II. D. 3, as that
contract was for over $2500.
Hal Freshley moved to accept the financial report as compliant within policy
II. E (Financial Conditions.) Bailey Webster seconded the motion.
Discussion: There are no major concerns with our YTD actual budget. Our review of
2015 financials by Dokken, Schechter, and Kanter, CPA’s is complete and will be
presented at the May board meeting.
The motion passed.
The ET presented their proposal that a portion of the remaining Eller-Isaacs
sabbatical replacement fund be allowed for the following purposes:
$6500: unexpected expenses related to Ruth Palmer’s medical leave.
$7500: replacement expense - Barbara Hubbard’s sabbatical (May 15th –
July 16th).
$2500: travel grant for Barbara Hubbard
The remaining accrued balance after these allocations would be $12,319.
Ginny Allen moved to accept the Proposed Use of Sabbatical Replacement
Reserve, April 20, 2016. Peggy Lin seconded the motion.
Discussion: Peggy Lin expressed concern that there may not be adequate funding
left for Rob and Janne Eller-Isaacs to take any remaining sabbatical leave. Both Rob
and Janne expressed that there would be adequate funds in the reserve if the
proposal were accepted.
The motion passed.
Ginny Allen offered a closing reading.
The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Stu Alger and Angela Newhouse
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