CSN840 datasheet US Only

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CSN840 datasheet US Only
Pallet Dimensioning
CSN840 Pallet™
Improving Operational Ratio
Improves Operational Ratio
Carriers lose the most money on big, bulky
freight. By re-classifying shipments based on
density and securing correct measurements for
invoicing you get paid properly for the service
you provide, improve profitability and protect your
bottom line.
No Negative Impact on Operation
Out of the way of forklift traffic, overhead mounting makes it easy to position pallets under the
dimensioner with no slow-down in operation. By
prioritizing shipments with greatest potential for
revenue recovery you can maintain operational
flow. Dimensions are captured in under 5 seconds and seamlessly integrated with weight and
ID data.
Informed Business Decisions
Accurate volume data allows you to correctly
classify each shipment and decide on fair
pricing for your customers. The data collected
by the CSN840 enables efficient planning and
utilization of Weight and Recovery Inspectors’
CSN840 Pallet™
Profitable Pallet Dimensioning
The CSN840 Pallet™ provides LTL companies with highly accurate dimensional data for profitable costing and invoicing.
Easy-to-Install, Easy-to-Use
Our professional service technicians will have
your dimensioner up-and-running and making
money in under two days. The system is easy-tolearn and easy-to-use. The pallet is simply placed
under the dimensioner and either triggered by
your preferred identification method or by pressing the dim button.
Easy-to-install and easy-to-use the CSN840 calculates the
dimensional weight of a shipment for correct classification,
pricing and invoicing. This allows our customers to offer fair,
visible pricing while reducing operational ratio through revenue
recovery and better utilization of space and resources.
The system is fully approved by global Weights and Measures
Authorities guaranteeing its high accuracy on all shapes and
surfaces including shiny, black plastic.
Technical data
CSN840 Pallet
Static Pallet dimensioning solution
Features and Benefits
• Proven laser range finder technology for accurate, repeatable measurement of any shape
• Ceiling, floor and wall mounting options for seamless integration
• Merging software for secure collection and linking of data
• Seamless transfer of data to customer host
• Image capture of pallets for protection against damage claims and audits
• Bar-code validation for customization of bar codes to accept or reject
• Alibi memory for tamper-proof, legal-for-trade storage of data
• Web-page with graphical menu for quick set up, easy configuration, monitoring and access to statistics
• Embedded application software. No extra PC required.
• Remote access. Easy upgrades and service
• DimCentralTM monitoring for immediate fault reporting and performance surveillance
• Graphical colour user-interface and monitor for clear overview of measuring process
• Traffic light to guide the operator
• CS2200LX display for legal for trade applications
• Taring functionality to separate load from the pallet
• MID, NTEP and Canadian MC Approvals for ensured data quality
Dimensioning accuracy
Maximum size (LxWxH)
Minimum size (LxWxH)
Maximum weight
Minimum weight
Surface characteristics
Operational temperature
Laser type
I/O ports
± 0.5 in.
98 x 98 x 102 in.
12 x 8 x 6 in. 1)
Depending on floor scale
Depending on floor scale
Approx. 200 pallets pr/hr depending on how pallets are handled in the terminal
All solid shapes 2)
Most surfaces. Variance are sometimes encountered when surface is transparent/translucent or very glossy
Place pallet within the defined field of view
Flat continuous surface. Instrument verifies acceptable background.
Objects placed under the dimensioner one-by-one
32° to 104 °F
230 V 50 Hz, or 100-115 V 60 Hz
Class 2
General Ethernet (TCP/IP) or Standard host (RS232)
VGA, USB, keyboard, binary in, binary out
Legal for trade approved at 12 x 8 x 6 in.
Protrusions < 7.5 cm (3 in.) may be ignored and not included in the dimensions
System gives message code if surface looks uncertain
Scale -standard
Bar code reader
IND425- Vertex 2158 for 6000 kg (13000lb) or 3000 kg (6500lb)
IND425-ES3000/A for 3000 kg or IND425-ES1500/A (3250 lb)
Datalogic Gryphon, long range
Colour TFT-LCD 17” monitor, touch screen, standard USB keyboard,
workstation, power management kit, traffic light and various stands
Application software host communication, bar code validation, alibi memory, remote diagnostics
Hardware and software components can be purchased separately or as a complete certified
dimensioning, weighing and identification solution.
National Approvals
Compliant health and safety regulation
Internet: www.mt.com/dimensioning
Worldwide service
Tel. (800) 523 5123
Email: [email protected]
Specifications subject to change without notice
METTLER TOLEDO® is a registered trademark
of Mettler-Toledo, Inc.
Printed in USA.
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